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Chapter 11

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Harry is emancipated at 16, and now he wants revenge. This is a grey!Harry and grey!Ginny

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A/N: This chapter: Here we have part III of the downfall of Narcissa and Draco Malfoy. In addition, we have the reaction of Dumbledore on the threat of Mad-Eye Moody and more Ginny and Harry; their relationship will change.
A/N: Beta reader for this chapter is damantaray


Narcissa Malfoy was sitting on her chair in the foyer. She was still smirking about the news she had hear about that Potter boy, who had run away with that Weasley girl. He showed some courage to run from that controlling and abusive Dumbledore, and she could not help but feel that she somewhat admired the boy.

He seemed to be able to stay away from Dumbledore and his Order. As well, he managed to fight them off as well. He did all that only with the girl on his side and with some guards. She admired that in a man; one who is able to do a job, get it done, and stay with it.

That was also the reason why she loved to be with a man like Lucius. He was powerful, strong, cunning, and very intelligent. The only thing she could not understand what his issues with the Dark Lord. That monster forced him to be treated like a house elf, where Lucius was kneeling in front of the Dark Lord in public!

Thanks to that Dark Lord, he was in Azkaban. No ... not because of the Dark Lord, but because of that same boy, who was successfully eluding his headmaster and the Order of Phoenix. She would never have thought that a boy like that Potter brat was able to defeat her husband.

She thought about her son Draco, who hated that Potter brat. At first, she thought that it had to do with a simple school feud, but later she changed her mind. Mostly it had to do with Lucius him self, because Lucius was setting Draco up against the boy. But she started to suspect that Draco tried several things with that Potter brat and was defeated and humiliated by him every time he tried.

That would indeed be enough reason for a Malfoy to hate the Potter boy. She remembered her time in Hogwarts and she thought about that handsome man James Potter. He was indeed a looker, but he chose that mudblood. She was already promised to Lucius by her mother, Druella Black. She had no other choice, and in that time, it was something she was dreaming about.

She thought that her mother made an excellent choice. Love was something for the fools and the weak of mind, but her marriage was based on power, money, and possibilities.

She knew better now. The marriage with a man like Lucius proved to be ... different. She thought that she would have a good life with her husband, but that was also different. Lucius came to her bed when they were married, and that was the last time. She became immediately pregnant with Draco. That was all what was required of her. Now that Lucius had what he wanted ... an heir. Now he could do other things what he liked ... like little boys and girls.

Then she thought she could use the money to do some exciting things, but she was wrong with that too. No money what the Malfoy family possessed was available for her. She received pocket money and she could use that. When she asked Lucius for more, he was laughing. When she insisted, he beat her.

When Lucius went to Azkaban, she thought that she would have access to the family vaults, but no. Her sister Bellatrix had the access to the vaults now. She knew that the Dark Lord was behind this, because Bellatrix was busy emptying the vaults for her lord and protector.

The door of the foyer opened and her son entered the stately room.

"Mother," he said quasi-officially. He sat down and looked at her. "I received an owl from aunt Bellatrix, and she told me to be ready to receive my mark. She wrote that the Dark Lord had use for me, because of my father's failure.

"Is that true? Did he fail?"

Narcissa looked to her son ... he was changed over all the years he went to Hogwarts. That little spoiled boy from some years back was still there, but mostly replaced with the feeling of false pride, like his father.

"Yes, Draco ... he failed, because he lost against a boy of nearly sixteen years old. He also failed to return and was so stupid to be arrested and been thrown in Azkaban.

You are doing also stupid things. Raping that full blood girl Hannah Abbott and killing her father ... why?"

Draco was grinning now. "Let us just say that I liked her, but that Hannah Abbott was laughing in my face and her father tried to throw me out of their house. I killed the father and raped Hannah. She will not marry a full blood anymore ... she is a marked woman."

Narcissa sighed. "Listen Draco, you will follow your father in his footsteps indeed ... but in the direction of the jail or worse. And do you know what Azkaban does to a wizard? It will break him."

