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Kilika a Lost Island and a New Friend

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well less me and my sis spar for alittle and then we relies our power had advanced and then we find Kilika had been destroyed. the rest you will have to read.

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While waiting for them to get back Sooki and I decide to spar a little with our new weapons. So I draw out my whips and Sooki brings out her sithe. Then we begin we get ten paces between us then we start our sparing.

She swings at my feet I jump up and land on top of it and then flip over her and land on my feet and the same time I take both whips and swing them and wrap them around her legs and pull hard and trip her or that's what I thought. She then vanished right before my eyes and came up behind in a tree.

She then jumped in the air yelling how did I do that. Then she realized she was falling from the tree. I then started to run to the tree but then I noticed I wouldn't make it in time but then all of a sudden I appeared under the tree and she landed right in my arms.

Then out of nowhere came this voice saying, "What are you doing." It was Mirika. I let Sooki tell her what happened because at the moment the thing that running through my head is how we did that. After Sooki finished telling her what happened we all board the ship and set sail for the next day we would be in kilika.

Day 2

When we awoke the next mourning we were off the shore of Kilika or should I say what's left of Kilika. We seen bodies, home, trees, and etc floating in the water. As we make our way to shore we decide what every one would do when we got to shore Mirika would perform the sending and send the dead to the farplanes. Chirka, Sooki and I would look for survivors.

So we make it to shore and we split up and began to look for survivors. I take the woods Chirka take the shore and Sooki looked through the remains of what were homes. We all decide to check the temple together so we would do that when we met up back at the boat in 30 minutes.

So I start my way into the woods hoping that I would not run up on any fiends but with my luck I would run into a lot. As I walked along through the deep dark woods I noticed something following me so I turn to look but nothing is there so I turn around and start walking again when I notice some smoke coming from up a head so I run to where it is coming from. It was coming from a small shack I began to yell out is anyone there when all of a sudden someone appears out the corner of my eye. I turn and look to my surprise it was a girl with long brown hair and such beautiful eyes the color of blue green. She said, "Who are you." I replied as I'm Nico and who might you be. She said oh I'm kileo. I then in return and said that's a beautiful name. Where is your family? She got a sad look on her face and said they were killed try to protect the island from that beast and then she broke down into tear so walked up to her and gave her a hug. I told her everything will be alright. I take her back to her boat and give her some thing to eat and then took her to a bunk where she fell asleep. I then waited for the others to return.

To Be Continued

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