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Lament of a Cat

by Isia 2 reviews

If you love the Another to know sires then you will love this little bit from Ramisis his self. You will laugh till you fall out of your chair. Please enjoy.

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Hi, I'm Ramisis. You may know me as that balk cat theat stalks Karra but I am so much more! I am.. was a great king. Thats right, I'm really Ramisis the great! You may be wondering why I'm a cat. Well that is all Osisris falt. He wanted to punish me so he made me a cat and now I'm to wander the earth for 1001 years. So not cool! All I did was nock of his head with a hackie sack and then hid his head in his wardrobe till Isis found it. But is that really any reson to turn me ito a cat!?!? Sure, I still have human emotions and can express some of them, but still. I can't hold my septer, NO THUMBS! Kinda hard to rule woth out thumbs. I don't even get bling! Not cool! And why was I tyes to a crazy teenaged girl for all her life? I mean, she is a good person and all but come on, the only women I want to be in the presants of are ones I can marrie.... OH OH OH OH! Thereasa! She is the hottist female I have ever seen! and belive me, I have seen some hot girls. The only thing is, we can never be together. After my sentace, I'm back in the afterlife and she'll be in Elyasan feilds. We will never walk by a river at night, or kiss under the stars or... WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But why do you care? this isn't your problem! You aren't a powerful king in the body of a cat.

But to be honest, being a cat isn't all that bad. Free food. Retracting claws. Sharp teath. All the fish I can eat... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... But there are so many things that aren't so nice. Like dogs. take this little meating with a golden retriver I had a few days ago...

Dog: You will be my dinner, cat!
I run into the forest and up a tree
Dogbarking up tree: Come down kitty, come meet by mouth!
Methroughing my voice: I'm in this tree!
Dog runs to other tree and I slip away

What, don't look so suprized, you didn't know I could through my voice? Oh ya, one thing that Arcologyst might never figure out was my nack from thoughing me voice! I could scare the crap out of any one. Good times.

You probaly whant to no why I like to sit on Archies head. The answer is; I don't like him. But if I study his every move by sitting on his head, then I can easly plot his down fall. What do you think we cats do when humans are asleep? Catch mice? Naw, the mice just go to the "MTHS" The mouse temporay home sosicty. They leave a house there in to go to this place, gut stuffed with cheese, complaments of the cats, and head off to another house. Tus us cats are never kicked out.

If you want to help free me from my sentance, please revew telling me why I should or should not be free. If I get 20 diffrent people telling me why I should be free,
Osiris will lift his curse, so what are you waiting for! REVEW!
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