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You Said We're Not Celebrities

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Pinch my arm, she must be dreaming, like Tara I guess you've never gone round to your friends house and had someone you basically stalk in the same room as you and neither have you ever been hurt s...

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But the mystery of who is who should be answered now!
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'Oh My God, pinch me, I must be dreaming, no way is that who I think it is, no way, this another one of Jasmines tricks, she knows, oh my god, what do I say!'

Were just a few things running through my head, I mean wouldn't you if you had Gerard Way in the same room as you?
"Hey" I managed to say, I have to say, I wasn't really expecting him to be that friendly, but there you go.
My attention was entirely on him, I didn't care about Jasmine and Mikey in the corner; they could go set themselves alight for all could care, and sometimes I wish Mikey would.
We both glanced over at the two lovebirds in the corner, I felt like being sick, could they not breath?
"Want to go somewhere else?" he asked and I nodded so we made our way into the kitchen.
This was WAY too weird!
Sitting down at the table, there was a awkward silence in the air.
"So, your Tara then?" he said and I nodded.
"No need to guess who you are" I said and smiled.
"Hope not, Mikey dragged me here to help plan the wedding" he said and rolled his eyes.
"Same here, Jasmine would of killed me if I hadn't said congratulations" I said and we laughed.
Strange isn't it, you hardly know someone and there you are talking to them and you feel like you've known them all your life to add more I was surprised how easy he was to talk to.
He was just like a normal person, I have to admit, I expected him to be, how should I say, maybe a little 'I-Haven't-Got-Time-For-This' type attitude, but no he wasn't anything of the sort.
"So, do you sing or anything?" he asked me after around what felt like hours of talking about each other.
I shrugged, "Attempted to play guitar, sounded like a cat being stepped on" I said.
Remember, Me + Any musical instrument = a horrible unknown noise.
He laughed, "That's what I sound like to, no matter how much Mikey tries to teach me" he said and I remembered and it dawned that Mikey was Gerard's brother, oh great.
I think he noticed something had changed in the air as the next thing he said sorta surprised me.
"You don't like Mikey do you?"
How the hell did he work that one out?
I stared at him, "How did you guess?" I asked rather amazed.
He shrugged, "He's told me stories, I would say he's not fond of you either" he said in a know-it-all fashion.
"Yeah, I can't say were the best of friends" I admitted rather embarrassed.
I then jumped a little when I heard someone speak behind us, Mikey.
"Brian called, we've got to go for a photo shoot" he said and gave me a quick glare before walked out.
Gerard sighed, "I'll see you again sometime, here's my number" he said and handed me a scrap of paper, a warm feeling rushed through me.
I smiled "Thanks, good luck with the shoot" I said, we hugged and departed.
Him and Mikey walked out the door leaving me and a beaming Jasmine standing in the kitchen.
"Well?" she said and smirked.


That had been around a month ago, wow, I've never forgotten it either, one tiny little thing though, I've never rung him.
In all honestly I haven't seen Mikey since either, with them being on tour and Jasmine gone with them.
I think that day changed my life, I hadn't been drunk for a few days after, but again I'm back to my old ways, ugh.
Will I ever learn?
So here I am in my living room, watching the TV, the program is about some random crap, phone next to me, feeling thoroughly down after being rejected for a job the fourth time this week!
"It's not fair!" I said aloud and buried my head in my hands and began to cry, no matter how hard I try, nothing seems to get better and only seems to get worse, if that is even more possible.
I'm cursed.
I then heard my phone ringing, no doubt someone else rejecting me for a job!
The number I don't recognize, but answer it anyway.
"Hi, is this Tara?" the voice on the other line asks.
"Yeah, it is, who are you?" I replied getting straight to the point tears still flowing down my pale face.
"It's Gerard, remember me?" they said.
I think I just died and was born again.
"Gerard! How could I forget! How did you get my number?" I asked forgetting that I had been crying moments earlier, all my troubles seemed to of gone.
"Jasmine gave it to me, saying you could do with someone to talk to" he said.
Saint Jasmine, that was her new name.
"Yeah, she's right there, sorry I didn't call, I guess I was just nervous" I said and I heard a slightly laugh.
"She said so, look, I'll call later, we've gotta go on stage soon" he said.
"Oh ok, bye" I said.
"See ya" he said and hung up.
I dropped my phone, shocked, but happy.

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