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Nine - Aftermath of the Eulogy

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chapter 9 of the series :)
i feel that the story is BEGINING to unfold, so keep on reading :]

The Funeral ended after Gerard's extremely emotional eulogy, Elena's Coffin was taken to the Graveyard to be burried. Frank didn't go and watch this, as it was family only, but Linda and he went to the Church Hall where the Way's had made a special lunch in celebration of Elena.

The atmosphere was very dreary, as everyone was upset. There were alot of people there that Frank didn't know - he asumed they were from Gerard's family or some of Elena's friends. Gerard, Mikey, Donna and her sister walked in and the room went silent. No one really knew what to say, after all, it's hard to comfort someone if they've suffered a bereavment. Donna looked around the room with cloudy, tear-stained eyes.

"Hey," she said, forcing a smile, "thanks for coming, please, do help yourselves to food and stuff." She put her hand on Mikey's shoulder and lead him to a group of people who had their arms outstretched. The all hugged each other, and expressed sad, sympathetic looks.

Frank looked at Gerard who had sat down in a corner, staring into an ashtray. He wanted to go over and say something to him; he despised seeing Gerard like this.

"Mom," Frank said turning to Linda. "I'm gonna go and talk to Gerard."

"Okay hunny, tell him I send my love," she replied, smiling gracefully.

Frank walked over to Gerard and looked him in the eye. Gerard raised his head and revealed his bloodshot eyes. They looked painful.

"That speech was beautiful," he said to Gerard, itching his head. It felt uncomfortable, and he didn't know what to say.

"Thanks," Gerard replied, looking back down at the ashtray. "It was awful saying goodbye," he added, rubbing his eyes.

"Yeah, I guessed." Frank said awkwardly. He looked at the chair which was by him and sat down, holding his left hand in his right. An old woman approached and put her hand on Gerard's shoulder.

"Gerard, dear." She said. Frank looked up and noticed that it was the old woman who was staring blankly at the pamphlet. Gerard looked up at her and stood up.

"Anna," he said as he embraced her. "Thank you for coming," he said, sniffing. He let go of her and looked at the person standing by Anna. He walked over to her and also hugged her, and she hugged him back.

"Amber, thanks for coming. How have you been?" He asked, stepping back and breathing deeply, trying not to cry.

The girl smiled, showing her condolences for Gerard. When she smiled, Gerard's face lit up.

"Good, thank you. How are you coping?" She asked, putting her arm on his shoulder. He placed his opposing hand on top of it.

"I'll be okay," he said, reassuring her. He smiled slightly and looked her in the eye. Anna, the Old Woman smiled and pointed at Donna, and walked over to her, hugging her as she did with Gerard. Amber pulled back and looked unconvinced.

"Gerard," she said in an unsatisfied tone. "You're not okay, are you?"

Frank looked up, feelings slightly uncomfortable. He didn't know who this strange girl was; he certainly didn't know how Gerard knew her, and why they seemed so friendly. Gerard sighed, and deep inside wished that his Grandmother was there to make everything better.

"No," he said, looking down at the floor. "I'm not okay, but I'll have to move on. She wouldn't want me upset over it - she's gone to a better place." Amber smiled and stroked a strand of her long, black hair.

"Yeah, you're right. She'd want you to be happy and carry on being your brilliant, cheerful self!" she laughed.

Frank disgareed.

"Cheerful?!" He spat, smiling. He KNEW Gerard wasn't always a depressive kid, but he most certainly knew that Gerard wasn't the most cheerful of people. Gerard turned to look at Frank, and smiled. Frank was glad he did, as Gerard didn't look so upset.

"Shut up, Frank!" He laughed lightly. There was a pause as Frank and Amber didn't quite know what to say. "Erm, Amber, this is my best buddy, Frank." Amber nodded and Frank and smiled at him, angelically. "Frankie, this is Amber Nestor. She's, well, she was Grandma's next-door neighbour. We used to play together when I stayed at Grandma's." Frank smiled and Amber giggled.

"Man, we had some awesome times," she laughed. Gerard's face lit up as he started to recall the events in his head. He remembered, when they were around 13, Gerard took Amber to the Aquarium only to find out she was scared of fish.

"Yeah," she replied. "Yeah, we did."

Gerard asked her if she would like to sit down, and she agreed. Frank shuffled his chair over, so he didn't squish her with his clumsy, half tattooed arms. He stared at the ashtray, but tried to look at her from the corner of his eye without being obvious. He liked the way she had her hair - with a sort of side fringe. He liked her almost white complexion, and her dark eye make up. He liked the dress she was wearing, and how it puffed out into a ballerina-like skirt. He liked the fact the only color which stood out from her black outfit was her porcelain skin and her bright red lips.

"How's Mikey doing?" Amber asked Gerard, playing with the silver ring on her index finger.

"He's, well, he's coping. He doesn't really want to show his emotions. I think he's feeling guilty and stuff."

"Awr, poor Mikey. I remember the time when he didn't want to eat any ice cream because he felt guilty because he was 'killing' it!" she laughed. Gerard smiled and so did Frank.

"Yeah," Frank replied, "he is a freak like that!" There was a pause, and Frank traced the outline of one of his tattoos on his arm.

"So, Gerard," she asked. "When are you coming to the house next? Grandma's given me the key, and if you want, I can help you sort out some stuff?" Gerard's face dropped again, and Amber felt a bit stupid for mentioning it during this critical period of premature grief.

"Erm, well, I'm probably going to go round on Wednesday, if that suits you?"

Gerard was going to go round to his Grandma's house to clear some of her stuff. He wanted to keep the things she treasured, especially the old picture of Elena in her rose garden which was on the front of her funeral pamphlet. He didn't really want to clear things out, as he knew it would be the first step he would take in coming to terms with the gut-wrenching fact that Elena was dead. It made him shudder inside.

"Yes, ofcourse," she replied. "Just knock on my door and I'll come round."

After that was agreed, Amber and Gerard talked for a while about life as children, with the occasional comment from Frank. Amber left around an hour later, kissing Gerard on the forehead and shaking Frank's hand. He noticed that her's was incredibley cold, but he just put that down to the awful weather outside.

Gerard and Frank talked for a while, too, until Linda came and collected Frank. However, on the drive home, Frank kept replaying that image in his head; the white skin and the red lips.


Hope you liked it :]
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