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Never Give Up

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Gerard realizes he loves Monica but she is afraid. In his heart he knows he will never give up on her.

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The Christmas tree lights illuminated the darkened room. Gerard sat staring at the lights letting his mind replay the last few hours. God, no wonder she was afraid. She had been so abused by the man she had loved. But what was worse was the mental abuse. Her spirit had been broken. It was however the unanswered question he had that was haunting him. How did her husband die? Monica was still holding something back from him and he was afraid of the answer. He was afraid that the answer was what scarred her most.
Donna walked into the room startling him, "Gerard it is 2:15 in the morning. What's wrong? It is Monica?" She knew from Mikey that Monica had seen Gerard and Liv together. In her heart she couldn't believe her son would be so stupid to get involved with Liv again.
He looked at his mom then back to the tree. "She did see me with Liv at the hall. We were together and Liv was talking all kinds of shit. She called Monica old. She was saying how she wanted us back together."
Donna interrupted him, "That woman almost destroyed you. How could you even speak to her? Have you forgotten what she did with Bert in your bed while you were passed out?"
Gerard reached out to touch his mother's hand "Mom, please sit down." Once she did he continued, "For sure I haven't forgotten but now I realize she fucked Bert over just like she did me. He really thought she cared about him. What Monica saw was Liv coming on to me. What she didn't see was me pushing her away. She ran before she leaned the truth." He ran his hand over his face. "I don't know what to do, mom"
"Is she still angry with you? Have you explained what happened to her?" She looked at her son and added, "Have you told her you love her?"
He sighed, "It's much more than that." He grew quiet thinking.
Donna realized that something had happened he didn't want to talk about. Softly she asked, "Her husband abused her, didn't he?"
Gerard turned to her surprised "Why would you say that?"
Donna shook her head sadly "There is such a sadness in her eyes. I saw it the first time I saw her in the grocery store. She was trying so hard to be brave yet she looked so fragile. I have always known she was hiding something I just prayed it wasn't that."
"He fucked her up so bad. Physically and mentally. I want to help her so much but I don't know how. She is afraid to love again and I can't blame her. I just want so badly to make her feel safe, I want to love her." They both sat silently lost in thought.
Suddenly he asked, "Did she ever tell you how her husband died?"
Donna realized that she hadn't "No she never did say. Why?"
He wasn't sure but somehow he just knew it was important. "I just wondered"
They lapsed into silence. It was Donna who spoke first.
"Gerard if you love her then you have to be very sure. If she let herself care for you and you decided it wasn't what you wanted it would kill her. You have to be sure that she is the woman you want for the rest of your life. Remember she also comes with kids. You have always said you don't want marriage or kids. Monica deserves someone who wants both. Don't try to fix her broken heart if you are just going to break it."
He was surprised by her words, "I have always said I didn't want marriage or kids, that was before I met her. Now things have changed. I want to be everything she needs. How to I make her believe?"
"It will take time, honey. You will have to give her time. Just be there for her."
"Damn it how can I do that? We are getting ready for a major concert tour. This is all so fucked up."
His mother smiled "I know you Gerard. All your life you have done the impossible. Look at all you have accomplished in such a short time. When you put your mind to it you can do anything. If Monica is in your heart you will find a way to keep her there." She stood and kissed the top of his head. "Just for the record I think she is the one."
He watched his mom walk out of the room and realized how much he loved her. She and his dad had loved him and never given up on him. He loved Monica and would never give up on her.
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