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Eight - Eulogy

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urghh! this was so sad to write, i nearly cried!
i hope you like it, i think it's one of my favorite chapters.

The sink, which was of the purest white was smothered by the deep, thick, irregular dripping of blood. He staggered backwards, his head thumping against the wall which caused him to slide, passively down the wall. His head collapsed into his knees and he began to sob. He felt faint and dizzy, but his thoughts will still strong and clear in his mind. No one could take her away from him, and if they did, they'd pay - he would have his revenge.

He lifted his head up and cradled his arm like a newborn child. It was dripping with blood, leaving a shiny puddle on the linoleum floor. He sighed, tears rolling down his pale cheeks.

"Gerard?" A voice said calmily as it knocked on the door. "Gerard, come out?" It pleaded.

Gerard gulped and closed his eyes. He wasn't going to come out, no matter how hard Frank knocked on the bathroom door.

There was a pause, and Gerard looked up at the sink. He saw the his blood drip down the basin, trickling it's way slowly to the floor. He felt damned and sick. His Grandmother was the one and only person in his life who made him smile. What would he do now she was gone? How would he say goodbye to her? He hated goodbyes, and on thinking about saying goodbye he pushed his leg into the glass of the shower, causing it to smash into a thounsand tiny pieces. He felt a release of anger, and he also had an excuse for the lacerations on his arm.

"WHAT THE FUCK GERARD?" Frank screamed as he banged on the door frantically. Gerard turned his head to face the door, and choking back his tears he explained to Frank that he had accidently smashed the shower door.

"Bullshit," Frank replied, rolling his eyes. He knew Gerard all to well. He was worried about him. He loved his bestfriend and wanted to support him in his time of need. However, if Gerard wasn't willing to be supported, Frank couldn't do anything.

"Gerard?" Frank asked sympathetically. "Gerard, you obviously don't want to talk to me, but I'm here for you. I'll see you tomorrow, and don't worry about anything - she loved you more than anything." He felt slightly saddened, as he didn't know what it was like to lose someone close.

He left Gerard's house and started walking towards the lake where he could sit and stare at the stars. It was night time and the day before Elena's funeral, Gerard & Mikey's late Grandmother. He didn't really like funerals, they conjured up this fatal awareness of death and how short life really was. Frank remembered the last funeral he went to. It was his Aunt's funeral and he hated it - after all if you're still very young, it's hard to grasp the fact that someone you know and love is never going to come back.


The rain poured down incessantly during the car journey to the Church. Frank wore his black suit, the one he wore during his 'interview' with Principle Jones, and he had also decided to wear alot of dark eye make up. He was slightly nervous - what if he said the wrong things to Gerard or Mikey? It was cold and the sky was a dreadful grey color - there were no birds in the sky and the sun hid behind a grizzly cloud which Frank decided looked like a broken heart.

The car pulled up outside the Church, and Frank saw two men standing outside in the rain, with umbrellas up. He took and deep breath to quell his nerves and got out of the car. Linda was with him, and she was also dressed in a black; a long dress with a small black hat on. She shut her door and locked the car, walking over to Frank and placing her arm around him.

"It'll be okay sweetie, remember, you're here to support Gerard and Mikey. Elena would be very touched, Frankie," said said comforting him and kissing his forehead. Frank's heart began to race faster as Linda and he walked up the giant, rain-stained steps and into the Church. One of the two men passed Linda a pamphlet which read, 'ELENA LEE RUSH - RIP', with a picture of Elena sat in her garden amongst the roses. She held rosary beads in her hands and she wore a red rose in her hair.

Frank and Linda took their seats. Frank looked around and spotted Donna and her sister, their arms around each other. He saw alot of people he didn't know, including a girl with long black hair and an extremely pale complextion. She was sat next to an old woman, who held the pamphlet in her hands, staring blankly at it. Suddenly, everyone stood up as the Pianist began to play the Funeral March. Frank turned his head round, so he could see what was happening. The coffin was being carried by six men, two of whom were Gerard and Mikey.

Mikey was dressed in black, and he had put his dark rimmed glasses on, which were slowly filling up with salty tears. He walked at a steady pace, but he was obviously unstable from emotion. Gerard looked dead, ironically. His hair was neatly combed, but he was very pale and he had applied eyeliner which emphasised his red eyes. He was holding the front of the Coffin, and his hands were gripping deathly tight to the coffin.

The Coffin was black with silver fixtures on it. It was very spectacular. Frank's stomach turned as he saw his two friends walking down the aisle, supporting their dead Grandma's Coffin.

The congregation sat down as the pallbearers placed Elena's body onto the raised platform at the front of the Church. The Priest got up and said a few words. Frank wasn't really listening, he was too busy worrying about Gerard, Mikey and death. What if he died? He would just be lying there in that coffin. What if his mother died? He would be taking the roll of the pallbearer. He swallowed heavily, his eyes watering. He noticed Gerard, at the front of the Church, get up, holding a white sheet of paper. He slowly walked towards the Pulpit, his hands shaking. He cleared his throat.

"I'd like to start off by saying thank you to everyone for coming, and showing how much you all loved my Grandmother." His voice was very shaky, but he was doing a grand job in masking the sadness and tears. "Elena Lee Rush was not only my Grandmother, but an amazingly wonderful woman. Words cannot describe how beautiful she was, both inside and out." He paused, sniffing, trying to hold back the tears which were now starting to roll down his cheeks. "She taught me the most important lesson in life, and that was to love; to love and never expect anything back in return." He wiped his nose with his sleeve and looked out into the crowd. He could see faces, but they were consumed within a massive cloud of black, which only made him feel more desparate; searching for his Grandmother's face - but he couldn't find it. She was dead. "I can see her now, sitting in her rose garden. She loved roses," he laughed, "she'll be in heaven now, looking down on us all, complaining that we're making a fuss!" The tears were cascading down his face, splashing onto the pieces of paper. Wails could be heard from the congregation, as Donna collapsed into her sister with sheer remorse. Gerard gracefully walked from the Pulpit and stood by Elena's coffin. He held a red rose, in full bloom. He placed it on her coffin and bent down, kissing the lid. "So long and good night, Grandma, so long and good night."

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