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A Simple Kiss

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A real kiss...a poem by moi and Theresa wanting a real kiss, wats n her mind?(finished it now)

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A Real Kiss
I want a real kiss,
Where you feel the other lips,
Of the other person touch yours.
Where you feel the special something,
From the special someone.
Where your breath is released,
Into the other person's arm.
I want a kiss where you feel a thousand,
Times better in just one place.
Where you might have fealt tears before.
A kiss with an everlasting touch,
In the middle of your heart.

A real kiss, A soft kiss, warm, smooth and gentle...
I want a real kiss.
By me! ClassoftheTitans_fan

Okay the story: Theresa

I want a real kiss you know...a kiss like a dream you never need or want to wake up from...I hear rumors about other girls making-out and all that stuff. It's stupid...what's so special about that? A kiss is way better. Making out is just a thousand kisses till your breath gets bad.
I want just a simple kiss. You for just maybe even ten seconds. One romantic and true...A kiss...just staying in one spot and feeling protective is a real kiss.One sweet and warm.

Touching every part of your body and making it have this...sensation! of...a touch.

I'm a girl that wants this so badly...a girl who can't wait to taste the lips of a special boy i want...Jay.

I can't help but want this feeling! It makes my heart flutter and warm. It makes it jump into the places I want to travel myself.What was a real kiss like anyway?

It's nothing like the ones you get on the cheek. It must be amazing...for people who get dreamy and syrup-like. It must be sweet to have that special someone and get kisses all the time. It must be like an angel above.

Why do I want this so badly anyway? Why do I walk around the school when it's over and the halls are empty and I'm thinking about this? Does it make me happy? When will my fantasy come true?

With all thought and mind, I never get what I asked for most. I'd trade all the things I already got just to get this kiss.
Why does it touch me? It's magical. Like a spell is cast on you as you recieve that kiss. It brings something to your a sparkle of excitement. Grasping for more...

I bit my lip, imagining it. I close my eyes and try to feel's close, but it's actually not there.

It makes you happy...sad...and undescribable. I smile at this...and wrap myself in my arms because the thought makes me warm.

I spent an hour here at the school walking around like an idiot wanting something I haven't gotten. I know I'm close, it's really close.

By the time it's time to go back home, I'm dreadful.

Something romantic always comes to my mind when I'm alone.
I'll just face the boy I like so dearly and forget about my fantasy. Not even my best friend knows I do this...I walk into my still quiet room.

The bed soft and comfy, my desk parcially neat and orginized, my window sill warm and damp from the sun. It's like your empty without that person by your side.

I look out at the sunny road for a few moments. Then I hear a knock at my door.

I slowly walk over and open it.
I'm happily greeted by the boy I adore.

He looks nervous but as cute as ever. His hair silky and brown, eyes like chocolate you must die for. And...the lips...

I'm about to speak until my question is answered. What is a kiss?

A kiss is just like I had imagined. A kiss is a wonderland. It's like your being pulled by the deep blue sea, the windy blank skies, the calm warm fields of grass, and the forests of the earth a fantasy of course. Like heaven.

What a girl ever dreamed of, a romance story happening all at once. Feeling the other person and safe in their warm body.

And right there and for no absoulite reason I got it that day and from the boy I desire most.

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