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Chapter Four: Lemonade in December

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Trying to move on...

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Ava was lonely. It had been a week since the Fall Out Boy concert and there was still no lead in the case. The police had no clue as to where Wendy went, either. There was also no body in the car when they finally got the chance to investigate. One of the theories one brave police man dared throw out was that perhaps Wendy was the one who set the bomb, then used it as a way to escape. Ava had to quickly assure him that that was just simply not the case here. Wendy would never do anything like that, and making a bomb was defiantly not something she knew how to do. Plus there were shooters. The police still had no explanation about that.

She wondered aimlessly around her apartment, walking from one room to another without remembering why she went there in the first place. It was horrible living there- with Wendy's room not being occupied. Ava had to keep the door closed, so she couldn't see all her friend's stuff... and how empty the room was without her.

Ava plopped down on her couch ungracefully. She oh so desperately wished she hadn't lost Patrick's phone number. She searched high and low for it and even stooped as low as to call the hospital just to ask whether or not she left any slips of paper in the room they put her in. Of course they didn't have it. Ava had never been so unlucky in her life.

Now, a week later, she had completely convinced herself that he didn't really want her to call him in the first place. OR she should have given him her number as well, just to make sure this didn't happen, that way the ball was totally in his court. She was a complete idiot and she knew it. Letting out a deep breath she had been holding she let her mind wonder to what might have been... had she not lost the number. And Wendy was still around, of course.

A loud knock on her door broke her out of her trance. She could feel her blood pressure rise, like it always did when someone came to her apartment. A home visit was never a good visit from the police. That was how they delivered bad news.

She peaked through the eyehole before turning the knob, not very surprised at who was standing before her: Matthew, Wendy's boyfriend.

"Hey." She said casually, opening the door for him to come in. "What brings you by today?"

He shrugged, glancing around the apartment. "I just came to check up on you; see if you heard anything else about Wendy."

Closing the door, she made her way back over to the couch. Matthew took a seat as well, directly across from her. "They haven't told me anything new, but it sounds like they're loosing some ground because they have nothing to go on. Since it happened at a concert, there were so many people who could have done it and not even been noticed."

"Gosh." Matthew muttered. He never actually said the Lord's name in vein. He was a good, strong Christian boy raised in the South. That was one of the things that first drew Wendy to him in the first place. That and the fact that he came from a very wealthy family. Wendy was never a gold digger, but her family had been dirt poor. Anyone with any sort of career was attractive to her.

Ava had initially not liked Matthew very much. He seemed almost cocky, and too sure of himself. Then, once she knew his background, it made complete sense. He had been spoiled rotten as a kid, and was still the heir to a very large company. Needless to say, he had his life completely set. And if he could bring Wendy out of the slums she had once lived in... well, maybe he wasn't so bad after all. He treated her like a princess, and she deserved it. So he managed to win over the best friend in the end. It was times like these that showed he really cared about her friend by coming to check up on the roommate.

"So how are you doing, Ava?" He asked, concern flashing across his face. "Is there anything you need?"

She shook her head. "No. I'm fine. I got a small column in the local paper, so I'm making some money right now.

"Not writing anything right now?"

"No. I've pretty much lost any inspiration I might have had. My last book didn't do so well and I need some time to recover."

He nodded in understanding. "Taking a break?"

"Something like that."

"Well, will you tell me if you decide you do need anything?"

Ava smiled. "Absolutely. And if you hear anything at all about or from Wendy, you have to tell me right away. Understand?"

He frowned. "Of course."

"Good. Now, do you want anything to drink or eat?"

"No. I don't think so." He stood. "But if you don't mind, I think I left one of my notebooks in Wendy's room..."

"Sure, go for it." Ava encouraged. He certainly spent enough time over here; he practically lived here too. She was surprised he wasn't getting more than just his notebook.

Standing, she made her way into the kitchen and poured herself a lemonade. Even though the weather was cold, she loved the summertime drink. She finished just as Matthew was making his way out. He had his hands shoved into his pockets- no notebook. He must have just misplaced it.

"You leaving?" She called as he opened the door.

"Yeah. She didn't have it so now I'm going to run over to the office." He glanced over to her and waved as he went through the door. "Bye."

"See ya!" She called. He certainly wasn't the most social person- that was for sure.

