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Finding Just the Right Gift for Gerard - Cause he Deserves It

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Monica, Ray and Gerard go Christmas Shopping.

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An hour latter Monica found herself in Donna's car with Gerard and Ray. They were headed to the mall. After he had announced he was going shopping Monica had mentioned that she too had some gifts still to buy. She hadn't been planning on going with him since one of the gifts she needed to buy was for him, but he had insisted.
"We can each go out separate ways in the mall then meet back together for lunch" Gerard said while pulling out into traffic.
Ray turned around and looked at the car behind them. "Man you totally just cut that guy off. Tell me again why you are driving? I mean this is the time of year for a Christmas Wish not a Death Wish"
"Oh, very funny. There is nothing wrong with my driving. Besides I have to practice cause I'm gonna buy a new car." Gerard changed lanes without the benefit of a blinker. The driver in the other lane honked and the gesture he gave wasn't a greeting.
"Your going to buy a new car" Ray snorted "Yea he wants to by a Dodge Stratus. Come on, get real. How about just go for a mini-van."
Gerard looked at his friend thru the rear view mirror "What's wrong with a Stratus?"
Ray rolled his eyes "One word BORING. How about a Corvette or a Viper. Hell yea, sports car man. Go for a sports car"
Monica laughed "There is nothing wrong with a Stratus. However, a cable- knit sweater?"
Both men looked at her a minute then Gerard smiled "Oh shit you read the interview I did for Blender magazine. I did say I was gonna by a Stratus and maybe a cable-knit sweater." He laughed, "Never did find the corduroy pants"
Monica giggled "Too bad, I was worried about you finding comfortable pants" She looked out at the gray cloud covered day and smiled. This just felt like a good day. She had told Gerard about her past and it was like a burden had been lifted off her. It was the small voice in the back of her mind that reminded her she hadn't told him everything that tried to ruin the day.
"Are we there yet?" Ray whined in a little kid voice. "I'm hungry I want to eat. Hey Gerard I gotta go to the bathroom"
Gerard looked over at Monica "It is so hard to take him anywhere." He pulled into the parking lot of the mall. "It is just after 10:00. We meet at the food court at noon. Everybody OK with that?"
It was agreed that was a good plan and soon they set off in different directions. Monica couldn't decide what to get for Donna. She decided to try to find something for her first. After looking in several stores she finally found it.
It was a beautiful porcelain doll for her collection. She knew Donna would love it. She also bought a lovely card that expressed how she felt towards the woman who had become like a mother to her.
A few stores latter she found several great items for the girls. A sweater Kelly had admired a few weeks ago, a jacket for Kara and CD's for both girls. Added to the gifts she has already gotten her shopping for them was completed.
She got small gifts for Jamia, Alicia, Bob, Ray, Frank and Brian. Her Christmas funds were getting smaller and still she hadn't found the right gift for Gerard. She had reached the end of the mall when she saw the comic store. She walked around for a bit then she spotted just what she had been looking for. It was Doom Patrol #19. The first comic in the series done by Scottish writer Grant Morrison and it was autographed. She hoped Gerard would like it.
However it was when she was on the way back to the food court she found one more thing that made her laugh out loud. She picked up the item and laughed again. It was just right cause as he said in the Blender article - He Deserved It.
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