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Something I Never Saw Before

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In the Christmas Spirit! A A/A oneshot. Really short

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Something I Never Saw Before

I guess I have been pretty oblivious. I mean, its not like I'm an expert on guys, heck, I'm probably more of a guy anyway. I play sports, I hunt rather than shop, although Theresa's been dragging me into that more and more. 'Tis the season, I guess.
Feelings have never really been something I've understood, not even my own sometimes. Guys have always been my best friends, they've been the only ones to stand a chance of keeping up. It was only natural that I should think of Archie in the same way. We have the same interests, the same comments make us laugh. Those are things I've seen in guys before though, Archie's a bit different. He can be a complete dork and really cool in the same day. He cares enough to want to help when something's wrong, but knows when to back off if I need to be alone. Of course, he's always willing to just go for a long run in silence. He understands what it means to need to blow off some steam. The thing I like best about him though is that I actually have to try to beat him. I know I make it look easy, but he just might catch me one day. One of the greatest things about him is that he'd never let me win. I've met many guys who let girls bet them to get on their good side. Archie's way too cocky to ever do that.
I look at him standing there casually, leaning against the doorframe like he owns the whole building, oblivious to the mistletoe Herry hung there earlier. He looks back at me, eyebrows raising in question as I grin. I never was very good at keeping my thoughts to myself, and they're wide open to him. I know he likes me now, I do clue in eventually. No, Theresa didn't tell me, he did. Not with words, admittedly, I think he's too afraid to do that. I can see it in the way he looks at me, says my name like it's something sacred that he might scare away. I can see it in battle, how every three seconds he checks over his shoulder to make sure I'm still winning. I do the same to him.
He stands straighter as I walk towards him, bumping his head on the mistletoe, and I can almost see his brain trying to work out what to do in the situation. Before he fully realizes what's going on, I plant a kiss on his cheek before running away, giggling madly. The shocked, confused and exalted expression on his face is something I haven't seen before.


I think its cute. Anyway, one more exam left and then I'll be back to updating! Yay! I have been wanting to write so bad these past few weeks, so this was to tie you and me over.
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