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Not a Prodigy

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Not being special gives you so much more potential.

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Author's note: I have borrowed Ten-Ten, and used her in a drabble. I promise to return her to the Naruto cast without a scratch.

This is another, "I'm afraid of writing this character in real ficdom" drabble. I'm not certain if I got Ten-Ten in character with this. She's an enigma to my writing, and unlike Shino, I can't seem to get inside her head at all. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also, who do I go to to suggest having "general" and "introspection" added to the genre choices?

~ ~ ~

She is not as good as Neiji. She's not even as good as Lee. That's why she can never hesitate. She can't ever look back, because she's not a genius, or a prodigy. She hasn't got a bloodline limit. She doesn't have a huge well of chakra. She doesn't have the control for healing. She never learned a family technique.

All she has are weapons. So she knows them better than anyone else her age. In her own way she's a genius. In her own way, she's a prodigy. Maybe, one day, she'll get so good at summoning that one weapon will become built into to her. Maybe she'll discover a hidden reserve of chakra inside herself. She's got some basic medic skills, and what else does a ninjutsu artist need?

She hasn't got a specific family technique, true, but her parents are experts, and so is she. No one can summon such a variety of weapons as quickly as she can. One day she'll pass her knowledge on--if not to her own flesh and blood, then to the other children of Konoha. After all, she dreams of becoming a great shinobi just like Tsunade-sama, and Tsunade-sama didn't have anything more than her strength to boost her to where she is now. Ten-Ten can get there, too. Just as long as she never looks back.
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