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Eleven - Cocoa

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everyone excited about christmas?
hope you like this chapter...


Amber and Frank looked at each other with frightened expressions on their faces. Amber got up from the step and ran up the stairs and into the room ahead of her, with Frank not far behind. In front of them stood Gerard, cigarette hanging clumsily from his mouth, cradling his hand.

"Fucking thing," he said, sounding like Clint Eastwood.

"What the fuck happened?" Frank asked him whilst walking over and looking at his hand, which was dripping with blood. Amber looked shocked, and she felt faint at the sight of blood.

"I picked up this piece of shit and it cut me," Gerard said, pointing to an old mirror, which was lying, smashed on the mahogany dresser. Gerard frowned and looked at Frank. "Did I scare you or something?" he asked, taking a drag of his cigarette.

Amber looked at Frank and vice versa.

"Of course you scared us! We thought you'd fallen out a window!" she replied, walking over to him. She looked at his cut, and saw an old handkerchief lying on the dresser. She picked it up and gently wrapped it around his arm. He flinched in pain, screwing up his eyes. Frank's toes curled as he suspiciously became jealous of Amber's treatment of Gerard - why should she fuss over Gerard and not him? He could feel his top teeth crushing down on his bottom, and he barged forward and interrupted the dressing of Gerard's wound, slightly pushing Amber, who looked hurt, away.

"You're doing it all wrong," he protested, his eyes firmly concentrated on Gerard's hands.

"Frank," Gerard firmly said, "why did you have to go and do that?" He looked over at Amber who had put her hands behind her back, and looked at the floor. Frank felt a little ashamed of his actions - he didn't mean to be rude, it was a spontaneous action, he wouldn't normally treat a girl like that.

"Erm," Amber shyly said, her eyes wondering frantically around the room. "I'm gonna go, erm....Bye," she continued as she turned out of the room and rushed down the stairs, slamming the giant oak door behind her. Gerard sighed as he snatched his arm back.

"Urgh, see what you've done?" he cussed.

"Look, I'm sorry, but," Frank was trying to think of an alibi, "it looked as if she were hurting you, you looked in pain."

Gerard rolled his eyes and tutted, sarcastically.

"Frank, d'ya think that maybe I looked in pain because I'd cut my fucking hand?" he sighed and moved towards the window, looking out onto the slightly snow-capped ground. "Plus, she's a friend, Frank. Why would a friend hurt another? It's a stupid suggestion."

Frank didn't like Gerard talking down to him like this. He turned to Gerard, stuck his middle finger up at Gerard and stormed out of the house, his fists clenched in rage, muttering to himself, 'Fuck you, Gerard you whore. Go fuck yourself, you fuckass.'

Gerard was shocked at Frank's reaction. Why had he run off like that? He tried to recall a moment that mirrored the event, with little success. Frank and Gerard didn't fight or have arguments or uncomfortable moments. Sure, they had slight disagreements, as that was perfectly normal for any friendship but nothing like what just happened.

He looked at the shattered pieces of glass and a tear rolled down his pale cheek. He was pissed off. Ontop of the tragic death of his Grandmother, he was having to clear precious memories from a house he cherished with his heart, deal with his best friend's fould mood and also face the fact he was starting to feel something unusual and strange in the depths of his heart.


'Breathe,' Frank told himself as he stood underneath the front porch. It wasn't going to be hard, it was just going to awkward for a while. It was his own fault and he shouldn't have....

"Frank?" Amber asked, puzzled as she saw him standing in the freezing cold on her doorstep. He was wearing tight black jeans with a rip in the knee and a black hoodie with white skulls on it. His hair was swept across his face, which revealed a tattoo which Amber had never seen before, a Scorpion.

"Erm. Hey," he replied, trying to smile. He was slightly put off by her puzzled expression, but he looked at her. She had changed and wore a grey and white dress, which was in a corset style. Her long black hair was kept off her face by a red Alice band, which emphasised her bone structure.

