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Got To Go

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So? Will Theresa ever forgive jay? Will this all turn out to be a happy ending??

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Theresa waved to her friend as she left the room. Atlanta was now glad to know what was wrong with her friend but still depressed about the fact that she was still sad.

She knew she couldn't speak to Jay though...but maybe Archie...

Theresa shut the door. Today their Drama class was having a swimming field trip. She didn't plan on going anywhere near Jay at the moment. She'd hang with her girl buddies.

She got out her blue swimwear. And put it on under her regular clothes.

She gathered her things for the pool, since half the day she'd be going swimming, she'd come back here for lunch and gather her school supplies.

Theresa grabbed her lululemon bag filled with stuff for the pool, towel, waterproof sunscreen, traveled sized shampoo bottles for after the pool and extra clothes. She brought sunglasses just in case. She quickly ran out of her room and grabbed an apple for breakfast. Only Odie was in the kitchen.

"Bye Odie!" Theresa called.


Theresa saw Jay coming down the stairs she quickly ran out of the house and hopped into her car, she drove off at full speed.

"Was that Theresa?" Jay asked.

"Yeah." Odie said eating his cereal. Herry came in the room, and took out the left over pancakes Athena had made the other day and brought out the syrup, whip cream, fruit and everything that could possibly go on pancakes and Herry made it all fit.

Jay took a seat.

"Is that swim shorts?" Odie said looking at Jay's blue surfboard shorts.

"Yeah, my Drama class is having a fieldtrip."

"Oh, isn't Theresa in your class?"

Jay sighed. "Yeah."

"So...why didn't she wait for you?"

Jay ignored and quickly got up and grabbed an apple. He walked out of the room to the Living room to watch TV.

"What's with him?" Herry said with a mouthful.

"I don't know." Odie wondered, as he looked back to where Jay was.

Meanwhile Atlanta had gone to Archie's room to ask about Jay.

Atlanta got to his door and knocked three times lightly.

"Archie?" Atlanta asked with her soft voice, all calm.

Archie seemed surprised as Atlanta heard jumping and crashing. Atlanta giggled at the thought of him trying to get into his pants or something.

Then there was silence. Archie opened the door to find a giggling Atlanta, she was covering her mouth with her hand.

Archie blushed. "Uhh, yes Atlanta?"

"Can I come in?"

Archie looked back into his room. He blushed some more. "Hold on."

Atlanta started to giggle some more, almost laughing.

She tried to keep a straight face as he came back.

"Okay you can come in."

Atlanta opened his door and took a seat in his desk chair.

"Can you tell me what's going on with Jay?"

"What do you mean?"

Atlanta had to come up with a fib to figure out Theresa's situation and not give away the fact that Theresa was standing there listening to the two boys talk.

"I-...I was near where you and Jay were talking about Theresa. Jay had said he didn't like Theresa, and he made that really clear. You know he likes her!'s so obvious!"

Archie was stunned; he hoped she did not hear the part about Jay asking Archie is he liked Atlanta.

"Um, how much did you hear?"

Atlanta took a glance at his face. He looked worried. She could say she heard all of it and tease him, though she had no idea what he was worried about she wouldn't do that, the number one thing was figuring out Theresa's problem.

"Not much."

"Okay." Archie had a sound of relief in his voice.

Atlanta smiled when she saw the look on his face.

"Archie...don't tell me Jay really actually doesn't like Theresa. You have no idea how shocked I was when I heard that, and I'm still shocked. Answer me!" Atlanta demanded.

"Well, he sounded scared and he did blush...maybe because he didn't want me to know he lied that's why he sounded so sure Atlanta."

"I don't know...but I want you to talk to Jay, and find out if he really does like her or not. Because it's hurting Theresa's feelings." Atlanta accidentally blurted out.


"oops." Atlanta thought to herself.

"Theresa likes Jay?"

'Yeah, isn't it obvious?"


Atlanta rolled her eyes, how could he not? He'd have to be really distracted about something else.

She distracted Archie, so little did she know.

"Well I want you to talk to him, okay?" Atlanta got up from the chair.

"Okay." Archie agreed.

"Thanks Archie." And she disappeared.


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