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Second Chapter

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The sounds of morning at Hogwarts sounded more like London, than ever before. And with war trained senses, Harry didn't sleep in anymore. An hour after dawn, the train would arrive with more supplies and day-trippers who would come to gawk, to mourn, and/or to help. Gawkers usually were good for an hour or two of work, and a few galleons thrown into the donation pot. Hermione was considering offering t-shirts for them, to raise funds as well as help identify them easily, as many of them tried to leave with 'souvenirs' as it was. Gringotts hadn't charged for the wards at the gate that returned appropriated items, probably because they were making plenty off the transfer fees to muggle funds.

Harry briefly contemplated staying in bed for a bit this morning to read in peace. But a change in his pattern would doubtlessly lead to more lectures, so got ready for another day.

Hermione was already eating breakfast when Harry got into the kitchen. The scowl on her face as she contemplated today's master schedule, didn't ease with his greeting.

"There should be a good load of lead this morning," Harry offered.

"I saw that. I nearly called to cancel it until I saw your initials on the chart, as well as the order."

Harry served himself a cup of tea. "That's why the tent works."


"I'm sorry I didn't say before, but I didn't realize that you didn't know why this tent doesn't lose its charms, until the just the other day."

Hermione closed her planner. "You thought I let 3 tents get ruined for..."

"A political statement," Harry interrupted. "You'd been telling me at night about the media and garnering public support, and I thought since they were from the Ministry, and the oldest ones they had..." Harry shrugged, "I thought that's why you didn't say anything to them."

Hermione shook her head. "No, Harry, I knew this tent was a bit different, but I thought that was because it was from your vault. So we have radiation shielding? How did you discover this?"

"Completely by accident, of course." Harry smiled, but failed to get a response from Hermione. "Dudley went on a class trip to one of the nuclear power plants, don't remember which one. He came home wearing a radiation detection button. A week after I got back, it was reading toxic levels."

"Without you doing a single spell?"

Harry shook his head, "I don't know if it was the wards there, or just me - which is something we should explore when we have time. But things got a bit tense there, especially when Dudley produced a second badge from his room that was in a baggie with a lead plate he'd swiped. Petunia wrote Dumbledore, demanded my removal as I was clearly endangering their health. He asked her if she wished to remain safe from wizards, as soon as she started to nod, he stunned and obliviated them."

"When was this?"

Harry frowned, and sat quietly for a bit, "I don't remember."

Hermione waited.

"I can't picture Dudley then. Petunia and Vernon didn't change so much. But it does add in more factors to look into later."

Hermione's face was a storm cloud, "You've been obliviated."

Harry shrugged. "Probably. Or it could have been a wild dream. The people most likely to have done it or to have been told about it are beyond answering questions."

"Are there more memories like that?"

Harry sighed, "It doesn't matter. He's dead, they're dead."

"Harry," Hermione said softly, "I know he was far less than a saint."

Harry shrugged, "It's done, and we've a mess to clean up. Were you able to get a hold of the American architects you were going on about last week?"

Hermione held Harry's gaze for a minute, then with a nod gave in to his change of topic.
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