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Winry can tell that something is wrong with Edward. Will he tell her? Or will he just leave her in the dark?

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"worry" Winry POV

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Something was wrong. Edward had been locked away in his room for a while now. She went to check on him, but he yelled and told her to go away. Though what worried her the most, is that he wouldn't even let Alphonse talk to him...Winry was in the kitchen cleaning up from dinner, a dinner that ed hadn't come down to eat. 'what's wrong with him?' she thought. She was now all alone in the kitchen. Her grandma had gone to bed, and Al had claimed the living room as his own, since ed wouldn't let him in theirs......

All these thoughts swan through her head as she sat alone at the kitchen table. She let out a huge sigh and rested her aching head on the table. 'I better go check on him.' she thought. 'He has to be hungry by now.' With another sigh she got up and fixed a tray of left over dinner for ed. she climbed the stairs and stood in front of his door. she gave a small knock on the door. "Hey ed, can i come in?" she asked, hopeing that he wouldn't yell again. "....sure..." came a small voice from inside. Winry walked in and saw ed sitting by the window, staring off in the distance. "i brought you some dinner." she said cautionsly. He turned around and gave her a weak smile. "thanks..." he said.

She sat on the bed next to him and handed him his dinner. He looked at it and then picked up a piece of chicken. With one bite, he set it back on the plate. "thanks." he said. "but I'm not really hungry." Winry looked at him with worried eyes."Ed,"she started. "What's wrong? You can tell me, I'll listen." His eyes locked onto hers for a brief moment. There was a very strong emotion in his eyes, but he turned away before she could identify it. "Maybe..." he started. "Maybe I will tell you, but not now..." He gave her a little smile and layed down on the bed. "thank you for dinner." he said. "But I'm really tired, I think I'll go to sleep." "okay...." Winry replied quite confused. She got up and walked out of the room. She leaned against the door and sighed. 'I wish you would tell me what's wrong....'


A/N// So sorry I haven't updated in a while! I'v had major writers block on this story, but thankfully a friend gave me a few tips! It is kinda confusing, and boring, but dont worry! It gets much better! Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it!
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