Draco was shaking his head in denial. "Nobody will break a Malfoy!" he said pompously.

Narcissa snorted. "Your father was a broken man when he met the Dark Lord. If you don't look out, you will be broken before you even see him."

At that moment, an official looking owl arrived. Narcissa took the parchment from the owl. A notice from the ministry? Oh, maybe it is news about Lucius.

She opened the parchment and started to read. She became pale instantly.

Draco, who was looking at his mother with distain, became curious. What news would pale his mother? He never had seen his mother looking so pale like this.

"What's wrong, mother?"

His mother looked up at him and sighted. She had tears in her eyes, and she handed the parchment to Draco.

"Read it, because this is the end of everything."

Draco took the parchment and started to read. When he was half through the parchment, he dropped it.

"What does that mean? I mean ... that is not possible!"

He felt sick. He needed to sit. He took the chair and sat down. "What does that mean, mother. I do not understand. Did father do this to us?"

His mother shook slowly her head. "No, Draco. We are no Malfoy's anymore. The new Lord Black, head of my family house had nullified my marriage with your father."

She looked thoughtfully for a moment. "I am Narcissa Black again," she said.

Then she looked at Draco. "But you are not a Malfoy anymore. Any child in a marriage, which is declared illegal, is a bastard. I am so sorry for you," she said. However, honestly ... she could feel a sense of relief.

She looked at the boy, who was her son. She knew that he was socially a nothing; he was a boy without name, without family.

Then she thought about the rape and the killing of the father of the girl.

"I think, my dear Draco, that you did this to us," she said with an icy voice.

Draco looked up with his very pale face.


"Yes, you! I think because of the rape, that the current head of house decided that this is enough ... this smells payback."

"Who is this head of the family Black?" Draco cried.

"If you would read the parchment until the end, you will see his name at the bottom of the parchment. He is the one who signed this letter," she smirked.

"Tell me!"

"Your best friend in the world signed this letter. He is Lord Black, and he is also Harry Potter," she smirked.

"I kill him; I'll rape him before I slowly burn him into crispy parts. He will suffer as nobody ever has suffered. He will know what he did to the Malfoy family!"

"No Draco, you will not. Not even Dumbledore or the Dark lord can touch him. And the Malfoy family? That family does not exist anymore, Draco. You are not a Malfoy ... but a bastard; you are a person with no family name. Because you're still a minor, the ministry will come to get you and take you away."

She looked around her and saw the beautiful foyer she was sitting in. That is now all the past, because it is not hers anymore. Not that it was ever hers, but the idea was nice. She would leave the minor as fast as possible, and go to Gringotts, because she still had her vault she got from her parents when she married Lucius. With that money she could live for a while, if she was careful. Then she would try to reach the new Lord Black and ask ... no ... demand that he take care for her.

Draco continued to rant. Narcissa stood up, collected her personal things, and prepared to leave. She knew that she could take anything from the Malfoy family, because of the ancient laws concerning property and family.

She walked through the corridors from Malfoy manor and left. She did not look back to her son ... she was not interested. He was a loser.


Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was tremendously angry. That Potter boy did it. He was like a nail in his coffin. Alastor Moody made him a choice between letting the boy alone or trying to catch him and lock him up for his own protection.

Harry Potter was mere fifteen years old ... he was only a boy. If the situation were that Harry was only that, then he would have been reluctant to hunt him down. But the boy was not exactly only a mere boy. He was the subject of the prophecy, and the prophecy was the primal thing, which needs to be protected and be guided towards its end.

If he left Harry Potter alone, then it was possible that Voldemort could grab him, and that would be the end of the world, of existence, of the magical- and muggle world. Because then Voldemort would come to power, and everything would be lost.

No, he could not let Harry Potter go free before he would fulfill the prophecy. It was his duty to take the weapon of the light and to hone it.

