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Cell Block Prayers

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A mini chapter...introductory type thing...if you will?!

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Uh, this is short. This is just a chapter to get us going. The next chapter is a mega amazing life altering happy pill.

Chapter 8

Dean waltzed out of the interrogation room with a smile on his face and triumph in his eyes. He had caught her. Arissa let slip that Peter had cheated on her and now they had a motive. A step closer to solving the murder of one Peter Wentz. She had managed to save the Detective a lot of unnecessary hours on the case and he was more than grateful.

There would be no more poking into the victims close friends lives to get a little information on the couple. No more looking through the crime scene for miniscule clues as to who had done the deed. No more ignoring Arissa's advances. All that was left was finding the murder weapon, if possible, and a lot of paper work. It was all smooth sailing now.

The trouble with the murder weapon was that it wasn't left behind. The murderer had in fact taken it with him...her. They didn't need the weapon to prove what killed him though. It was definitely a kitchen knife. Peter had been stabbed four times in the back. Each wound was exactly a quarter of an inch a part and roughly the same depth. Most certainly the handy work of perfectionist. Arissa Ryan was a murderer and they didn't need much more proof.

Dean walked down the hall mechanically. He turned corners and counted his steps as he passed co-workers offices. He smiled and waved at the right people and nodded to those he knew needed more acknowledgement. The only thing keeping him from doing cartwheels was the fact that he would be sending a talented twenty-five year old woman to jail with the end of this case. A sexy musician who, in her short life, had done more than he would ever dare to dream.

As Dean strolled into his office he could hear Arissa's pleas. Two cops had been called in, once Dean gave the signal, and they were now taking her to a cell. Thanks to his keen mind she was going to enjoy the rest of her years in prison. He should have been proud. Instead he just felt empty.

Arissa struggled against the two cops who'd been nodded in by Dean to take her back to a cell. She screamed and cried for them to let her go and listen to what she had to say. It was almost like they were all deaf. No one even batted an eyelash at the sound of her remorse. They just didn't care.

Eventually she grew tired and let them drag her down a putrid smelling hall and into a poorly kept tank. She walked in willingly and turned to the cops as they slid the door closed. Arissa placed both hands between the light gray metal bars and let the cold feeling seep into her palms. Tears streamed down her face and they just smiled at her.

"It's a shame such a pretty face is going to waste." One said close to wear Arissa had leaned her head against the bars. She blinked and watched as he slipped a hand in to stroke her face. "You're so pretty even the guards at the prison will want to take advantage of you." He whispered moving his hand skillfully out of the small space and back in to connect with her hip and pull her closer. "I might have to ask about a transfer."

Arissa shuddered and pushed his hand away forcefully, stepping back a few feet. "You're lucky I let you look at me. Do you honestly think I'd ever let you touch me?"

"Whose asking for permission?!" He cackled exchanging smiles with the other cop. "That's what hand cuffs are for."

The cops laughed heartily and turned to walk away. Arissa sobbed out loud and backed into a wall. The only thing left for her to do was pray. So she did.

She prayed for God to get her through this and all the damage it would inevitably cause.

She prayed for her friends that she couldn't be with in their time of need.

She prayed for her father to pull through the shame she knew this would bring.

She even prayed for her mother to not feel the pain the whole ordeal would place in her heart.

But most of all, Arissa prayed that Peter would somehow know that she loved him dearly and that she was sorry for all the things she'd said and done. She'd let him go and he'd died thinking she hated him. Arissa would never forgive herself for that for as long as she lived. Which was, as of yet, still undetermined.

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