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Seven - A Certain Discovery

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Mikey walked downstairs to find his brother and Frank strewn across the floor, like dead bodies on a battlefield. He must have seen over 20 cigarette packages scattered about the Lounge floor, as well as dozens of beer bottles. Mikey tutted to himself. This was what his brother and his best friend did every friday night - get absolutely wrecked off their faces for no point whatsoever. He stepped over Frank and stood, towering over Gerard, his face masked by his long, black, almost greasy hair. Gerard's shirt was stained with beer and his trousers were halfway down his legs, revealling a peek at his pale backside before his dark boxer shorts swallowed the rest of his modesty up. Mikey shuddered; Gerard's ass was repulsive. He gave his brother a light kick in side, hoping that he'd get up and go to bed before their Mom came home from work.

"Gerard," Mikey said, half whispering, half talking. "Oi, Gerard, get up you puff." Gerard stirred, his leg moving an inch off the ground. He made a grunting noise and tried to roll over, failing miserably. Mikey sighed. He knew Gerard wasn't going to get up, let alone clean up.

"C'mon, Gee, Mom's gonna be mad if she finds out you've been drinking," he said, bending over, trying to find his brothers dark eyes amongst the waterfall of dark hair. Mikey looked over at Frank, who held a cigarette in his hand, half finished.

"God Frank, it's gonna burn your hand damnit," he said as he picked it up out of Frank's nail bitten fingers. Frank stirred and took in a deep breath, curling up into the fetal position. Mikey tried to pick up all of the bottles of beer, but found it extremely difficult with a lit cigarette in his hand. He decided to put it in his mouth, but not smoke it, to free up his right hand. This helped, and he managed to pick up all the bottles and place them in a bin bag, hiding them under the couch. He coughed, and took the cigarette out of his mouth. However, he heard the sound of keys in the door and his heart leapt. He knew it was his mother, Donna. If she caught him, he would be in serious trouble; but there was nothing he could do. There were no ashtrays, and he couldn't shove the cigarette into a beer bottle.

He saw his mothers slim figure slide in through the front door way. She put her head around the door, and on seeing the scene laid infront of her, her eyes widened and she gasped in shock.

"MIKEY!" She yelled, running over to her youngest son. "Get that filth out of your mouth," she cried, pulling the cigarette out of his mouth. Mikey's stomach turned, he knew he was in deep trouble.

Donna's eyes swallowed up the image of her youngest son with a cigarette in her mouth and her eldest son lying on the floor, passed out with his butt hanging out of his pants. She gulped and took in a deep breath before turning her back and walking away. She walked out of the hall and into the kitchen where she slammed her keys and purse on the table creating a terrible racket.

Mikey took the cigarette out of his mouth and walked over to Gerard, kicking him in the side. His eyes were full of malcontent and he clenched his left fist in anger.

"Get UP Gerard for fuck's sake," he screamed, spit flying everywhere. Gerard stirred and rolled over, revealing his face. His eyes slowly opened like an old trap door and his lips moved together.

"Urgh," Gerard said, his voice cleary unstable and croaky. "What do you want?"

"I've just had to clean up after you and mom found me smoking this," he replied, shoving the lit cigarette in Gerard's face. Some ash fell off and crumbled neatly onto Gerard's shirt. Gerard felt disturbed and drowsy, but he sat up and snatched the cigarette off Mikey, inhaling it deeply, as if he were thinking. He blew the smoke out of his mouth, watching it curl upwards and around Mikey, like a salacious snake.

"Well, yeah, um, whatever, sorry?" Gerard replied, his speech slurred.

Mikey tutted and rolled his eyes and hurridly stormed into the kitchen, staring his mother in the face. He noticed she was crying. Black ran down her face, like a river of pestillence, which made her electric blue eyes fascinating. She sniffed, and upon Mikey's arrival, she quickly dabbed her eyes.

"Mom?" Mikey asked, extremely concerned. He put his arm around her shoulders, rubbing her back.

"Mikey?" She replied, her voice corroded by tears and sadness. She took a deep breath, closing her eyes. Her head felt heavy, as if she held the weight of a thousand condemned men within her lucious dark hair.

"Mom?" Mikey said again. Gerard walked through the door, leaning on the frame clumsily with the cigarette still in his hand. Donna looked at him and felt nausious.

"Its," she choked on tears, "It's Grandma - she's dead."

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