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I Knew Love

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I knew love...all because of you... A RikuSora poem.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts.


I wasn't really sure...

When it first happened...

I didn't know love...

What it was like.

What it felt like.

I thought it was...

all in my head.

This warmth in my chest,

this stirring in my stomach...

Is this what love is?

If it is...

Then I've known love

almost as long as you.

I thought you were

too good to be true.

A best friend until the end,

a rival for all the days

we raced each other in the sand.

All the little things mattered,

they mattered to me.

There was a reason

for wanting to be better than you.

I wanted to be admired,

just by you.

You supplied all of the attention,

every single drop from you.


So why is it...

Why couldn't I tell you?

I had so many chances...

So many times I hugged you...

as a friend...

Was it rejection I feared?

Or was it fear...

that you might disappear?

Leaving me with

a black depressing sky...

That was once

as bright as your eyes.

Then it happened.

I wanted to prove

that I really loved you.

If I saved her,

your beloved friend,

would you be convinced?

Or will I just fade away...

into the background

and become nothing again?


Do you see me Sora?

Do you like me Sora?

Do you trust me Sora?

Do me...?

Like I do you.

Or am I wrong...

Didn't love steer me right?

I knew love Sora.

I knew you Sora.

I knew...

I loved you Sora...
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