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Bloody Bows and Bloody Knees

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Retribution and death.

Category: Silent Hill - Rating: R - Genres: Horror, Romance - Characters: Alessa Gillespi, Cheryl Mason, Dahlia Gillespi, Dr. Michael Kauffman - Published: 2006-12-10 - Updated: 2006-12-10 - 1049 words

No. He'd never be soft. Even if he promised. I felt the girl. Her fingers tracing. She was soft. I didn't need him. I didn't want to. Wouldn't listen to him anymore.

She gave me the knife. The cat and the snake. Two animals. Two adept predators. Each would have killed him. Each would have taken pleasure.

I clenched it. It would be such a relief. To get rid of him. That was what I wanted. Or used to want? I couldn't decide. I could stab myself too. Same thing. Wouldn't have to see him ever again. Maybe. If I could hit the heart.

The girl touched my shoulder. Feather light. No. I didn't have to. I wanted to live. And I wasn't a cat. Or a snake. Or heartless. I was the most loving and kind angel in the world. Beside the girl, of course.

Forgiveness. That's what it was. I put it back in the sheath. Waved goodbye. Turned away.

He whimpered. Passed away. And we walked away. The door opened. A red hallway. Everyone was there.

Brown thing. In the hallway. Whispering. Headless monster. The old me had killed it. The shadow. Thrown it against the fence. Kicked it over and over again. We didn't feel much. It was just a monster. We moved along in silence.

A bird. A flying dinosaur. A monster. It had attacked the girl. Hit her. Wanted to bite her to death. In the alley. I had killed it. Torn it apart. It was staring at me. Tears in its eyes. We had no regrets. We wandered in its blood. Feeling nothing.

A child. At the same age as the girl. Disfigured. Frozen in a silent shout. It attacked us when we painted the first sign. Caused so much pain. I had wished it dead. We regretted nothing. To move on.

On the floor was a headless dog. The missing head was next to it. It whimpered. Tearful eyes. It had attacked us. The girl had murdered it. With the knife. Decapitated it. We shed no tears. We ignored it.

Another flying monster in the hallway. I had sliced it in the belly. It was in the hallway. Its blood and guts were on the floor. It cried in pain. Cried over the wasted life. We felt no regret. We walked on.

The insect. The moth. It attacked her dad. She had defended him and squashed it. Taken its life with all the strength in the world and sent it into the abyss. Now it was flat on the floor in the hallway. Broken wings and limbs. Spilled poison. We felt nothing. We wandered on.

Adults. Fast. Always after me. They took up much space in the hallway. Bodies and sewn off limbs and blood. Parts everywhere. Cries for help. Help finding the missing parts. They wanted to kill us and I defended us. The knife had done it. Taken them all. We didn't feel sorry. We moved on.

A dog. Crushed to pieces. Ribs and teeth lay beside the broken corpse. It hadn't done anything. We killed it anyway. Somehow. I didn't know what to feel. So I looked at her. The girl was calm. She nodded and smiled. Contagious smile. Squeezed my hand. We walked on. No need to feel sorry. No need to blame. And it did attack us first. But no need to think about it. We were alive. And what else is there?

A huge dinosaur bird. Fluttering in the night. It had attacked the girl's dad. We had killed it. The strongest feeling ever. To be protective. Its dust were scattered in the hallway. Silent groaning. There was no regret at all. We walked on.

The woman. The enemy. We didn't know what she wanted. But she wasn't nice. She caught the old me. The shadow. She'd done something to the old me. And the god had murdered her. Her fried corpse was on the floor. Hit by a lightning. Stupid woman. We felt only joy. Joy and moving on.

The man. The nurse had killed him. The nurse the girl had drawn. He was unfriendly. He hurt us. A bad man. We didn't feel sorry at all. He deserved it. Or maybe he didn't. We passed by his dead body.

There was no more death. Not now at least. There probably would be. Again some day. We walked out the door. Out of the world. Away from the mist and snow and unfriendliness. The door shut behind us. Disappeared.

People. They were walking around. Doing things. Things normal people do. Walking around their houses. In and out. The stupid mist was gone. And the snow. And the darkness. And the monsters. I didn't want to talk to any of the people though. Too scared. Too scary. Shy.

The girl and I were covered in blood. The dresses had gotten dirty. For once. All the things we murdered. The stench. Horrible. We couldn't get past the people in the town like this. Not like this.

There was dirt in a fore garden. She lied down in it. Started rolling around. I chuckled. Joined her. I hadn't done something like that for too long. We kept rolling around in the soil. Until we were all covered. The blood went off. Mostly. Now it was just dirt. Her rosy cheeks were all brown. My dress not at all blue.

Like that. We went on. Down the road. People stared. Pointed at us. Maybe they hadn't seen someone like us before. So dirty. A little exciting. In a way.

A small group of people. Standing on the sidewalk. Talking. Slight fear. Maybe they'd turn and look at us. The girl shivered too. Scared. I clenched her hand.

Hey, look at those two. They're all filthy. They whispered things. I couldn't hear what it was. But they probably thought we looked stupid. We walked closer. And closer.

There was no way out now. The first one turned around. They started looking. This was the worst time ever. Worst thing ever. No way out. The world was closing in. Attack. Somehow. Sweating. The dirty sweat. The girl stopped. I wanted to keep moving. What was she doing? They were looking. They were talking about us. Thinking things. The girl. She.
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