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A Strange Place

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As Iwait for the others to return, I stare down at Kileo who is still sleeping. She looked so peaceful there in the bed.

I had just turned to walk out the door when i hear a noise on the top deck.
I ran up the stairs and slowly walked out onto the deck and began to look around noticing nothing was there I turn to go back down the stairs whan i hear it again. So I began to to turn around and was suprised when it was right behind me it then grabs me and slamed me on the deck and slid me all the way to the other side of the boat slamming me into the wall knocking me out cold.

When I awake I have no idea where i was at and I relized I had been captured but for what purpose I don't know.

Mean while back at the boat Sooki, Mirika, Chirka are just now getting on the boat and right away they noticed a struggle. So they take off looking on the boat for anything and anybody. As they come up on Kileo who is still asleep they shake her and wake her up. They then ask her what is her name and how did she get there. She then says her name is Kileo and Nico brought her there and said that she could sleep there in that bed.

Then all of a sudden Sooki burst into the room screamin where is Nico. Then Sooki noticing the look on everyone's face then hits the floor crying. Mirika, Chirka then rush to her side to comfort her. After Sooki calmed down they relize the only place to look is in the temple.

In the mean time back at the temple I was confused wondering who had brought me here. But then the door flew open and no one was there so I get up and walk to the door and peek around to see if anybody was there. Just by my luck there it was waiting for me to come out. I turn to go back in but it grabed meand dragged me out and then drug me all the way to this big open area. Thats when i relized where i was at. It was because of the statues of the summonors who had defeated the old sin. I was in the temple...
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