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I think I need a sunrise, I'm tired of sunsets.

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Maybe another update later today too... Note. The strange boy is fictional. :] FYI; starting to write final chapter, because I like how it's gonna ennnnnnd. Maybe a sequel to it? Depends on i...

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"Are you freaking kidding me?" I asked as soon as my jaw reconnected itself, allowing me to speak again. Pete had not returned from the bathroom, but Joe had went to go pull him out so I could slap him across the face or not telling me, as to spare me from preparing for it.

"Sadly, no," William answered, as I buzzed around Will as he walked across the room. I followed, tapping him on the shoulder so he would stop and talk to me. Finally, it got on his nerves and he swerved around.

"What?" he asked in an annoyed voice. "I need you on the floor /now/, if you didn't catch the hint when I told you."

I was starting to get more annoyed than him, so I stopped chasing him and asked, "What do I /do/?"

Sounding relieved that I had given up, he smiled at me. "Thank you God for blessing the girl with brains. Okay." He bit his lip, which from the inside of my head I found incredibly sexy. I stopped thinking that and tried to pay attention to him.

"Okay. Now, you just dance around some guys," he said, not seeing my face filled with horror, "you know, mess with their heads. Eventually someone will ask you to dance. And if they try and give you something to eat or drink, don't take it. Oh. And if they try to get in your pants--" I coughed, and he looked at my skirt. "--oh. If they try and get into your panties, just let me know, okay?"

I rolled my eyes as he looked at me. I blinked. "Okay. Fine. But I better get some ones...joking!" I claimed as Will looked at me skeptically. He turned around and walked off to check out something as I saw Pete and Joe emerge from the mens' room.

Of course, I had to walk over.

"Pete, why didn't you tell me?" I asked, glaring at him.

Joe mumbled some excuse about how someone had to mind the bar and walked away, grabbing Andy's wrist, who had walked back inside, as to steer him away from this...encounter?

"Michelle, I'm sorry," he said, "but Joe started talking about your boobs and I got sidetracked."

I rolled my eyes and walked over into the bathroom to get a look at myself in the mirror. If guys were going to ask me to dance, I had to look halfway decent, right?

I stepped into bathroom, humming some tune under my breath, and looked at myself in the mirror. My new sideswept bangs were somewhat fuzzy, but in the dark light you could hardly see it anyway. That's how the boys thought I was so hot, after all.

I fluffed my straightened hair a little bit, slicked on some bubble gum pink lip gloss, puckered my lips in the mirror, and checked my mascara. I looked okay, after all, I guess.

Walking back out into the room, I slid past the bar when the boys weren't looking my way and tried to act like a seductive goddess, (riiiiiiight), pulling my shirt down a little so you could see the little cleavage I had better.

I looked around at the other girls who worked here, and they all had guys already, flocking around them. They were just...dancing.

Having a newfound brave strength, I decided to step it up a notch, gyrating my hips slightly and looking around at a few twenty oneish looking guys in a little cluster, looking a little lost.

I snuck looks at them for a few seconds, and finally--I don't know how it happened--the cutest one of them looked over at me. He had brown straight hair, hanging into his blue eyes. I saw a little bit of facial hair on his face, and his bright white, straight teeth flashed a smile at me. I returned it with a small (what I thought was trying to be seductive) smile, and continued dancing by myself, eyes closed.

Seconds later, he approached by himself, the beer he'd had in one hand gone. He wore a gray collared button-down, but not like the stuffy ones. It was cute on him, anyway. He'd paired it with black jeans, a black studded belt, and a pair of black Chucks.

"Hey," he said to me, and I opened my eyes a little bit to look at him and smile. "My name's Dave. And who might you be?" he asked me, a sly smirk on his face.

"I'm Michelle," I answered simply, continuing to dance. I could feel the boys' eyes on me. I guess I wasn't really acting by myself, after all. But it felt nice, getting actual attention. I mean, Will wasn't dashing over stopping this interaction. (He'd told ME to dance, after all.)

"Cute name," he said, holding out his hand. "Can I have this dance?" he asked, stepping so close to me he was all of two inches away.

I shrugged. "Sure." I took his hand, but he let it go. I looked at him, confused.

"Can I see some of what you were doing a second ago?" he asked, smiling a little. He seemed friendly enough, but he could just as easily be some creepy dude who was going to kidnap me and force himself into my pants.

A gorgeous creepy dude who was going to kidnap me and force himself into my pants.

I smiled back and let out a little giggle. "Of course you can," I responded, moving closer to him. I stood in front of him, my back facing him, and I felt his warm hands hit my hips through the thin shirt. Me-OW.

I lowered myself to the ground slowly, and even more slowly I brought myself back up. He was all of warm, and as I approached that--ahem--area, I could have sworn I felt a little something.

I stood all the way back up and leaned my head back on his shoulder. He looked into my eyes, his hands still on my hips, and he whispered into my ear, "You're pretty amazing."

I smirked. "You don't even know me."

"I've been dying to ask you to dance since I saw you at the bar the first time," he stated, still whispering into my ear. "You're pretty damn sexy, too. Too beautiful to be selling alcohol, anyway."

"That's what I've heard, but how do I know you're not just trying to get into my panties?" (I stole William's line, since, after all, I wasn't wearing pants for him to get into.)

"I'm not. Not tonight, anyway," he responded. If he whispered into my ear again, I might just have to force him home with me.

I snuck a peek across the room at the bar counter. All four boys were staring back me, perplexed looks crossing all of their faces--except Pete's, which contained pure anger.

"Not tonight?" I murmured back into Dave's ear. "Well, that's just too sad. I get lonely Saturday nights."

"I get lonely too sometimes, but I'm not going to take you home the first night I talk to you. How about Wednesday nights? Do you get lonely then?" he whispered back, and a shiver shot up my spine. This boy was all of charming, and drop dead seductive.

"I'm lonely every night," I responded back, and surprised myself by nibbling his ear a little.

He whispered back into my ear, "don't do that again, or I might have to force you into my car."

"It wouldn't bother me at all."
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