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Chapter 2

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Written for my Light. (I finished sooner than I thought I would!)

Category: Fantasy - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Published: 2006-12-17 - Updated: 2006-12-17 - 253 words

She sighed and made her way to the elevator, happy to be safely inside her office building. She pressed the button for the fifteenth floor and watched the elevator doors slide shut.

The smell of wet hair, wet fabric, and wet leather coats filled the enclosed space immediately as it began to rise. Without even realizing it, she started wondering what that girl's hair and clothing would smell like wet with rain.

The thought quickly turned impure, only ending when the elevator chimed and the doors opened to the fifteenth floor. Her cheeks flushed bright pink as she realized what she had just been daydreaming about. Quickly, she scrambled out of the elevator and to her cubical. Throwing herself into her swivel chair, she covered her face in her hands.

She wanted to turn invisible. She'd been thinking it so loudly, she was sure people on the elevator could tell what had been going on in her mind.

After a few attempts, she managed to compose herself. Work went on as usual, not a single thing differing from any other work day. Not a thing, except her constantly questioning herself over what had caused her to fantasize about a girl she had never even met.

Near the end of the work day she even dared to wonder if the girl had even noticed her. She sighed while thinking what to her was the most likely answer. After placing a large pile of folders on her boss's desk, she headed back to her cubical.
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