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Chapter 12

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Harry is emancipated at 16, and now he wants revenge. This is a grey!Harry and grey!Ginny

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A/N: This chapter we have the showdown at Diagon Alley with the Death Eaters, Ministry, Order, and the duo-in-love with their soldiers

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A/N: Scene of last chapter:


Dumbledore came back from the meeting with Minister Fudge and felt satisfied. At last, one thing went perfect, he thought. He knew that the current source of Potter's power came from Gringotts, and he thought that the Ministry would help him to take that source away.

He talked Fudge into creating a new law, which would forbid financial institutions like Gringotts to supply additional services, which were not financial to wizards. Like advising and arranging muggle freelancers to wizards, like providing and collecting intelligence, and advising on anything other than finance.

He also was able to convince Fudge to freeze and confiscate all vaults from the Potter boy. When Fudge heard about the riches of the Potters, he was more then interested. Both men knew that the Ministry was almost bankrupt, and they were desperately in need of funds. They had not enough money to pay the salaries of the employees for this month.

The only thing that was needed was getting the Potter boy out of the hole where he was hiding.


Harry was looking to the short note from Ba'ar. He requested their presence in the bank as fast as possible.

"Are you ready to go, Gin?"

"I am, but only after our study session, Harry." Ginny was dressed in jeans and a pink t-shirt, she wore easy flat shoes, and her hair was bound together with lace she found in one of the drawers.

She moved to the library and collected her books. She was studying her rune magic again. Ginny thought back on all the things that happened and she could not help to feel very pleased. She was going back to her bedroom at the Burrow for anything. She would now allow her mother to cage her in like a little bird.

She was with Harry now, and they had protection against those people like the Order and the Aurors. She was aware that things could go very wrong. Last time, the confrontation with the Order happened without killing people, but the next time they would not be so lucky. Her family was with the Order, and when there was a confrontation with the Order and the SEALs, it might be her family would be killed.

Ginny was wondering how she would feel if one of her brothers was killed because of the bullets from the SEALs? Would she kill one her brothers, when they tried to catch her? Would she be able to kill Bill or Charlie?

She did not know. Maybe she would let the SEALs protect her by killing an attacking brother who wanted to take her out of a fight, maybe not. She hoped that it would be not the case, but there was still a risk.

"Let's go, Harry, and see what Ba'ar has to say to us," Ginny said with a sight.

Harry smiled, but said nothing. He stood up from the table in the library and walked to the kitchen, where the Sergeant was eating. The Sergeant collected his people, and they left the house. They entered the cars and drove towards the Leaky Cauldron in London.

When they arrived, the stepped out of the cars... all around the twosome were SEALs ... and moved to the pub. They entered Diagon Alley some moments later and walked towards Gringotts. The distance was about eight hundred meters, and they were halfway when they heard the popping sounds of many persons apparating in.

"Death Eaters!" exclaimed Harry. "Kill on sight."

The SEALs started to fire their guns at the black robed wizards. Many of the Death Eaters went down immediately, but some of them managed to erect shields at the last moment, and the bullets bounced to the side. All the shoppers in Diagon Alley were looking for somewhere to hide, and the remaining Death Eaters were starting to fire spells back.

"Grenade launchers," the Sergeant yelled.

Two SEALs took Harry and Ginny and moved them towards the wall between the shops Flourish and Blotts and Eeylops. Harry and Ginny pressed their backs against the wall, and had their wands in their hands.

Explosions could be heard from the grenades exploding between the Death Eaters, and Harry saw two more Death Eaters going down. Five SEALs were firing from a Micro Uzi, which sprayed the Diagon Alley with hundreds of bullets a second. Those wizards who were able to use a shield were immediately torn down because of the wall of lead, which collapsed their shields.

Suddenly more pops could be heard. At least fifty Death Eaters, with Voldemort him self, apparated into the Alley some thirty meters away from the SEALs and Harry and Ginny.

"Hit that monster," screamed Ginny, pointing to Voldemort. Voldemort heard Ginny screaming, he grinned, and pointed his wand towards Ginny. He wanted to open his mouth, but he was hit by many bullets from the guns of the SEALs. Before he could recover, he was hit by three grenades and he exploded. The Death Eaters surrounding him were paralyzed ... they looked, horror stricken, at their leader and master, who went down because of muggles.

The SEALs did not loose time, and started to fire at the Death Eaters, who were soon following their master. The Sergeant who was standing next to Harry and Ginny started to move the twosome to the direction of Gringotts. Until now they were all lucky that they did not lose a single man, but that luck could not continue. He was right, because the current Death Eaters proved to be much better soldiers then the previous groups they had met.

