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P.O.V. Ryan

Brendon started yelling SKKYLER MARGO URIE WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! I never knew that her full name was Skkyler Margo Urie. Brendon always talked about her as Sky. Wow he talked about her alot, how she lives in Tokyo, speaks Japanese, and works as in a producing company and some music thing in Japan. How she met Pete Wentz there and they became best friends, how she showed him our PureVolume site and how he signed us. But i never met her, even though i lived right next to her. I had seen glimpses of her here and there but never up close.
- so john, what do you think she looks like?
- Like Bren probably? They ARE twins for gods sake! - said John
He was always feisty after long trips. Today we both flew in. I flew in from Miami, where i had to visit some relatives and John flew in from Boston where he was on some business. I love to fly, but time didnt permit me to learn how to do it. Oh well.
- hello gentlemen - i heard behind me and i jumped up as instinct. I hate it when people try to get behind me, and this was totally un expected.
- what the fucking hell!! - i yelled. Then i noticed that this must be Skkyler. She was really beautiful. She had black hair, that was in a pony tail. She had her bangs on her face but they were cut so that most of her face was visible. She had her sunglasses on top of her head so i could see her eyes. They were a dark bright blue. But she had some of the same features as Bren, showing that they were related. But she just looked like perfection itself.
Then the chase began. Sky ran away from Brendon who ran after her. She was a fast runner and got to the bus before any of us, but Bren caught up with her and wrestled her onto the floor. Now she was under him trying to get up, but by the look of it was having some trouble doing that. In the end Bren finally got off of her and she got up. She was wearing a grey hoodie with clouds all over it and had open toe shoes and tight black jeans.
Brendon pointed to me and John and introduced us. Sky waved and said hello and went into the bus. I went after her but was dragged out of the bus by a half pissed half amused Brendon.
- back off of my sister. Dont say anything. Just dont get any ideas - he said and let go of me
I was a little amused by the fact, and just with that saying i think i am going to attempt to get his sister. Hahah evil me.
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