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When people think they're dead. They never are.

Category: Silent Hill - Rating: R - Genres: Horror, Romance - Characters: Alessa Gillespi, Cheryl Mason - Published: 2006-12-08 - Updated: 2006-12-09 - 626 words

Distant talking. Mumbling really. Couldn't hear what it was. Or who. Even now. They wouldn't let me.

Shaking. Mouth to my lips. Warm air. Almost familiar smell. I coughed. I wanted to die. Didn't respond. Another faint touch. Elsewhere.

It kept on. For the longest time. The coldness went away. Just slowly. Warm. Hot really. Filling me up. Maybe it wasn't my time yet.

I couldn't relax. Too much tension. Started shaking. Feeling really weird. Wanted to talk. No words came out. Couldn't focus. Paralyzed. But not really.

Much too warm. Much too low. My eyes flung open. It was her. It was the girl. Her face was wet from tears, but she was there. I wanted to hug her. Hold her. I wanted it all. I smiled and cried. We were the only people in the world.

I couldn't hug her. Couldn't tell her how happy I was. Right then it all faded. But in a good way. Almost sort of nice. I whimpered. Loudly. Shook all over.

She let go of me. Laughed and cried some more. Hugged me. Tightly. Like she would never let go. Didn't want her to either. I wrapped my arms around her. Kissed her nose. Thanked her for saving me. Thanked her some more.

We talked. About what to do. And stuff. Couldn't decide anything. We were all alone with no one to ask. All alone together. I wondered if there ever was a real world with other people. Didn't mind if there wasn't. The girl agreed. She said her dad would do fine without her.

We rolled over. Our noses touched. Eyes met. Her pretty brown eyes. They were all I ever needed to see. We just stared forever. She chuckled. I laughed. Wrapped my arms around her. Held her.

She did the same to me. Her arms around my neck. Our dresses. Such a nice scent. Her hand too. Although the smell was different. Weird. And her breath. So sweet. I inhaled it all. Wanted all of her.

This was heaven. It had to be. Although something was missing. I wanted. I wanted something more. Comfortable. A real place. Not the rusty floor. But it was okay for now. We could find a home later. For now nothing else mattered.

Memory. So irritating and treacherous. But when I felt like I'd known her all my life. Then it all made sense. Destiny. This was meant to be. The sole purpose of my life was to find this girl. In a way I was happy with everything. When the end is good, all is well.

A cold breeze. She held me closer. To share the warmth. My tears. Mixed with hers. They had dried. Nothing to cry about. The wind kept blowing. The rusty fence. Aching. Slightly.

We got up together. Always together. Neither was leading. Just hand in hands. The road out of this place. This town. No need to stay. We could go anywhere.

Toward the door. The girl tried to open it. Stuck. I helped. But it wasn't enough. The door was shut. No way out?

Whispering. We spun around. It was him. He was there. The god. Lying still on the floor. The cold metal floor. He had lost the horns. And wings. I let go of her hand and walked closer toward him.

Dying. In a way it was sad, but I felt nothing. Perhaps. Maybe a little love. He had taken care of me. Awoken me. He had shown some affection. And he did save my life many times. Maybe he really did like me.

He stretched out his arm. Toward me. His lips moved. He wanted me. To join him. I held up my hand. Felt a little like doing it.
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