The Death Eaters, who had lost half of their men and their leader, started to fight back. Death curses started to hit his men, and they had four men down.

"Grenade launchers and grenades," yelled the Sergeant. The Death Eaters were hit by many grenades, many of the Death Eaters went down, and the remaining Death Eaters started to spread. There was not much fire coming from the Death Eaters yet because they were positioning them selves, but that would not last long.

The SEALs, together with Harry and Ginny, ran to Gringotts, but they were welcomed by ten Aurors, who were blocking their path.

"Nobody enters Gringotts," the head Auror yelled to them. "And you are all under arrest," he continued to yell. He pointed his wand towards the SEALs. The SEALs immediately responded by emptying their weapons on the Aurors, who all went down immediately, except one Auror, who apparated away.

The group managed to reach Gringotts and entered the bank. Ba'ar welcomed the twosome and the SEALs, and the doors of Gringotts closed behind their backs. Harry heard grinding noises coming from the building and looked questionable to Ba'ar.

Ba'ar grinned. "We at Gringotts are sealing the building; so that nobody, who ever he or she is, is able to enter the building; Gringotts is in a lockdown."

Harry looked at the Goblin, amazed, and then he became aware of the entrance hall of Gringotts. There was no one there!

Ginny understood. No customer at Gringotts was something unique, and a lockdown of Gringotts means that nobody could enter Gringotts anymore. She suspected that Gringotts was choosing sides.

The group moved to Ba'ar's office and they sat down.

Ba'ar grinned again. "The Ministry had decided to confiscate the vaults of the families Gaunt, Lestrange, Malfoy, Pettigrew, Black, Wilkes, Bletchley, Urquhart, Vaisey, Flint, Warrington, Bulstrode, Crabbe, Goyle, Nott, Parkinson, Baddock and Potter. Their reason to confiscate those vaults was those families were suspected or convicted Death Eaters.

The problem for Gringotts was that the Ministry is not allowed to confiscate anything that is in the care of Gringotts, according the agreements that were created more then three hundred years ago.

For that reason, Gringotts decided to stop supplying any services to wizards, and to have a closedown of everything. We made an exception for the two of you."


Dumbledore and a hundred twenty Aurors were appearing in Diagon Alley, prepared for anything. They were alerted by a heavenly wounded Auror, who escaped the attack by Potter and his muggle soldiers. Dumbledore did not want to take any risk, so he collected all the Aurors the Ministry still had in service. Here they were, in Diagon Alley. What Dumbledore saw was the scene of a battle. Everywhere he saw the bodies of Death Eaters and Aurors, and many shops were burning.

The Aurors immediately spread out to search for survivors, and for possible threats. Dumbledore looked to the Gringotts building, and he was horrorstruck at what he saw. Gringotts showed their answer to the demands of the Ministry ... it shut down the building. Dumbledore knew what that meant; they would refuse to do any business with the Ministry and the citizens.

Dumbledore's attention was drawn by the shouting of excited Aurors further down the alley. He walked fast to the Aurors. What he saw constricted his heart. There were many bodies lying on the street. All of the bodies were from Death Eaters. There was one body which attracted the attention of the Aurors. It was the body of Voldemort ... or better ... what was left from him.

A huge weight had lifted from Dumbledore's shoulders. Voldemort was dead. The threat of the approaching evil was taken away. Dumbledore smiled sadly. He realized that the Prophecy was full filled ... the power that the Dark Lord did not know ... muggle bullets.

"Dumbledore, what happened here," Fudge drawled behind him.

"It seemed that Harry Potter managed to kill Voldemort here, and is hiding in the bank," Dumbledore said slowly. He turned to the Minister. Voldemort is dead, together with many of his senior Death Eaters. All of that is the work of Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley and their muggle soldiers," he said.

Fudge looked at the body of Voldemort and all the Death Eaters surrounding him in horror.

"But I don't understand. Potter broke the law, and he must be arrested by the Ministry and convicted to crimes against the magical world," Fudge said. "If Potter is not coming out of the bank, we will attack it," screamed Fudge.

Dumbledore shook sadly his head. "It is impossible to get Gringotts out of their shutdown," he said sadly. "And if I were you, cool down; otherwise you will destroy what is left over from this magical world you like to defend."

"I am the Minister here, not you," screamed Fudge. Dumbledore laughed shortly and apparated away.


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