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Chapter 10

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Harry is emancipated at 16, and now he wants revenge. This is a grey!Harry and grey!Ginny

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A/N: This chapter: Part II of the downfall of Narcissa and Draco Malfoy, enhancing their SEALs fighting force, the 'talk' about relationships ... but in bed, Ginny being expelled from school, Harry and Ginny being declared dark and enemy of the State.

A/N: Beta for this chapter is arctycdragon


Mundungus Fletcher was drinking old Scottish Whiskey in the closet located right outside the room where the Order of Phoenix was meeting in Hogwarts.

Mundungus's legs were still hurting because of the ordeal they all had during the fight with the Potter boy and the Weasley flame. He was hit three times by those sticks from those black people, which made so much noise. What ever it was, it hurt like hell. Madam Pomfrey truly did miracles on him and the rest of the order. There was a lot of blood on the battle scene, and he thought he would die when he saw the disaster after that confrontation.

He could hear the people in the meeting room were quiet again. Molly Weasley especially was ranting about her daughter with all her considerable power. When she heard that the Weasley flame ordered to shoot at Dumbledore ... even threatened to kill them, she went wild.

Mundungus was laughing softly. That poor Arthur, he was truly the victim here, because he was married to that firehouse, who blew her top off some minutes ago. That woman was as powerful as a strong blizzard.

The poor Potter boy was with that Weasley flame, and she got her lessons from her mother.

Mundungus entered the room again and searched for his abandoned chair, between Arthur Weasley and May-Eye Moody.

"Listen people," said professor Dumbledore, leader of the light and head of the Order of Phoenix. "We need to cool down. I want to give a more complete report, and please don't interfere." He looked briefly to Molly Weasley, who was still huffing.

"We got a call that Diagon Alley was being attacked, so I took some order members, and we traveled to Diagon Alley. When we came there, we saw a group of thirty Death Eaters already killed on the street.

When we approached, we saw a group of strange men in the local bookshop. The group had seen us, and they started to leave the shop. In their middle were Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. I asked Harry and Ginny to come to us, but they did not answer.

When I pulled my wand from my robes, Harry Potter threatened us with the same fate as the Death Eaters, namely being killed. Then I heard Harry addressing one of the men in black as Sergeant, and order him to shoot us in the legs. I remember that Ginny Weasley was laughing and encouraging the men.

Those men started to shoot at us, and within seconds we were all hit in the legs by bullets from their guns. Before we could react further, they took our wands. Then Ginny Weasley threatened us with death and with killing the magical world. They disappeared towards Gringotts.

At that moment Aurors arrived. The Aurors were being attacked by those black men who surrounded Harry and Ginny. They used a strange type of gun I have never seen before, which could shoot explosions to the Aurors. It is a miracle that nobody was killed; only blown off their feet.

They disappeared into the Gringotts bank. We could not contact them in the bank, because the Goblins did not allow us.

I personally think that Harry Potter and especially Ginny Weasley are more dangerous then Voldemort or any other Dark Wizard."

Dumbledore sat down on his chair and said further nothing anymore. Molly Weasley stood up from her chair and started to speak.

"Professor Dumbledore, I have here a letter about underage magic from the ministry for Ginny. What shall I do with the letter?"

Dumbledore nodded. "I know ... I got the notification yesterday, which told that Ginny is expelled from Hogwarts."

"And what about Harry Potter?" Mundungus asked.

"That is the strange thing, no letter. So it seems that he did not perform magic at all," Dumbledore said hesitating.

"I don't understand," Bill said furious. "You have the Fidelius Charm over Grimmauld Place. Why don't you remove those two from the charm, and they loose the house. In that case it is easy for us to pick them up."

Many Order members agreed with Bill, but Dumbledore sighed.

"Well," he said. "It is too late to remove them from the list."

"Too late?" Bill asked, taken aback.

"Yes, they seemed to have broken the Fidelius Charm and erected a new one. I cannot penetrate the charm, nobody can."

Bill stood suddenly up in anger, and his chair fell on the ground with a crash. "Impossible! They must have outside help to do that! "

"Sit down boy," Moody roared.

Bill sat down shocked, and fell on the ground.

"I heard enough," Mad-Eye said. He stood up and looked to the Order members around the table, then to Dumbledore. He pointed to the headmaster and shook his head.

"This, here, and now, is the turning point of the war," he declared. "What I hear from you, Dumbledore is that Harry has the help from the muggle military. I suspect that Gringotts intermediated between Harry and the military, because that is what they did before as well, but with others and on a smaller scale.

