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Gerard and Bert

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It's time to deal for Bert and Gerard

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Gerard went back upstairs and sat down at the kitchen table. He took out a small notebook he carried with him and began writing. At first it was just random thoughts he was noting but soon he realized he was filling the pages with this emotions. An hour later and twenty some pages filled he stopped to review what he had written. The overall tone of the writing was sad yet somehow hopeful. The sadness was caused from the past but the hopefulness was from gazing to the future. It was time to move on but he knew this time he would have someone at his side so he would not have to face the unknown alone. The lyrics flowed from him onto the paper. "Her voice in his ear...his heart laying in her hands".
Around five thirty he realized his mom was preparing dinner and he hadn't even noticed her come in the room. She placed a kiss on the top of his head like she had done so many times when he was a child. "She inspires you?"
He smiled "Yea, she inspires me to be me and so much more. I never knew it could be like this. To love someone so deeply and completely." He stood and put the notebook in his pocket.
Walking in Monica smiled "What can I do to help?" She looked at Donna waiting for an answer but the doorbell rang. Kelly who had returned was in watching TV and yelled that she would get it.
Monica glanced at Gerard to gage his reaction. She was sure it was Bert at the door. He looked over at her and smiled. "I won't hit Bert if you promise you won't either.
She rolled her eyes at him. "Very funny" Then she grew serious "Are you sure you are alright with this?"
Donna was waiting for his answer too. "You women worry way too much." At that moment Bert appeared in the doorway of the kitchen. He stood there looking very nice in clean clothes, jeans and a t-shirt and clutching a bouquet of roses. His gaze darted to Gerard then to Donna.
"Thanks for inviting me. I brought these for you." He told Donna. She walked over and took them from him.
"Finally I get the flowers and not Monica," she laughed. Bert grinned, "I had to stop sending them to Monica, I fucking got threatened." He didn't look over at Gerard but Monica and Donna both did.
Monica held her breath; Gerard pushed back his chair and stood. He crossed the room to where Bert stood. Bert started to take step back when Gerard suddenly grabbed him, pulled him forward and gave him a kiss. Bert backed up again and stared at him. "What the fuck?"
Gerard laughed and pointed to the spring of mistletoe hanging in the doorway. "Got you mother fucker."
Monica and Donna were equally surprised. Gerard reached out once again for Bert and gave him a hug "Sorry about everything, man. I turned my back on a friend. That wasn't right. You and I have been in hell together, but I left you there. I want my friend back."
Bert looked down, his voice emotional, "Gerard, I fucked up. She was yours but that didn't stop me."
Gerard cut him off "I don't ever fucking want to talk about her again. The bitch caused enough pain. That's all dead in the past. Now come on and tell me just what the fuck you have been doing." They both walked to the table and sat down.
Donna walked behind Bert, leaned down and gave him a hug. He reached up and gave her a peck on the cheek. Monica smiled seeing the look on Bert's face. This was what he needed. He stated to tell Gerard about the new album they had almost completed.
Kelly decided to eat in front of the TV and Kara announced that Bob had called and asked if she would like to go out to dinner.
"He still hasn't gone home?' Monica asked. Christmas was just a few days away and she thought he would have returned to Chicago.
Kara smiled "Nope, he is still staying with Mikey. He was going to leave tonight but his flight was cancelled. There is a terrible snowstorm in Chicago and O'Hare is closed.
Bert looked up "You are dating Bob Bryar? He's a good dude. Man there was this one time this chick..." he stopped himself and looked around the table. "Bert realized its time to shut up," he said about himself.
Gerard laughed, "Man, that is new. Before Bert never realized that until it was too late and some stupid shit had already come out of his mouth."
Bert smiled at Kara "Bob is a good dude and that's all I will say". She smiled at him.
"It's OK, he tells some wicked stories about you. Like the surprise you got in London for your twentieth birthday." She giggled.
"Oh shit I can't believe he told you about that. I take back what I said. Bob is not a nice guy and if I were you Monica I would not let your daughter anywhere near him."
Kara just laughed, " Yea right Bert." She kissed her mom and Donna then went to get ready for her date.
Monica watched her go "I just worry they are getting way to serious. I know she is 18 but she is still in high school" She looked down at her plate and sighed.
Bert giggled, "Monica if it will make you feel better I will take her out. I am much more trustworthy than Bob."
Gerard snorted "Shit yea" He turned to Monica "See it could be worse your daughter could be dating Bert"
"Hey that's not nice. OK then how about that younger one that answered the door? Can I date her?"
Monica leaned over and punched him on the arm. "Stay away Bert" she laughed. '
After dinner Monica told Gerard and Bert to go on in the living room and talk. She and Donna stayed in the kitchen to clean up. She knew they had a lot to say to each other.
"I am so glad they are talking again," Donna said while washing the dishes. "Gerard wouldn't admit it but he really missed Bert. But I know that even if that bitch Liv hadn't come between them they still would have problem-staying friends. Gerard was getting clean and well, he couldn't really be around Bert at that time. But now I think they can be friends again.
Monica dried a glass and put it in the cabinet. "I'm glad Bert has someone to talk to. I know something is wrong in his life and he needs someone. For so long I had no friends and that can leave you in a terrible place."
Donna looked over at her "Monica, do you love my son? I'm sorry but I have to ask. I just can't bear to see him hurt. He loves you so much and with such depth. His heart and his soul belong to you, if you will take them."
Before she had to answer Gerard and Bert came in the kitchen, "Hey Monica we are going to go to the video store and get a movie, come on" Gerard took her hand and pulled her away from the counter.
She really should stay and finish helping with the dishes but the thought of answering Donna was too much. "Sure I'll just grab my coat"
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