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Chapter 08:Off to New York we go!

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Lilee's already for New York.

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"10:55 flight now boarding." Was heard over the intercom.

Lilee was shaking. Scared of what was in store for her. She was never crying but was still upset. She would have to leave her dad, her boyfriend and all of her friends.

"She's gonna be late." Brendon said.

"Just give her time." Kara said. "This is a big deal for her. Anyways, it's an advantage for you if she misses her flight."

Brendon shrugged. "Yeah but that means we spent 200 dollars for nothing."

"200 dollars..." Ryan said. "Yeah. That would be a waste."

Lilee walked back to the waiting room with all of her bags. She dropped them. "I can't leave." She said.

"Uhh...why not?" Spencer asked. "You wanted to go."

"Yeah, but that was before."

"Sweetie, we already paid for it. We really have no choice." Brendon said. He hugged her. She buried her face into his shoulder. "Please don't cry."

She looked up. "I-I'm not crying." She said. "I'm just...upset, that's all." Meanwhile tears were, indeed, sliding down her face. She wiped them away with her sleve.

"Please don't get upset. You're making me sad now." Jon said.

Lilee smiled a little.

"Last call for 10:55 flight." The intercom repeated the message.

She sniffled. "Well, I guess I have to go now."

She gave everyone hugs that lasted for a long period of time. For Brendon a hug and a kiss, kiss .

She walked off to the plane.

Everyone waved before going back to the car.

The car ride was a long and silent one. Nobody talked.


For 8 hours Lilee was doezed off. Listening to music, watching stuff on her I Pod. She couldn't get it off her mind though. Sex with Brendon

"Would you like something to drink miss?" The flight attendant asked.

"No thanks."

The attendant nodded and walked off.

She sighed. Her phone rang.

"Funny, I thought phone services weren't supposed to work." She said to herself.

It was her dad. "Hello?" She said.

"You okay?"
"Yeah, what about you?"
"I'm fine. How much longer do you have to go?"
"Umm...about 7 and a half hours away, dad."
"Mmhmm. But I must say, first class is pretty dang awesome."
"Yup. And you're by your self. Scared at all."
"Eh. Everything's okay. A bundh of rich dudes are stairing at me though. It's kinda creepy."
"That was always the problem."
"Yeah. God, I miss you already."
"I miss you too."
"Thanksgiving's not that far away though."
"Not at all. Just a few more weeks."
Lilee laughed. She heard screaming in the background. "Is that Max or Chris?"
He sighed. "Both. That's my signal to go I guess."
"Okay. Love you."
"Love you too. Bye."

She hung up.

"Hey pretty baby, why you sittin' all alone?" Some guy asked.

"Because I have a boyfriend already. Much stronger and richer than you."

The guy shook his head and went away.

'Jon was right, being famous sucks.' She thought. She then remembered something.

She picked up her phone and started dialing Jared's number.

"Dad it's me again."
"You forgot something?"
"Yeah. I kind of...lost my virginity to Brendon."

There was silence. As if he had dropped the phone....he did.
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