"Hi," she said, smiling slightly with excitement. However, she tried to hide her emotion with a cough, looking slightly pissed off after she regained her position.

"I just wanted to apologise," he said, "may I come in?" He asked, nervously, staring at her feet.

"Sure, okay," she replied, opening the door further, revealing her house. It was warm inside, and Frank looked at the photos of Amber and another girl on the wall. "Would you like to come and sit down?" she asked. "I'll fetch you a mug of cocoa?"

Frank smiled and nodded to her. He could get used to being waited on. Mmm, cocoa! He sat on the milky white couch, looking into the roaring fire in front of him. Above the fire was the fireplace, again with various photos stood in line on top of it. Firstly, there was a photo of Anna in her younger days, with two young children. Frank assumed one of them would be Amber's mother or father.

Next, there was a picture of two middle aged people, a man and a woman. The woman bared a striking resemblance to Amber, and Frank knew it was her mother. The father looked like some kind of Johnny Depp character. He had shoulder length wavy dark hair and blue eyes. His arms were wrapped around the young woman, and they looked happy.

The third photograph was of two young girls, both in blue and white checked dresses. The younger girl, who looked around 3, was holding onto the older girl's hand, her face beaming. She had snow-blonde hair which hung around her waist, waved like her fathers. The older girl, who looked around 7, was Amber. It was obvious to Frank; those cherry lips, that pale skin and the long black hair was recognisable anywhere.

Frank jumped as Amber walked in, holding two mugs of cocoa. She smiled at him as she placed the mugs down on the small coffee table, and joined him on the couch.

"So, you were saying...."

"Right," he continued, "I wanted to apologise for being such a pig to you earlier. I mean, Gerard's my best friend, and I'm sort of protective over him and his face was full of agony when you were dressing his wound and I couldn't stand it. I'm sorry, it wasn't your fault, I'm just protective, I thought you were hurting him but I know you weren't." He paused for air, "I'm just really sorry."

Amber smiled softly and looked at Frank, in the eyes.

"It's okay, I understand," she replied, taking a sip of cocoa. "It was really nice of you to be so thoughtful," she added. Frank picked up his mug and smiled to himself - she thought he was thoughtful!

"I wouldn't say thoughtful!" he joked. "So, we didn't finish off our conversation. You and Gerard used to hang out?"

"Yup, we were the best of friends until my sister died. I kinda," she paused and sniffed. "I couldn't really see him for a long time. I knew my life wouldn't be perfect like it was back then. We kinda lost touch," she continued. "But, when my parents died a few months ago, I had to move here and well, he got back in touch with me. Our Grandma's were close."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Frank said, staring into his cocoa.

"It's okay," she replied, smiling at the fire. "That's a picture of my sister and I," she said, pointing to the photograph of the girls in the checked dresses.

"Very pretty," Frank said, looking up.

"You think so?" She giggled, timidly. "You're the first boy that's ever said that. Everyone thinks I am freak," she sadly, but calmly said. She discretely moved closer towards him.

"Yeah," he added, smiling. He noticed her shuffling towards him, and he felt butterflies in his stomach. Maybe he liked her? Maybe she liked him?

Amber felt the same way. Looking at Frank gave her butterflies and made her heart race. She could smell his aftershave mixed with cigarettes - it filled her nostrils leaving her begging for more. She started to run her index finger along the rim of her mug, tilting her head, so that she was up close to Frank's knee. He moved his head down, so it was close to hers. He could hear her and smell the sweet scent of the cocoa which was right by him. Should he move in for the kiss? Would she accept it?

He moved his head forward and shut his eyes, only to have them forced open again by the harsh ringing of a telephone. His heart skipped a beat - 'Shit!'

"Oh," Amber said, as she quickly shot up. "Gerard's calling me," she softly said as she pressed the 'accept' button on her phone.

damn the phone for ringing! DAMNIT!
who wants more?!......
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