Here was his problem. Harry Potter wasn't going to let himself be captured. He managed to collect some muggle soldiers around him, who seem to protect him and that girl Ginerva Weasley. That was an additional nail in his coffin. That Merlin blasted girl had a temper, which would blow her mother straight away.

As he had experienced not so long ago, that girl could be very dangerous. He smirked. She could give Potter also a hell of a time.

Now the question was how could he capture Harry Potter?


Slowly the world came into focus. Harry Potter had woken up ... and he laid in bed with a girl half on top of him ... her long and lustrous hair was spread all over, and he loved it. He smelled the smell of roses. Her breathing was deep and even ... no dreams!

He remembered last night; those were kisses he never dreamed about. He realized that they went one-step further in their relationship of being friends with each other. What were they now? Were they still just friends? Were they more than just friends? Could it be that they were boyfriend and girlfriend?

And he did not dream! He couldn't remember a dream he had this night. That meant that Ginny did not have a nightmare. Was that because of their kissing? He remembered that Ginny told that she had a nightmare every night. But not tonight, he smiled.

Harry was sudden aware that the breathing of Ginny had changed.

"Are you awake?" he asked softly.


"Did you dream last night?"

There was no answer. He looked at her. He could see her soft brown eyes glittering in the light of the room.


Again, silence and he kept looking in those eyes.

"No nightmare last night. That was the first time since I was eleven years old and after Tom that I had no nightmare at night. "

She looked thoughtfully for a moment. "It seems that you were right, Mr. Potter."

He smirked. "I am always right, Ms. Weasley."

She laughed. "I mean only that you suggested to sleep together to scare away my nightmares. And I thought that you wanted me in your bed to have your wicked ways."

"Well ... that thought crossed my mind," he said smiling as well.

Ginny smile changed into a naughty smile.

"What about morning kiss?"

Her arm grabbed his side and pulled him closer.

Harry let her hold him, rocking him quietly. He took comfort from her warmth, and wrapped his arms tightly around her. It was some time before Harry suddenly became very aware of her softness against him, in a very nice way.

"Gin..." he said, his hands rubbing up and down her back in a rhythmic way.


"I don't know if this is the best idea we've had..."

"I don't mean that..." he tried to pull back from her, very aware what he was so excited. He flushed with embarrassment. Softly, she reached up and kissed him.

Harry hesitated for a moment, then groaned and kissed her back. His left hand, seemingly with a mind of its own, came up, shifted her t-shirt, traveled over her naked and soft skin, and curled around, gently cupping a soft breast. It was Ginny's turn to groan, and she pressed herself hard against him, stilling the moment that she felt his body against her, along with the very apparent proof of his own desire.

She could feel him pressed into her stomach. He was deliciously hot and hard against her. Ginny wanted to touch him, taste him. Her eyes travel down his chest to the belly with dark hair leading down to... Holy... his damn boxers ... and pulled them down his legs.

"Please, Harry. I want to taste you." She ran her fingers lightly over his thighs, reveling in the shudders and goosebumps she was eliciting on him. She pulled his boxers down and she found herself staring at his penis standing up in front of her. She wanted to take all of him in her mouth.

She heard a gasp from him as she ran her tongue over the moist tip, tasting the little droplet there. Merlin, he tastes good. That one little taste put her into frenzy. She wanted to devour him, make him scream her name. She wanted to taste him fully. She took as much as she can in her mouth and he moaned loudly. She could feel his fingers wrapping themselves in her hair. She smiled; she knew she gave him pleasure.

Harry was calling her name as she brought him closer to the edge. Her mouth and hands worked up and down his erection smoothly. She gently cupped his balls and massaged lightly and his body jerked from the sensation, which almost made her lose the contact her mouth had with him. She gently trailed a finger over his perineum and he tensed, calling her name again. Two more long strokes and she was busy to swallow his seed.

Before she could pull away, Harry was pulling her closer to him and kissed her fiercely. This is so fantastic.


