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A dress would have helped

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Problems arise in the mall for Monica, Ray and Gerard

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Ray was standing out front of the Hot Topic near the Food Court when Monica spotted him. He waved at her "Hey, Gee is inside he told me to keep an eye out for you."
She shifted her packages and stood next to him. "I am so ready for lunch. How did your shopping go?"
"Eh, you know. Found a few things. I actually had most of my gifts bought months ago." He glanced back in the store looking for Gerard.
"Ray are you always so organized and on top of things?" she rolled her eyes "had Christmas gifts bought months ago."
He didn't mind her teasing him "Yea, that just how I am. I hang with a bunch of guys who need organization. Actually they need a keeper."
Monica laughed, "So are you the grown-up of the group?"
He shook his head "I think I am." He looked in the store once more and spotted Gerard. His friend was being stopped by several girls. "Oh, shit, he's surrounded"
Monica looked in the front window and saw that he was indeed surrounded by a group of girls that was getting larger by the minute. She looked at Ray to see if he had a plan. He shook his head negative. "Sometimes this happens. He should have worn the dress."
"Worn the what?" Monica was sure she had heard him wrong "I could have sworn you said worn the dress"
Ray laughed "You should see the look on your face, its priceless. A few times Gee has actually worn a dress and wig out so he isn't recognized. Put lots of make-up on the guy and hey, he's a babe."
"OK Ray, you just called Gerard a babe." She shook her head and giggled.
Ray shrugged "Well it's true. Once in London he went out shopping for hours and the only person who stopped him was a guy who tried to pick him up."
Monica was trying to imagine Gerard in a dress. Ray laughed, "Your trying to get a mental picture aren't you? Want me to freak you out and tell you it's a very short dress?"
She punched him on the arm "That's enough" Damn if the picture in her head wasn't kind of hot. She forced it out. Looking in the window he was still surrounded.
"Well I'm never going to get lunch at this rate, stay out of sight" she declared. Walking into the store she reached Gerard just as he finished signing another autograph. "Gerard we have to go now," she told him.
He looked at her, as did the girls around him. One was bold enough to ask, "Who are you?"
Monica smiled "I'm a friend of the family." She reached out and took Gerard's arm and led him to the front of the store. The girls still followed. She totally understood how they felt. "Hey, I know you all love Gerard but he has to go now. You guys understand" They all shook their heads and stared to back off a bit.
They walked out of the store and started down the mall. Once they had ducked into a larger store he spoke "You handled that great, thanks. I always like to sign autographs and talk a bit but sometimes it's hard to get away. I just don't want to disappoint anyone. We have such great fans and I really do like meeting them."
"Your fans truly love you and they understand. I know how they feel. The first time I saw you in person." her voice trailed off.
He looked at her; his eyes narrowed "What?"
She just gazed at him and shook her head "Oh no I'm not going to tell you anything. If you remember Mr. Way you were not very nice to me the first time we met. I believe you referred to me as a middle-aged woman. And you were not too happy about me living in your old bedroom."
He laughed and took several of her shopping bags from her. He leaned down so his forehead and hers touched "I'm very happy you are living in my old bedroom now and fucking ecstatic you are sleeping in my old bed."
Monica loved the sexy voice he was using, "Oh don't start with that voice"
He looked puzzled "What voice?"
She giggled realizing she had just spoken words she was thinking, "That's your sexy voice, Gerard." She looked around to make sure no one was watching them.
He grinned, "Sexy voice, for sure. I only use the sexy voice when I want sss...." he brushed her lips with his "well you know"
Indeed she did know. She also knew they needed to find Ray. Luckily her appeared without a search. "You guys ditched me," he complained.
Gerard laughed, "Did not. Come on I'm hungry" He stared toward the door leading to the mall.
"Hey man don't you think the girls will be looking for you now? I mean Monica got you out once but I don't think it's a good idea to go back out in the mall anymore today." Ray told him.
Monica agreed, "I think Ray is right. Both of you guys are just too easy to spot. We could grab some fast food on the way home"
Gerard looked unhappy but finally agreed. They had left the car on the other side of the mall and the only way to get to it was either go through the mall of walk around the outside parking lot. It was freezing cold so that wasn't a great option.
"You guys stay here no one would look for you in this store." The guys looked around for the first time and had to agree. It was doubtful anyone would look for them in a maternity shop.
"I will go thru the mall and get the car. I can pick you up at the entrance over there" she pointed to an outside entrance not far away. "Now I'm going to leave my packages with you but you have to promise not to peek in any of them."
Gerard just smiled but Ray answered "I will keep him out of them"
Monica smiled and nodded to Ray then started out towards the mall. She had only gone a short way when someone grabbed her arm and spun her around.
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