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Love and Trust in Need

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Gerard tells Monica he will always be there waiting for her to trust and love again

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Monica opened her eyes only to see beautiful hazel eyes staring back at her. For just a moment her mind was cloudy but then last night came rushing back. Gerard saw the look on her face the moment she remembered what had happened.
"Morning sugar" he was kneeling by the bed. She sat up quickly wondering where Kara and Kelly were. He read her thoughts.
"They are both eating pancakes which is where you should be. Mom sent me down to wake you up." He got up and sat down on the bed next to her.
Monica's mind was still so numb from last night she didn't want to face anyone just yet. "I'm not hungry. Tell your mom thanks but I will get something later." She tried to pull the covers up higher.
Gerard grabbed the blankets and pulled them off her. "Nope honey, you are done hiding. Today is a fresh beginning for you. You have faced your past and stared it in the eyes. Now time to start to let it go"
She shook her head "Gerard it doesn't work that way. I just can't forget like that." Her tone was angry.
"Perhaps you didn't hear me. I said it was time to START to let it go. I know it will take time. It's OK. You have me to help you." He leaned over and kissed her lips softly.
She rolled across the bed and got up on the other side, "Nothing has changed. I haven't changed. I still don't want a relationship with you" she hated the lie but she had to tell it.
He didn't let her words hurt him. She was trying to push him away but he wouldn't let her. "Oh honey, you want a lot from me and I have a lot to give." His tone was so sexy she had to look away.
He grew serious and spoke quietly "Last night mom asked me point blank if your husband had abused you." He saw her flinch. "I couldn't lie to my mom. Somehow she already knew. I told her that he had but that is all I said. No details."
Monica sadly smiled "It's OK Gerard. I have known for a while your mom sensed something. I just don't want her to know all the shitty details. I love your mom but I don't want her to know everything."
He pulled her to him but she resisted "I thought you would understand why I could never love you. I told you why" She felt tears forming.
"I will not push you, Monica. But you will love again, you will trust again." His tone grew hard and raspy "I will be waiting when you are ready for me" His mouth came down on hers. Suddenly he stepped back "Now get dressed or I will eat all of the pancakes and you will go hungry." He walked back upstairs.
Ten minutes latter when she got to the kitchen Donna was just putting a platter of fresh pancakes on the table. "Good morning. Glad to see you finally decided to get up," she teased.
Monica sat at the table and Gerard handed her a cup of coffee. It helped clear her head. "Were the donations great?" She hoped no one would say anything about her sudden disappearance last night.
"They were better than anyone had hoped" Donna answered, "The center will be able to do so much." She sat down next to Gerard.
Monica smiled "Well, I'm pretty sure that impromptu performance by My Chemical Romance did help a bit"
"I don't know I think the number by the three beautiful Santa's Vixens helped too."
He laughed when Monica actually blushed.
"We were Santa's Helpers not Vixens," she corrected.
Gerard laughed "I have to be honest Ray is the one who called you Vixens. Frank called you Santa's Gifts. Jamia smacked him."
Monica realized she needed to talk to Frank "Do you have his number I need to tell him something.
He whipped out his cell and pushed a button, "Hey man there is this beautiful woman next to me that wants to talk to you. Guess she is being nice because of the holidays and taking pity on ugly guys." Monica grabbed the phone from him
"Hey Frank. I know what you need to get Jamia for Christmas. When we were shopping she saw this beautiful picture frame."
Gerard sat back in his chair just watching her speak. She was so beautiful to him. He listened while she explained to Frank about the photo he needed to put in the frame. The photo that Jamia had said was taken the day she first realized she loved Frank.
"In the photo you have orange in your hair" she told him. She explained exactly what the frame looked like and gave him the name of the store. Frank thanked her and she snapped the phone closed. Then she leaned over and hit Gerard on the arm.
"Ouch, what was that for?" he asked rubbing his arm.
"Oh that was from Frank. He asked me to deliver that for him" she giggled at the look on is face.
"Really, well I have something for Frank and I want you to deliver it when you see him" he didn't move fast enough and she ducked and pushed away from the table. She ran toward the family room with Gerard in hot pursuit. Kelly was watching TV and looked at them as if they had completely lost their minds. Monica ran around the sofa but Gerard doubled back and caught her.
"You two get back in this kitchen right now" Donna yelled, "the pancakes are getting cold."
"Yea Monica, cold pancakes" Gerard began tickling her.
"Stop, stop" she giggled "Donna, Gerard is keeping me from my pancakes" she yelled.
"Gerard stop that. The girl needs to eat" She was standing in the doorway watching them.
Monica realized Kelly was watching too. She looked over at her daughter wondering what she thought of her mother being chased thru the house. To her relief Kelly just looked at them and rolled her eyes.
Once they were back in the kitchen eating pancakes Gerard told Donna that he was going Christmas shopping. Donna stared at him.
"You are going to do what?" she looked at him and laughed.
He pretended to be hurt "I do know how to shop you know.
His mother laughed, "Yes dear you sure do. Only problem is you shop as well as I play Dungeons and Dragons"
Monica looked up from her plate "Oh, I used to love playing D&D. I have 18 Charisma"
It was at that moment Gerard thought his heart would burst with love for this woman.
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