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It Starts Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed

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What chapter is it and we're barely getting to the action? I guess it doesn't matter if it doesn't matter to my characters, now does it?

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Well. This is awkward. All I can say is--enjoy.

With a sigh, Pete found himself standing before Lilith's mirror, adjusting his white mask with the eyeholes rimmed in black. He smoothed his black, freshly straightened hair over the mask and pulled on the cashmere white fingerless gloves--he figured if he had to go to some damned costume ball, he might as well look good.

The doors opened, and Lilith came in with a smile. In her dramatic tastes, she was wearing a deep red and ebony strapless empire-waisted dress, satin black gloves, and a sparkling tiara. Even though he wanted to deny it, Pete knew she was beautiful.


"You look...gorgeous," Pete said, and looked away.

She giggled, and took Pete's hand in hers. This was going to be a long night.

Lilith led him out the room, down a few corridors, and paused when the came to the grand staircase. She squeezed his hand and pulled on her ruby red mask with a smirk. Pete looked away from her, almost gasping at the sight on the ground floor. Hundreds of masked vampires were wandering about, drinking and partying. He could hear music playing from the ball room as they walked down the stairs.

As if by magic, Lilith managed to grab the attention of all the guests within a few seconds. He felt overwhelmed in a sense--he supposedly belonged to this coven, but at the same time he knew he was different. These deceivingly attractive vampires gave into the thirst, the pleasure, at the cost of their souls. Pete refused to become like this wretches, but then again...

"Let's give them a show they'll never forget," she whispered in his ear as they walked through the crowd to the ball room.

He held in a shudder. What exactly was he supposed to feel? His beautiful ex-girlfriend was busy showing him off like a crackerjack prize to a group of dangerous vampires. He didn't belong with his best friends anymore, and he certainly didn't belong with these vicious vampires, right?

Lilith tugged Pete along and introduced him to her favorite lackeys, or in other words, the vampires with the most potential. After he met the third one, Pete realized that these young vampires were looking at him with fierce jealousy...and respect. Incredibly, with this mask plastered to his face, they treated Pete like their own.

It was comforting in a sickening way.

But even Pete's shock, couldn’t make him forget about his plan to rescue Gwen. After ten minutes with Lilith, he couldn't take the suspense anymore.
"Where is she?" he hissed in her ear.

Lilith only offered him a smirk and a blood martini. He downed it with an embittered smile.

A sudden hush fell among the group, so Pete turned his eyes to the general direction that the others stared at. The crowd split in the middle and started to clap. Lilith pulled him closer.
Beckett was coming through, and he was dressed in a brilliant red suit trimmed in black, a black mask, and a ruby encrusted crown. Pete almost rolled his eyes at Beckett's impossibly extravagant costume, but the girl walking arm in arm with Beckett caught his eye. She was dressed in a long, flowing gown of midnight blue trimmed in white, with a matching mask, arms-length white gloves, and a black ribbon in her perfectly straight hair.

Pete's breath caught in his throat. Even before she turned in his direction, Pete knew without a doubt who Beckett's Alice was.

Lilith leaned and whispered into his ear, "Look closer."

He glanced at the cold, mischievous grin on her face before turning toward Gwen again.

Why weren't the vampires even attempting to feed on Gwen?
She turned and Pete froze. She had a calmed expression on her face, but she smiled when Beckett touched her waist.

The astonished smile slipped of his face and his body went numb.
Gwen's looks were ruined by the fangs accompanying her smile.



Pete couldn't even stutter the words out and stumbled out into a corridor. All that happened, the trauma of being bitten, the horror of turning, and the fear for Gwen, all that was lost, meant nothing.

Gwen would never be the same.

"Peter, come back over here! Don't embarrass me in front of everyone!"

He didn't answer, so Lilith took his hand and led him back in. Pete couldn't see anything, no thoughts registered in his mind. Is this what it feels like to go mad?

"Oh, William, you look handsome tonight!" he heard Lilith say.

"Don't give me credit for that. Gwen makes anyone standing next to her look good. Right, darling?"

Pete's head snapped up and he felt like throwing up. Gwen couldn't possibly...

"Stop it, William. You know you don't need any help from me," Gwen answered, intertwining her fingers with Beckett's hand.
Gwen and Beckett looked at each other and passionately kissed as if no one else was present. By that time, Pete's legs turned into Jell-O and his fingers lost all feeling.

"Are you two always this bad?" Lilith asked.

They finally pulled apart, their faces still pressed against each other, and looked back at Lilith.
"Why's your boy so silent?" Beckett asked, dodging the question.

Gwen smiled at Pete, but he didn't answer.
"Yeah, who is he tonight?" Gwen asked.

Pete felt Lilith stiffen beside him, and for a split second, he felt like laughing. He heard Lilith answer coldly, but he immediately turned and walked out to the empty balcony on the right.

With his hands in his pockets, Pete stared up at the night sky.

"Peter, what the hell do you--"

He didn't allow her to continue to speak as he kissed her quickly. Lilith grinned wickedly, took his hand, and once again hurriedly led him out the ball room and up the stairs. She opened a random door, smiling again at Pete as she pulled off her mask after the door shut.

"So, you've finally come to your senses?" she asked.

Pete stared at her and ripped off his mask, walking slowly to her with a fierce look on his face, as if he'd be waiting his whole life just to feel her skin beneath his. Their noses briefly touched, and he nuzzled his face into the nape of her neck, their bodies barely touching.

"Peter, what--"

He smothered her words with desperate kisses, feeling the smirk on her face and feeling so damn angry about it yet still oh so incredibly turned on by it. Lilith ripped off his jacket and tossed it to the floor along with his shirt while hungrily kissing him back hard. The satin gloves went next, followed by the tiara, and the flowing dress.

Pete was pleasantly surprised to see she wasn't wearing a bra and reached down to caress her inner thighs before he picked her up. She kissed his neck and pulled his belt loose from his pants as they fell to the bed in a heap.

He kissed every part of Lilith that his lips could reach, but when she wrapped her legs around him, she quickly breathed in and looked up at Pete.
"You couldn't resist, could you?"
She giggled wickedly, almost to the point of pure pleasure.

Pete suddenly stopped and looked down at her with a blank expression. "Lilith, shut up for once."

For the first time, a look of surprised shock and hurt spread across her beautiful face. Pete, in a sickening way, found this new development exciting and savagely kissed her lips. Lilith shook off her surprise and quickly pulled off his pants and boxers.

He couldn't stand it anymore, he had to feel himself inside her once again--he pulled off her panties and slowly lowered himself into Lilith. She gasped in pleasure, attacking his neck and collarbone with soft kisses and gripping the sheets. Their hips crashed together, the heat rising, both of them not really believing how amazing it felt With a few more loud moans and hard grinding, he climaxed, and a few kisses and grinds later she followed.

Pete immediately rolled off her, tangling himself in the sheets and closing his eyes.
The Pete the world knew was no more.
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