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Chinese Alibis

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Do soy saucy noodles know how to save a life?

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Okay! It's longer, but still short. It really only has one character. I think it's well written though and I am quite proud of this one. I want you guys to love it as much as me! I know you are going to really really really...!really! it. LoL. For two reasons...Find out! Go read! Go on! Yum!!!

Chapter 9

Patrick trudged into his apartment and threw his keys down onto the bar near his kitchen. Looking down exhausted he cringed at the soft yellow color of the tile floor. He directed his gaze to the lime painted walls and in one swift movement sent a vase with small white daisies flying across the room.

The daisies Pete had given Arissa during their spat. The very last daisies he would give her during their very last spat. Patrick looked at the innocent bouquet of flowers and toddled over to pick them up. Arissa would most definitely want them. When he knelt to pick them up he noticed the card lying next to them.

It read, 'I'll love you till the day I die. -Peter'

Patrick let himself sink down to the floor and cradle his head in his hands. The irony of Pete's last promise was too much. He gathered the flowers in his hands and sniffed them absentmindedly. Thinking about the loss of one friend and the impending loss of another wore him out.

Slowly he felt the shards of his tortured mind fall away and join his heart where it lay on the floor. His soul ached for his friends and the tragedy they were enduring, one posthumously. He couldn't rid himself of the thoughts he was thinking and the feelings he was feeling.

Everything was intensified when loss was involved. Every sound magnified a thousand times. Every sense was heightened and Patrick couldn't help but find himself studying spiders hanging from trees in the park. He picked a part every detail of every thing he came into contact with every day.

The reporters waiting for him outside his building just added light to his microscope. They helped in the dissection of life and death. While opinions and assumptions on Pete's death were many Patrick could only worry about one. The media was already having a field day and once word got out that Arissa was in jail for Pete's murder they would throw a party.

Patrick knew Arissa didn't do it. It was just a matter of proving that to the cops. He knew Pete wouldn't want anyone thinking badly of her.

Standing, he thought of their families. He said a little prayer for them and walked into the kitchen filling a glass with water. He placed the flowers inside and set them on a counter before turning to open a fridge. He bent slightly lower to examine its contents and frowned when all that inhabited its cold shelves was Chinese food. He shut the door to the fridge and reached behind him for the phone, so he could order in.

Patrick dialed a familiar number and waited for someone to answer when a thought occurred. There was Chinese food in the fridge. He pressed the end button on his cordless and looked at the fridge again.

"I don't ever order Chinese." He mumbled. He grabbed for the handle and pulled the refrigerator door open. Reaching for the box he decided to peak at the contents. "Lo Mien? I hate Lo Mien." Patrick thought about his recent house guest and smiled. "Arissa! Oh God Arissa!!!"

Patrick threw the take out container on the counter and smiled. Arissa had only been staying with him for about four days and he was positive she had ordered that two days ago. The first two days she didn't eat and the fourth day she got arrested. The third day, the day Pete was murdered, she ordered in.

Arissa told him when he got home that she had ordered Chinese and there were leftovers in the fridge. He politely refused and sat on the couch next to her to watch some sappy chick flick. Thinking back Patrick giggled.

"Who commits a murder, orders Chinese, and watches a love story?" Patrick reached for the phone again. "She's not that demented." He dialed Arissa's favorite take out restaurant and when someone picked up asked, "Can you tell me who handled deliveries on Thursday night?"

"Yes...Uh...Lou." On the other end there was an array of pots and pans clinking together.

"Lou?" Patrick questioned softly unsure if he'd heard right.

"That is what it says on the schedule." The voice on the other end offered nicely.

Patrick thought for a moment on what exactly he could ask. "Can you tell me if you keep a log of deliveries? Maybe in a computer?" He asked timidly hoping the man would be kind enough to share.

There was a faint tapping and a click. "We sure do. Every customer is in the computer and just like a pizza place we keep track of deliveries and times." The man answered helpfully.

"Could you look up something for me? A time?" The excitement in Patrick's voice was apparent. He was eager.

"Uh...sure. Address or number?" The man asked trying to help.

"530-847-4489" Patrick said quickly.

"A Ms. Ryan on Thursday at 6:30."

"Can you tell me what time she called it in?" Patrick got a pen and pad out of the drawer close to him and jotted down the last bit of information. He waited for the next part that inevitably would set his friend free.

"Approximately 5:45." He answered Patrick easily.

A wave of relief washed over him and he sighed. "Thank you so much. You have no idea what you just prevented." Patrick praised softly.

"No problem." The man said. "Anything else?"

"No and thanks again." Patrick said before hanging up.

Pete's time of death was 6:20. She ordered from the house phone. There is no way Arissa could have gone to their place, stabbed him, and come back in time to get her food.

Patrick tore the paper off of the pad in front of him and folded it. He stared at the take out box and placed the phone on the charger.

The Chinese restaurant down the street held the key to his friends freedom. He smiled to himself once again before grabbing his keys from the bar and tucking the paper into his pocket. He had a Detective to visit.

Patrick rushed out the door and to his friends rescue, while thinking in he should up his intake of soy saucy noodles.



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