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Find An Escape Plan, Yo.

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Well, this is a joint account. It's Evie typing this right now, so yeah. wanna read? it's interesttttinnnnggggg!

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evie's POV

"My mom likes this song," I mumbled, turning the volume up one notch. Casie looked at me from the passenger seat, bewildered.

"You're not kidding, are you?" she asked.

I smirked and nodded before looking back at the road, letting my arms drop from the steering wheel as the traffic stayed still.

"How long is this going to take?"

I turned my head as Casey leaned forward from the back, resting his elbows on the two front seats. I shrugged, playing with the bottom of the wheel.

"Depends on how long idiots are on the road tonight," Casie whined from next to me.

"For a Saturday it sure is busy," I scoffed.

"Maybe they all heard that Fall Out Boy is in town," Casie shrugged while I rested my elbow up on the side door.

"If all these people are headed towards Marquee Theater, I'm going to go into cardiac arrest," right as Casey uttered that the cars started moving slightly.

"I hope god doesn't send police after me," I muttered before moving into the next lane and booking it onto the off ramp. Casie widened her eyes.

"Where are you going?" she screeched- the screams from the song on the CD now way too low to be heard over screams of worry.

Trust me; I got my driving from my mom.

I looked over at Casie while waiting for the arrow.

"Hey, this is my town. I know where I'm going," I looked at both of them expectantly and they nodded, whipping back as I stepped on the gas and sped down the deserted street.

"Ev," I hummed as Casey tapped my shoulder. "Don't get arrested," I laughed uneasily and turned down a short cut.

"Down this road and to the left is Marquee, and there is this parking lot behind the building that nobody ever uses, even on events," Casie blinked again.

"And you know this because?" she let me finish.

"I used to work there when I was 16," I paused. "I went out there to smoke," Casey whistled.

"16 and smoking already?" I shrugged, slowing down to turn in.

"There was nothing better to do," Casie tapped my arm as we parked.

"Do you still have a workers pass?" I laughed almost evilly and reached over to open the glove compartment.

I pulled out my parking pass first before grabbing my ultra handy workers pass. Casey looked skeptical.

"Um...Ev?" he asked as we started walking. I beeped my car before turning to him and pulling on the pass.

"What?" I asked. He pointed to the pass.

"You think that'll work?" I smiled and nodded.

"It's not like they care anyways, I mean," I pointed towards the back doors. "The place isn't even open yet..." I paused to see one person sneaking out from the back. "Hey look, it's my old boss, Emily,"

When Emily caught a glimpse of me she shook her head slowly.

"Evie, Evie, Evie," she paused. "Always up to trouble, huh?" I laughed lightly before looking around.

"I decided that this," I flashed my badge. "Would come in handy," Emily shrugged.

"Maybe," she looked around before nodding inside. "Come on," I smiled at Casey.

"Never underestimate the power of a moocow,"

He rolled his eyes before Casie smacked him and grabbed his arm, pulling him inside. Emily led the way towards the huge industrial back area.

"I'm surprised the guys aren't here yet," she spoke, her words echoing in the large environment.

"Me too," I added, following her towards the employee lockers. "Guys," I ushered them over, putting everything away in Emily's locker except my phone and camera. Emily leaned against the door.

"Why'd you come so early?" she asked. Casie laughed.

"We wanted to wait in line," Casey nodded.

"We even sped," Emily giggled before waving her hand.

"Follow me," she spoke and lead us towards the front area where we could see the line already produced up to 60 people. "Doors don't open for another hour," All of us laughed before we grew silent, an extra laugh heard.

"I always knew we were a famous band but that many people, this early," I felt my eye twitch.

"If I turn around," I paused. "Somebody be prepared to catch me," I was only half joking but upon turning around, I had to fall back, not expecting them to be so close.

"Well obviously you know me," Emily laughed as Casie and Casey held both of my arms, helping me back up. I scoffed and smiled politely.

"Hi /Pete/," He smiled at his name before pointing at Emily's nametag.

"You're the manager, so...tell me..." I shrugged as Casie tapped my shoulder.

I wish I could read minds, but I think she was thinking that same thing as me.

Why aren't we as excited as we always thought we were going to be if this ever happened.

While contemplating what was going on, I found that Emily had been trying to get my attention and that I was staring right at Pete's crotch without realizing it.

"Huh?" I asked.

Casey smirked once before Casie and I both smacked his chest. Emily raised an eyebrow while Pete laughed, stepping back in a little restless way.

"Ev, do you think you can set up the stage for equipment?" I looked at Casie and Casey.

"Alright, let's get in roadie mode," We broke off before Casey raised his hand and shouted in the large empty area.

"Last one to the stage is a rotten egg!" Casie ran off and I laughed at their childhood ways.

Emily looked at me.

"How old are they?" she asked. I smirked.

"18, both of them," Emily nodded and Pete just watched the conversation between us.

I rested my hands on my hips and tapped my foot slightly, moving almost as restless. For god's sake, I came for a concert, you know, to dance and freaking have fun.

"When did you quit?" Emily asked.

I laughed uneasily.

"About a year ago," She nodded.

"So now you're..." I bit my lip slightly.

"19 and nothing's going for me,"

Emily nodded before we heard a crash coming from the stage and a loud 'oops' echoing shortly after. She sighed and rolled her eyes before running off, beckoning me to follow.

I stalled as Pete looked over at me.

"Nothing's going for ya?" he asked, eerily concerned. I shrugged before starting to walk.

"Shoulda' paid more attention," I spoke for myself. Pete nodded, watching me go.

"So what now?" he asked.

Maybe I could tell him everything without telling him anything at all.

I turned and walked backwards for a moment.

"I need a getaway car," I paused before slightly turning to run towards the stage. "To get away from this place,"

I'm sure he knew what I meant.
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