Listening to you, I suspect that those muggle men are Special Forces or been trained by them. Special Forces are soldiers who are trained to kill. Those men are killing machines. They might be British SAS or American SEALs, or a combination of them, or maybe even freelancers.

That means for all of you, that a unit of such Special Forces is enough to handle many wizards and witches, as you have all witnessed.

I suspect that Harry had hired those Special Forces, not to attack people, but to protect him self against the Death Eaters, you, or us, the Order of Phoenix.

If we make a mistake by attacking Harry and those soldiers, we will be killed instantly.

If we do not attempt to attack him, but try to talk to him via mediators or other means, then we might use what Harry has for the light, against Voldemort.

That is the way how I see it. When you choose the first option, you might trigger something that you can't take back ... one thing I know for sure is that you and the order will loose the fight."

"Against muggles? You think we loose against those losers? They don't even know magic!" Molly Weasley screamed at Moody.

"Molly, you have no idea what you are talking about," Moody said simply.

Molly Weasley huffed. "I think it is all a lot of nonsense. Those muggles would never be able to fight a wizard or witch. We are superior!" she exclaimed.

Mad-Eye Moody glared at Molly Weasley.

"Molly, I fought in the muggle first world war, and I saw Special Forces in action behind the enemy battle lines, and I was deeply impressed. In those days the SAS was fighting. The SAS are the Special Forces from England."

Mad-Eye Moody looked briefly to Dumbledore and grimaced.

"I have heard enough; I'm out of here," Moody said cheerfully. "I need to have some fresh air. I think I can see you all in hell, except that you will be there very soon. Have a good day." He snickered and left the room.


"Ba'ar, when are those divorce papers ready?" Harry asked.

"Mr. Potter, they are ready because you have signed them, but they take effect at the moment they are filed at the ministry."

"When is that?" asked Ginny.

Ba'ar grinned and tapped two times on the pile of papers ... and they disappeared. "From now it will take about ten or twenty seconds before the marriage of Mrs. Narcissa Malfoy is declared null and illegal, and she becomes Narcissa Black again. Because of the illegal marriage, the Mr. Draco Malfoy will loose his family name and his name will be Draco with-no-name.

His father can adopt Draco with-no-name: in that case he would be Malfoy again, except that Mr. Malfoy sits in jail, and men in jail cannot do such things."

Harry smiled satisfied. "Ba'ar, can you let Neville Longbottom know what is being done with the Malfoys?"

Ba'ar grinned again and nodded. "Of course I can."

The door in the meeting room opened and twenty men entered the room. They wore all the same uniforms as the seven previous SEALs and the expressions on their faces were all the same.

They all moved silently and smoothly. They formed a straight line and in front was the Sergeant.

"This is our unit, Sergeant?" Harry asked.

"Sir, Yes Sir."

"Great, let's go home then."

Harry and Ginny went to the fireplace and flood to Grimmauld Place, followed by the twenty SEALs.


Ginny was already in his bed, and Harry was looking at her. She was reading the book about Rune enhancements again, and seemed to be unaware of him looking at her. She looked great, her long hair falling like a wave of red fire over her shoulders and chest, spreading the pillows of the bed. That hair was so unbelievingly soft and silky ... he knew everything about her hair, because he had brushed it ten minutes ago.

Suddenly her eyes looked up straight at him.

"Are you not joining me in bed?" she asked.

"Uh ... yes, of cause I'm coming, Gin," he stuttered.

He took off his t-shirt and moved to the bed. "I take the door side," Ginny said smirking. Harry said nothing, but climbed over her stretched out body.

He lay down in his bed next to Ginny, and tried to relax. I hope she will forget to have 'the Talk'.

"So, Lord Black, let's have 'the talk'. What exactly did you mean with the remark about me looking kissable?"

Harry looked goofy. "I was so proud at you when we were at Gringotts, I could kiss you. That, dear Ginny is an expression."

Ginny frowned. "Do you want to say that I don't look kissable?"

Oops ... she looks kissable ... and much more, but I am not going to say that, am I? "Well ... hum ... I mean ... Yes"

Oops ... did I say that? Again ... I put my foot in my mouth again.

Ginny rearranged the pillows, grabbed his, and snatched it from under his head ... she made her self comfortable and looked at him. "You will not escape, Mr. Potter. You stay here until you have answered my question reasonably."

"What question, Gin?"

"The question about 'kissable'," Ginny answered.

"Well, it is ... you know ... simple. It was the ... you know ... expression," he stammered.

"Expression? What expression?"

"You know the expression, Gin. And I said it before," Harry said.