Harry was sitting on the breakfast table with the most beautiful woman in the world. He would never have dreamt that he would have this experience with a woman, because he did not expect to live longer then maybe a couple of weeks. Now everything had changed, and this wonderful woman was in his life.

He had a secret crush on her for already many months, and nobody, hardly even himself, knew about it. He suppressed or tried to suppress any feelings of romance since he was aware he had such feelings. After the wet debacle with Cho, he became aware that such feelings would lead to pain. After the talk he had with Dumbledore about the Prophecy, he decided that romance was one of the least problems he had at that time. He supposed to survive his ordeals with Voldemort, or die trying.

He never alluded to himself that he was able to fight successfully against Voldemort, because he was not trained, not experienced and not powerful enough.

Things had changed the last days, though. He was with a woman he cared for more then his own life, he was learning two kinds of magic that nobody seems to know, and he was safe for the moment from Dumbledore and Voldemort.

There was the threat to be killed by Voldemort and his Death Eaters. That threat was very real. When he stepped out of this house, he was at risk.

There was a threat from Dumbledore, who would tear him from Ginny and lock him up, to be saved when Voldemort would show up, and then released.

The first option is already bad, but at least he would have a more fighting chance to win or to fly. The second option is simply bad ... he would first suffer, and then die. It was very simple.

Now there was the other aspect, and that was Ginny. With the second option, Dumbledore would bring her back too the Burrow and they would lock her up. She probably would be able to escape, and she would be in mortal danger, with everything out of control and not protected. With the first option, she said that she would stand next to him when the time would come against Voldemort. Harry knew he would die when something would happen with Ginny, and he did knew for a fact, that Voldemort would try to strike at her as first.

Then the last thing what was so important were the soldiers they had hired. If they played their cards well, then they might damage or even destroy Voldemort with the help of them. They were fighting machines that could kill without any problems.

Harry also thought about the other option. They could escape England, and live as muggles somewhere on earth, where ever it could be. He would live with Ginny, he could marry her, have kids, have a life.

In exchange for a muggle life, it would mean the end of the magical world and millions of muggles would die. The war would probably come to them as well, and then his children would be endangered as well. That meant more to protect, more to lose. He felt that was not an option. Also the first option was not workable, because he would be in the hand of Dumbledore, and that would mean dying as well.

He looked at Ginny, while she was still eating. She had a piece of bacon in both her hands and was slowly eating it, and looking at him.

"Are you finished with thinking, Harry?" Ginny asked.

Harry nodded happily.

"I have something to tell you Gin," Harry said.

Ginny's eyebrows went up. "Ye-s?"

"I have already for months a crush on you, Gin. For many months I was already dreaming about you."

He smiled warmly.

"When you came to me, I had very secretive dreams and fantasies about living with you. When we slept with each other in one bed, I had even more fantasies and daydreams.

"I have very strong feelings for you, Gin. What happened this morning was heavenly. I never could have dreamt what I had experienced then. I decided to come clean with you. I think that I am in love with you, Ginny.

"I'm not afraid to tell you this; it is something that you must know.

"When the summer vacation started, I did not want to get involved with anyone, because of the short-term life expectancy I might have. And to be with me, or close to me means that you are in danger, and I had no way to protect anyone close to me.

"I was already thinking to leave the magical world and to hide my self somewhere.

Anyhow, the rune magic changed all that. I suddenly felt that I would be able to learn how to protect anyone close to me. Then an angel came to me with red hair, and she asked to be protected."

He smiled softly at her.

"Harry, I loved you since I was eleven years old. Maybe it was a crush, or not, but for sure I loved you. Now I am fifteen years old, and my heart is given to the man I love, and that is you. "She grabbed his hand and squeezed it.

Harry grabbed her hand tightly, brought it to his lips, and kissed them.

"Can we be boyfriend and girlfriend?" asked Ginny.

"I love to," Harry said.


A/N: The next chapter: The showdown on the Diagon Alley with the Death Eaters, Ministry, Order, and the duo-in-love with their soldiers
A/N: Beta reader for this chapter is damantaray
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