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P.O.V. Skkyler

I went into the bus and left the guys outside. I got my stuff off of the couch and attempted to carry everything (laptop, remote, pillow, blanket, tissues) off onto my bunk. On the way half the stuff dropped, besides my laptop (thank the lord). I dropped the remainder onto my bunk, which was a bottom one and went to get the rest of my stuff. But there was Ryan, holding my pillow, remote and some other things.
- thanks ryan - i said
- no problem! - he said and smiled. He had an amazing smile. Ok Skkyler snap out of it. I was going to go to FOB's bus to play video games with Fran and Pete n the rest of the guys. Lets see if Ryan wants 2 join
- im gona go to fob's bus, wanna come?
He looked at me and said - sure why not?
I got my video games off of the counter, and walked outside. I didnt watch to see if Ryan would follow me. I made my way to the bus, where i could already hear yelling and yells. Without knocking i walked in and sat down next to Pete.
- hey babe - i said kissing him on the cheek
- hey darling - he said kissing me back
- i brought Nightmare Before Christmas video game if you want to play
- omg i love that game. Wait there is someone here that i hadnt said hi too yet. Hold that thought - said Pete and ran outside where Ryan was still walking. Wow he walked slow and took his time.
Pete ran and gave Ryan a hug. Its so funny how much shorter Pete was than Ryan. I was a bit taller than Pete, at 5'8" while Ryan was 6'. I thought it as super funny. Then i saw Fran who was outside talking with the guys, but when Pete motioned to the bus she ran inside.
- SKY!!!! I HAVNT SEEN YOU IN SUCH A LONG TIME!!!- she said running to give me a hug
- It was only a few weeks!!
- But when i see you every single second of the day, a few days is like a few years! Who is going to save me from doing something horrible?
- No one, because im going to help with the horrible - i said with a sly smile
- So how about those video games? - said Pete
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