"I can't remember what you said about any expression," she said innocent.

"I said before that 'I was so proud at you when we were at Gringotts, I could kiss you', and that is an expression, or saying or making a statement."

"I remember you saying that Harry, and I asked if I don't look kissable? Then you confirmed that I look kissable. Is that right?"

"Yeah ... yes," Harry replied hesitating.

"Do you remember in our last dream at the 'Golden Light'? You were kissing me then, and much more," Ginny said dreamily.

"Yeah Gin. That was perfect, wonderful," he said blissfully. Then he frowned.

"Is it such a problem that you kiss me, Harry? We are not dreaming at the moment, and I want to have that kiss. We are sleeping with each other, and I still want that kiss. We are kissing each other in our dreams, and I still am waiting for my kiss."

"Only one kiss," he whispered. "One small kiss and then we are going to sleep," he said.

Slowly, he kissed her, easing her lips open with a slight nip at her lower lip, his tongue gently finding hers. She quivered in the bed as their tongues met. She whispered his name in her kiss. He broke the kiss and his lips traveled, trailing down her neck and collarbone, leaving light kisses, she arched her back.

"Patience..." he whispered, his lips stopping their ministrations and he gently stroke her arm. She made a sound of annoyance.

"That is it, one kiss for tonight," he said pleased.

Ginny looked him straight in his eyes, and kissed him hard on his lips.

"That is another one," she said smirking.

"Good night, dear Henry. You better dream well, because I will be coming," she said in a singing tone.

"Henry?" he said indignant.

"Yes, you know, the Henry of the song about the bucket.

"What bucket?"

"Dear Henry, there is a hole in the buck-et, a ho-le, a ho-le,

There is a hole in the bucket, dear Henry, a hole," she sang.

Harry was quiet for a moment.

"What shall I do with the ho-le, dear Ginny, dear Ginny,

What shall I do with the ho-le, dear Ginny, the hole," Harry sang.

Ginny grabbed Harry and tickled him mercilessly, Harry was yelping.

"Help, I surrender," Harry yelled.

"One kiss," Ginny whispered in his ear.

The prettiest girl in the world lay next to him in his bed, but she was only fifteen. If there was a future for them, they might become very happy. She was like fire and ice, she was playful and dangerous; she was loving and dangerous. A girl full of contradictions, and at the same time, she was his constant in life.

He could hold out on her, tell her to wait. Harry thought that was the best reaction for them, because Ginny was only fifteen years old, and when they were caught, he would lose Ginny because her mother would certainly lock her up and forbid him any contact with her.

On the other side, she was a woman, fifteen years old or not. He was dreaming about her, and he had feelings for her ... very deep feelings. So ... why not? What is only one kiss?

His hand slid to the back of her head and ruffled her lustrous hair and he pulled her to him. As they kissed every pent up emotion that had been building within him began pouring out. He put everything into that kiss. This was what he needed. She was what he needed.

His tongue begged for entrance and she readily agreed. He moaned as their kiss deepened and he felt more and more of his tension release. His hand moved from her hair to her breast and she moaned before the realization of his gesture registered in her mind.

The sensual feeling of his hand on her breast sent her mind and body reeling, and she moved her hands to his back and pulled him above her. The weight of his body pressed against hers gave her a sense of security and she maneuvered herself until his body nearly covered hers. She pulled away to look into his eyes and the hunger she saw in them caused pinpricks of electric shock to burst within the pit of her stomach. She moved her arms from his back to wrap them around his neck so she could hold him tighter. Their kisses were passionate, their hunger for each other undeniable as the speed with which they sought each other increased with every flick of the tongue.

She felt his hardness pressed against her thigh, and she gasped as the reality of what could so easily happen hit her. He saw her widened eyes and the sudden look of fear in them. Not wanting to let go of her and the feelings she aroused in him, he gentle pulled her lip with his teeth and kissed her one more time before he rolled off and laid beside her, then kissed her deeply again, his hand again on her breast, slowly massaging it ... her nibble becoming very hard.

She placed her hand over his and pulled back from his kiss. "Harry?" She said breathlessly, as she moved his hand to hold it between them. She searched his face with eyes that held their own pain and fears. "Harry, let's sleep," she said with a musky voice.

Harry nodded; he was still very excited because of the kiss.


A/N: Next chapter: We will read about the reaction of Narcissa and Draco Malfoy when they receive the 'good' news. In that chapter, we have the reaction of Dumbledore on the threat of Mad-Eye Moody and more Ginny and Harry.

A/N: Beta for this chapter is arctycdragon
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