Carrying her lemonade in one hand and a stack of chocolate chip cookies in the other she wondered into her bedroom, finishing up her snack and taking a quick nap. Her dream was just getting good when she was rudely interrupted by the shrill ring of her phone. Glancing at her bedside clock she groaned. It was already past eleven, she couldn't believe she had slept so long. It was going to be hard for her to get back to sleep, that was for sure.

She lifted the receiver to her ear, ready to give an earful to whoever woke her from her pleasant dreams of Patrick Stump only to be talking to the devil himself.

"Hello?" He said into the phone. There was a lot of noise echoing in the background, but Ava knew that voice anywhere.

"Hi?" She said, completely stunned.

"Um, it's Patrick." He said quickly. "You know, from the band..."

She definitely knew who he was. She almost wanted to tell him that he had just been in her dreams, but she knew that was more forward that she was comfortable being. "I know who you are, Patrick."

"Oh, good." He replied, the noise in the background starting to fade away, as if he were moving away from it. "I'm sorry to call so late. We just got done with a show."

"It's fine. How did you get my number?" She asked curiously.

"Uh, the phone book?"

"Guess again. I'm unlisted."

"Damn." She could hear him sigh over the phone. "I got it from the police reports."

"What? How did you manage that? Isn't that illegal or something?" She joked, not really caring that he had gotten it. In fact she was a little flattered.

"Um, I have good people skills?"

She laughed. "I'm guessing you dropped a name: Fall Out Boy."

"Well, maybe. And promised a few autographs from me and Pete. Everyone is crazy about him."

"Yeah." Ava readily agreed. "He was all Wendy ever talked about in reference to your band. I think it's because he likes the spotlight so much, so people notice him."

"I suppose." He took a deep breath. "Am I totally out of line calling you like this? I mean, I thought I was making my intentions fairly known when I gave you my number last week, but you never called. I don't want to be the guy that just won't leave you alone, but I had to make sure, you know, you were okay and everything."

Ava snuggled into a little ball on her bed, cradling the phone closer to her ear, a huge smile spreading across her face. She couldn't believe that he had even thought twice about her since the concert, even if it was just making sure she was doing okay. "Patrick, I lost your phone number. I really didn't mean to, I search everywhere I could have possibly left it, but it was already gone. I'm really glad you called because there is no possible way I could have found out your number on my own." She sighed, playing with the cord. "Besides, I didn't know if you really wanted me to call or not. That night was straining on my emotions on so many different levels I didn't know what to believe when thinking back on it."

"How are you holding up?" He asked, changing the subject.

She looked up at her ceiling, not really knowing how to respond. "Well, there is still no word on Wendy. I'm not one hundred percent sure the police believe something happened to her, but instead think that she is somehow in on the whole thing. That kind of pisses me off because I don't think they're trying very hard to find her when she could be dieing or something." Ava shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts. "But enough about that. I need some happy news. How have / you /been?"

"The tour is going well, if that's what you mean." He said hastily. "Our fans are amazing."

"I'll say. Your fans are the best." She felt like she at least had some credibility in the matter- after all she was one of them.

He laughed, seeming to get her point, but then they both fell silent.

Ava had no idea what to say. He was a rock star. What do you say to a rock star? True, he had proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was more than human, and was extremely caring. But he was still a rock star. And rock stars had girlfriends in every city they went to. Was he trying to make her one of many? Or was he not even considering her as that? What if he was just genuinely curious if she was okay... like a friend? She hated these questions.

She knew she was a complete fool in even having hope. Patrick was... well, he was Patrick Stump, the hottie from her favorite band. And Ava was realistic. Dreams just didn't come true in the real world.

"Patrick," She started slowly, before she could change her mind. "Why did you call me? Guys like you don't just go around associating themselves with girls like me. I'm an emotional wreck, for one. Two, my accomplishments aren't anywhere near yours..."

"Ava," He interrupted sternly, using her name for the first time. The sound of it sent little shivers along her spine. God, he had an amazing voice. "Don't play this game. I'm calling you for the same reason any guy calls a girl. For this to work for me I need you to understand what I'm doing."

It was the first time she had ever heard him use a stern voice with her- he was always so sweet- his strength usually only showing in his music.

And she had no idea how to respond. She opened her mouth to respond, hoping the words would just flow if she made herself start talking, but for once she was rescued by an incoming call.

"Um, Patrick, someone's beeping in." She said softly.

"Answer it, and then we're going to finish this conversation."

She shivered. "One sec." She pushed the send button to pick up the other line. "Hello?"

"Miss Lemmings?"


"This is Detective Jackson. We have some bad news. We found Wendy."

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