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Orochimaru likes the sound of his own voice

Category: Naruto - Rating: G - Genres: Drama, Humor - Characters: Orochimaru - Published: 2006-12-09 - Updated: 2006-12-10 - 203 words

Author's Note: Orochimaru will be living in my computer while I shamelessly exploit him for fanfiction purposes. That's why there have been so many filler episodes.

This drabble was born from the first sentence it contains. It was a funny idea, but I think it explains a lot about the evil, and why they tell their schemes to everyone so conveniently. To be honest, I can't blame Oro, as his Japanese voice actor does have a really wonderful gravely "I've been smoking too much just because I'm bad ass like that" voice. Er, yes, moving on...

~ ~ ~

Orochimaru liked the sound of his own voice. Each time he switched to a new a body that was the first thing he changed. The vocal chords were such tricky little instruments, but he liked the sound of his own voice.

The gravely dryness was a sound that he liked to hear. His voice reminded him who he was. His vice in fact, made him feel at home. And it was the only thing that would make him feel that way, in the resisting, unfriendly corridors of a strange new body, with a strange mind, and strange reflexes.

His voice made him feel warm and fuzzy inside.
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