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What Will Be No More

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My back to the past story. HP era.

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One of the genres I really enjoy in HP fanfic, at least when done well, is Harry restarting from the beginning. I should be writing the next section on Grief, but the bookshelves are still defying description, so instead...

Desperate Measure

"You can't!"

The wind howled through the shattered remains of Hogwarts. The shell of the library was the section Hermione had deemed of most value to the survivors. The library had still had portions of walls standing, though the floors above had caved down filling the center higher than the walls of the first floor had been. Despite counter claims by Poppy, that the dungeons should be first for the healing potions and supplies that might remain. Harry had easily gotten the remainder of the Order to agree with Hermione.

The last above ground walls of Hogwarts were a powerful symbol, and the chance to fix something was the only thing holding far too many of the survivors together. Despite numerous attempts from numerous people, Harry and Hermione camped now near where Hagrid's cottage had been. They occasionally deigned to answer questions, while working or eating, but refused to leave the site of the Death Eaters' suicide attack. Voldemort was gone a week before what the world hoped were the last of his followers brought down the school that had been haven to the innocent.

It was perhaps the only time the Ministry's interference had helped Harry. They wouldn't let the Hero leave St. Mungo's while injured, their only concession, to bring Madam Pomfrey to him. However, Harry was far too jaded by the Ministry's actions to believe he would have been allowed to leave the hospital if Hogwarts hadn't been destroyed, so his thankfulness was quite muted.

Politicians still seemed to swarm him at times trying to urge him to speak to the people (of course with the Minister at his side), to endorse the building of a temporary school, to endorse the lists of death eaters, to do a million little things that would be good for their public image but nothing real. Instead Harry was among a large number of volunteers who removed the rubble, braced the walls, and began to rebuild Hogwarts from the library up.

"You can't do this, Harry!"

Harry thought the missing glass in the windows was what made the higher moans of the wind, the ones that reminded him of his mother's cries. He wondered if he transfigured glass for the empty panes, it would be enough to distract Hermione from his choice of reading material.

"Time travel is forbidden for a reason. Saving any of them could destroy the universe..."

Harry tuned out Hermione, instead seeing if he still had enough magic to wandlessly transfigure. Harry slowly filled the windows with glass, then as Hermione continued to lecture, began to change their colors, then began adding patterns. As Harry finished a window with the image of what only a seasoned kindergarden teacher might be able to guess was Dumbledore, Hermione finally realised that Harry wasn't listening even to her lecturing about tuning her out.

She turned and saw the glass, and knew her problems were only beginning. For the one thing Harry had dictated, was that they couldn't transfigure or conjure even temporary materials. Even for the braces and temporary ceiling, Harry had insisted that they fell trees in the Forbidden Forest, until building materials could be brought. Perhaps it was instinct, that should have been honored far more than had at first, for conjured and transfigured ladders and scaffolds had quickly but randomly reverted injuring people. A thousand years of magic, retched from its stones, reacted wildly at times, at least for everyone except Harry.

Most volunteers that Hermione found herself organizing, stayed no closer than Hogsmede, finding that staying too near the remains of the castle for too long caused havoc with their magic.

When Hermione turned to face Harry again, Harry spoke, "I took Divination and Care, Hermione. I can't even read the basic runes this talks about."

Hermione nodded.

"I can't look at another building or cleaning book," he shook his head. "I'm not beating myself up, but it's not like there ever was much fiction to read here."

Hermione sighed. "Just so you remember, Harry. The world is saved for now. Trying to change it, would kill more than Voldemort ever could." Seeing Harry nod, Hermione doused most of the torches lighting the library, and headed to their tent. Knowing that asking Harry to go to sleep would be fruitless, she thought of how she'd alter tomorrow's work plans.

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