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The Poison

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Cronus plans a special surprise for the heros. First of all,he kidnappes one of them and infects him with poison. In order to save him, the titans must beat the tests Cronus has in plan for them. W...

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This Story is written by ME! and Fluffypup. Fluffypup is sorry she isn't comming online these passed few weeks, it's cuz she's grounded! Anyways I hope you guys will enjoy this story we wrote!


The power-thirsty god of time was preparing a little surprise. He took some ingredients and mixed them all together until there was a large explosion. He coughed and then looked around to see if his plan worked. He then saw a green,slimy thing lying on the ground. It was some kind of poison.

-" It worked! I am a genius! You, my good friend, will help me defeat those heros once and for all! All I need you to do is infect one of them, the descendant of the great Achilles, and bring him to me. I will personnaly take care of the rest. Now go! And do as I say!" he commanded. The poison obeyed orders, slid under the door and vanished into the night.

-" Your lived will be ended soon titans, MUHAHAHAH! coughcough*, grr stupid dust! Agnon, come here and sweap these floors. I have a show to watch.."


Meanwhile the titans were all sitting down in the dark, watching a late-night movie. The poison entered from under the door. Nobody realized it because they were all so interested with the movie. It(the poison) went under the couch and saw 14 legs. (there are 7 titans and they all have 2 legs so 7x2=14! Duh!) It examined the legs and tried to find his target when suddenly he came in front of 2 legs and one had a brace on it, Archie's legs! It slowly made his way up the leg.

Meanwhile Archie was putting his hand on Atlanta's shoulder (him and Atlanta were dating+ so did Jay and Theresa) when he suddenly felt something cold on his leg. He ignored it, thinking it was the wind. He was too
busy looking into Atlanta's beautiful eyes. Neil saw Archie being all cuddely, wuddly with Atlanta.

-" Eww that's just gross! I'm going to get a glass of water! I'm not wasting another minute staying here watching these two love birds!" he said and he went and opened the lights so he could see where he was going. Suddenly he screamed from the top of his lungs.

-" Neil? What's wrong!" asked Jay as he stood up. Neil didn't answer back. He only pointed at Archie's leg. Everybody looked and saw a green thing on his leg.

-" AHHH!! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!" yelled Archie as he took a newspaper and tried to take it off his leg. The green thing didn't move. It looked like it was sucking on his foot or something. It finnaly disapeared in Archie's leg. Archie's face became pale and he felt weaker by the second. His head was turning and he was getting dizzy. Atlanta was the first one to realize something was wrong.

-" Babe? You ok? You don't look so good!" she asked.

-" Atlanta..I..I.." Archie answered but he felt so much pain that he lost concious. Then suddenly the lights went off.

-" AHHHHHHH!!!" screamed the girls+ Neil. But when the lights came back on, Archie wasn't there anymore!

-" ARCHIE!!" yelled Atlanta.

-" This is not good.." said Jay.

We hope you guys enjoyed it! Sorry it was a little short! If there is a good number of reviews, we will continue the story! RATE AND REVIEW PLEASE!!!
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