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Siamese Dream - Music Can Ease Pain

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Gerard and Monica go to a party at Ray's.

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After breakfast Ray called Gerard "Hey man, all these people have shown up. So I decided -what the fuck- lets just call it a party. Come on over. You won't believe who all is here."
Gerard heard all the noise in the background "Hey Monica, Ray is having a party wanna go?"
Monica who was watching TV looked up "I guess so" she wasn't' exactly excited about the prospect. Being in a situation where she really didn't know many people was stressful to her.
Gerard could tell she wasn't that thrilled with the idea. He talked a few more minutes with Ray then came and sat next to her. "What's wrong? We don't have to go with you don't want to. We can do whatever you want."
"Gerard if you want to go that's fine, go ahead." She turned back to the TV and pretended to be interested. She knew he was staring at her.
"I'm pushing you aren't I? I'm sorry I guess you don't want me acting like we are a couple." He said in a hurt tone before standing to leave.
"I'm just so confused about so many things," she told him reaching up to grab his hand. "I told you what Kyle did to me and why I am so messed up. You just don't get it. I can't be the person you need. I would just hurt you in the end."
It surprised her when he smiled "You just keep trying to convince yourself of that. I know you are lying to yourself. You are afraid but honey its time to let it go. We both have dark shit in our pasts. Together we can face anything. Now do you want to go to Ray's or not?"
His abrupt change of subject confused her "You don't give up easily do you?"
"I'll just keep saying it so you will understand. You are I belong together. I know it and you are fighting it. I will wait for you to believe."
She looked at this gorgeous man and wanted to believe. "I won't know anyone there." She told him changing the subject back to the party at Ray's.
He laughed, "You know Ray. Mikey and Alicia and Frank and Jamia are there. I want you to meet some of my old friends. Shit, I want to show you off. I want these fuckers to see the beautiful woman I'm with. Lots of these people still remember me as the weird kid who lived in his parents basement."
She smiled, "You've changed a bit" she laughed.
They grabbed their coats and left for Rays. His apartment was full of people when they got there. Gerard seemed to know everyone. He pulled her close and introduced her around. Jamia rushed up to her and gave her a big hug she tried to imitate Monica's voice "Oh, Gerard and I are just friends" She rolled her eyes "I just knew you were right for each other."
Monica was tired of saying they weren't together because it was obvious they were. She just told herself not to think about it and just enjoy the time she had with him. After The New Year the band would be leaving and by the time he got back she and the girls would be moved into their own place and it would be easier to distance herself from him. Just the thought of that happening caused a pain in her chest.
Soon Frank and Ray had guitars out and were playing songs Monica loved. Several others joined in. Gerard said he wanted to play but the loud booing changed his mind.
"It's OK" he told Monica "I really do suck at guitar"
Pizzas were delivered; lots of pizzas and the party went on for hours. Ray must have great neighbors to put up with this, Monica thought. She was just getting a piece of pizza when she spotted Bob and Kara. It was strange being at the same party as her daughter. Kara walked over and hugged her. "Hey this is weird. Where is Gerard?"
"He is talking to a friend in the kitchen." She turned to Bob "I'm sorry you won't be able to make it home to Chicago"
He smiled "It's OK. I'm pretty happy here" he looked directly at Kara.
Monica rolled her eyes "Give me a break, you two"
Kara looked at her and laughed "Nice, mom." They linked arms and went towards the kitchen.
Gerard made his way back towards her "Can I get you a beer?" he asked noticing she didn't have a drink.
The idea of drinking alcohol in front of him bothered her. "Gerard doesn't it bother you, all the drinking that is going on?'
He shook his head "No so much anymore. When I first got sober it was really shitty. We did the Warped Tour and I pretty much had to stay on the bus most of the time. There was drinking everywhere. I couldn't go three feet without someone waving a bottle in my face."
She moved closer and touched his cheek "I watched "Life on the Murder Scene". It was so hard to see the part of the video that showed how your drinking got out of control. It hurt to watch you that wasted, throwing up in parking lots. You looked so alone."
He pulled her into a hug, "I love you so much" was all her could say. She nuzzled his neck.
"You about ready to leave? I think mom is expecting us for dinner." She nodded and they made their way to the door. Once outside Monica was surprised the weather had cleared and was just a bit warmer.
When they pulled in the driveway Gerard ran around to her car door and opened it. She laughed "My are we being a gentleman"
He put his arm around her "Not really I just wanted to come around and talk you into a quick walk around the neighborhood. It's so nice and the weather is supposed to turn tonight.
"Sure, its still early but maybe I should help your mom"
He linked his hand with hers "Nope you're all mine." They started walking and as they passed different houses and businesses Gerard would tell her bits of information. Suddenly he stopped.
"You played Little League Baseball?" she asked. He was staring at a ball field.
"Come on I want to show you something." They walked across the field hand in hand and ducked into the dugout. "I remember coming here one night when I was really depressed. I had the Smashing Pumpkins "Siamese Dream" with me and I laid in here and listened to it until I fell asleep." He looked so sad at the memory.
"Why were you depressed?' she asked leaning close enough to touch her forehead to his.
He smiled "I got dumped. It was my first real relationship and I just couldn't seem to cope. That album helped get me through it."
She kissed him "And now your music helps people get through their problems. I know it saved me," she whispered.
He kissed her. They were late for dinner.
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