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Ten - House

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chapter 10! i hope the story is starting to unfold for you guys.
cheers for all the reviews, you're really helpful!
christmas soon - yay!


"BITE MY LIP AND CLOOOSE MY EYEEEES, MM MM SOMETHING MMM PARADISE MMM OOOOH!" Frank yelled as he danced like a squirel pepped up on pills. He was dancing in Gerard's room holding a hairbrush whilst Gerard was sat at his desk drawing cartoons, as per usual.

"Frank!" Gerard laughed, turning around and throwing a rubber at him. "Would you cut it out? You sound completely wasted!"

"Soooo-rrrry!" Frank yelled, jumping off Gerard's bed whilst smoking a cigarette. He sat on the floor and picked up a photo album which contained pictures of Gerard and Mikey when they were younger. He started to flick through, looking at pictures of Gerard in a Peter Pan outfit and Mikey dressed up as Broccoli. He then came across the picture of Gerard and a little girl sitting on a seesaw in a garden which didn't seem farmilliar. He instantly knew who it was; he couldn't forget those cherry lips and white complexion.

Frank looked at the picture for a while, tilting his head so he could see it from all angles. Gerard looked very cheeky with his rosy cheeks and cute sneakers on, whereas the girl looked the same. She still had jet black hair and very white skin - but she wasn't dressed in black. She had a deep red dress on, reminding Frank of Mortica Adams. In her hand she held a teddy bear which looked like Snuggles, Gerard's bear he always had on his bed.

"OI!" Gerard shouted. Frank jumped, as if he were awoken from a nightmare and he looked at Gerard. "Why the scared face?!"

Frank wet his lips and shut the photo album, causing it to slam.

"NOTHINGGG!" He replied, trying not to smile. He paused, and tried to change the conversation by asking Gerard what he was doing.

"I'm drawing the Breakfast Monkey, obviously!" he replied, lifting up his sketches to show Frank.

"Ooh, pretty damn snazzy!" Frank said, winking at the sheets of paper.

The two boys laughed and messed around for a while, playing on Gerard's guitar and drawing stupid pictures of random crap. However, they both knew they had an important appointment that afternoon - to help clear out some of Elena's things. Gerard was starting to get over the fact his Grandma had passed away, but his wounds were only just healing. He wondered if going back to her house would upset him. Would the nostaligia serve as the salt for his wounds?


"Are you sure you'll be okay, Gee?" Frank asked Gerard as they walked up the pathway which belonged to 9027 Maple Avenue.

"Yeah, I'll be okay," Gerard replied, taking a deep breath whilst knocking the door knob of the house. A few seconds later, the door opened and the Old Woman, Anna, answered.

"Oh, hello boys," she said warmly. "Hold on a second, I'll just call Amber. She's been making Pumpkin Pie. AMBER?" she shouted.

Gerard smiled and Frank stood slightly behind him, his hands in his pockets - he looked like Dennis the Menace!

"Coming, Gran!" A voiced shouted from the kitchen. Amber came out, wearing a red skirt with black tights and a black jumper, her long black hair falling, like a waterfall, down her back.. She smiled pleasantly at Gerard, and then at Frank before Anna handed her the key and kissed her on the crown. "I hope you'll be okay, Gerard," she said to him, before leading the two guys down the path and across the street.

The house was now in full view. Gerard's heart leapt as he remember all the fond memories which were created there. It looked so empty, as there was no car in the drive, and the cat wasn't sitting in the window waiting for him to arrive. He looked up at the windows, which were covered in Ivy. The house was a blackish brown color, and the windows were crystal clear as if they had been cleaned.

Amber put the key in the lock and opened the door. The smell of lemons filled their noses as they stepped into the house. Frank's eyes studied the huge hall, and he walked over to the dresser where a photo of Donna and her sister as children stood. He felt sort of sorry for them - he didn't want to become an adult, ever. Meanwhile, Gerard's world seemed to slow down. He saw everything in slow motion, as he couldn't grasp what was happening.

"Urgh," he said, nearly falling over, having to grab the banister to sustain his posture. Amber and Frank sharply looked over to him, offering their hands in support.

"You okay, Gee?" Frank asked him, putting his hand on his back. "Do you need some water?"

Gerard shook his head and closed his eyes.

"I'm..I'm just taken aback, you know? I'm gonna go upstairs okay?" he said as he opened his eyes and breathed out. "Do you mind if I go by myself?"

Amber looked up at Frank but sharply looked down. She didn't really know Frank and wasn't sure whether she was comfortable being alone with him. BUT, she thought, she had to respect Gerard's feelings, afterall, he was the one who had suffered the bereavement.

"Sure, go ahead," Frank and Amber agreed. They watched him go up the stairs and turn the corner. There was a pregnant pause for a few moments until Frank started to talk.

"I hope he'll be okay," he ran his fingers through his hair. "I don't like seeing him all emotional and stuff."

"I know. I've known him for a while and he's never been so deeply affected; but he's Gerard, he'll pull through." She replied. Frank smiled and laughed sweetly. Amber moved towards the stairs and sat on the second stair up, intertwining her arms with the banister. Frank put his hands around the post at the end of the banister and started to swing.

"How long have you known him?" Frank asked her, looking at her feet.

"Since we were six," she replied. They were both too shy to look into each other's eyes. She smiled as she tilted her head, causing her long, silky black hair to sweep across her face, revealing her striking cheekbones. "Our Gran's lived opposite each other and we used to play in the street sometimes." She paused. "How long have you known him?"

Frank smiled.

"I can't remember, a long time. We play music together and just hang out - he's like my best friend." Amber smiled and raised her eyes to Frank's torso. She felt funny, something she'd never felt before. She shook her head, telling herself that she was getting emotional from nostalgia.

"I saw a picture of you and Gerard. You were on a seesaw and I think you were, well, at least I think it was you, you were holding a teddy bear, well, not a teddy bear, but I mean, a thing, you know, what are they called?" he blushed with embarrassment..

Amber smiled and giggled innocently at Frank's confusion and shyness. She looked him in the eye, and he looked at her in the eye. Their eyes were focused on each other, but Amber quickly removed her glance, staring at the carpet on the stair.

"Snuggles?!" she laughed and smiled, shyly. Frank did the same too, but he started to fiddle with the cord on his hoody. There was a silence for a few moments until a scream shattered the peace and quiet.


WHO screamed, and WHY?
i supposed you'll have to read the next installment to find out!
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