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Twelve - Feelings

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Chapter 8 is a must read!

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Linda had noticed a change in her son - he had a smile on his face. Frank was out with Mikey, seeming as he had 'fallen out' with Gerard, and Linda sought the opportunity to clean her son's room.

She opened the curtains to reveal the crisp, white room. He had clean, crisp white bed sheets on his bed, which had a romantic French frame, full of intricate curves and rose-shaped twists. The room was large, with an empty part right in the middle. The walls were also white, but there were various posters stuck on it. Some were neatly done but others were wonky, miss-hung.
There were two windows in his room, one by the top of his bed and the other situated right in the corner of the room on the left, where a giant teddy bear was sat.

She walked over to the desk, and looked at a blood red notebook, which lay on the top. She knew what it was; his diary. She didn't want to look in it, as that would totally betray Frank's trust in her as both a friend and mother. However, the temptation was too painful and she gracefully opened the book.

Her eyes widened as she flicked through various descriptions of Frank's meeting with Principle Jones, the break up of him and Lauren and the death of his pet cat. BUT there was one entry which stood out in Linda's eyes, and that was the final entry, dated from only three days ago; Wednesday.

'Dear Diary. No, that sounds cliché. Anyway, my day has been so awesome, but so stupid. I stayed at Gerard's house and we went on a bender, only to find out that Gerard has secret feelings for Amber. That pissed me off, cos I thought she was real pretty but I'm not gonna get involved with that. Bro's before hoes!!!! LOL LOL!

Anyway, we went to Elena's house, and I was kinda shitting myself because I was worried she'd come and haunt us and tell us to fuck off from her house, but she didn't WOO. Gerard had to be by himself, so I Amber and I talked about stuffs and I decided I liked her. I couldn't look at her though, she's pretty freakish. IN A GOOD WAY LOL! She's like nothing I've ever seen before, shes kinda ghostly but anywayyyy blah blah blah.

I pushed her and Gerard had a spaz with me, so i went to the lake and thought things through. I went and appologised to her at her house and she made me cocoa. Gosh, she's a sweet girl BUT GERARD LIKES HER GRRR! I went to kiss her but that son of a bitch rang (Gerard!). I don't HATE him, I just wish he'd stop liking all the girls I like - it's not like he can't GET any, unlike yours truely.

I am a failure and I think I am going to cry (lolz lolz how sad am I?!)

Love always, FRANK.'

Linda closed the book and put her hand to her mouth. She wasn't shocked really, she was just concerned for Frank. He wasn't 'getting any'? He was only just 19, he shouldn't really be 'getting any' and he certainly shouldn't be going 'on a bender'. Gerard was a bad influence on Frank, most older people were to him. She couldn't ban him from seeing Gerard though. She'd just have to have a word with him when he came home.


Amber was sat, cross-legged on the floor, whilst Gerard was sat on the couch, drinking cocoa she had made for him. The fire was blazing and the atmosphere was generally relaxing. They had sat like that for around three hours, reminiscing about the past and what they had been doing.

"And, and, and THE TIME YOU FELL INTO THE PUDDLE AND YOUR PANTS WENT SEE THROUGH!" Gerard shouted as he nearly spilt his cocoa. He loved thinking about the past, about happy times.

Amber giggled and her cheeks went a light peach colour. She rocked back and closed her eyes.

"You loved it, didn't you?" She laughed. "You're such a pervert, Gerard!"

Gerard's eyes widened and he laughed as he got up.

"Pervert? Me?! You're the one that started screaming 'rape me! rape me!' in the mall! That Old Man looked at you as if you'd just come out of a mental asylum, Amber!"

"OH!" She gasped, "At least I didn't reveal my ass at that football game!"

Gerard ran over to her, grabbed a pillow and smacked her on the head. Amber's heart leapt and she grabbed his ankle, pulling him down to the floor. He fell into a fit of laughter and looked up at Amber, their eyes locked in a continuous battle. She looked down at him, and couldn't force her eyes from his. All that could be heard was the heavy breathing of the both of them; their teenage hearts beating faster, faster.

Amber started to gently stroke Gerard's forehead, and he placed his head into her lap, lapsing into misanthropic sobs. He put his arms around her, tightly and wished for his Grandmother back. Despite his sadness, he kinda felt happy that his was holding onto her. Everynight he used to think about a moment like this; he had liked her for a long time.

Amber closed her eyes. This was what she had wanted for so long, but she could never have. She was too shy to even hold hands with Gerard, and now they were intertwined together. She could feel the rhythm of his heartbeat on the tops of her thighs and she felt safe with Gerard's arms around her. She wiped his salty tears away with the sleeve of her black jumper, and she felt him smile. Should she tell him she liked him? She couldn't. She liked Frank. She was almost certain Gerard did NOT like her in any sexual/romantic way whatsoever.

"You two should really make up," Mikey said as he took as sip of his root beer that Frank had ordered him. They were in the diner, three miles from Elena's old house as Mikey wanted to go and take one last look before Donna sold it. Frank took a deep breath and closed his eyes, blocking out the image of Mikey's pleading face.

"It's a bit difficult," he replied. "I'm not sure what to say. He hates me."

"No, don't be stupid, Frank. Why would he hate you? I think he KNOWS you have feelings for Amber, he might have been pissed off because you were so rude towards her. We all know how much he wants you to get over whatsername," Mikey said, placing his mug on the table and altering his thick-rimmed glasses.

"Lauren," Frank said, opening his eyes. He cleared his throat. "I don't know. I feel like I've been disrespectful to him. MAN, I sound like a PANSY!" he laughed.

"Ha Ha!" Mikey laughed, showing his teeth. "That's good you feel like that though, it shows how close you are. Just ring him up? Arrange to meet or something? He won't refuse, he can't! After all, you are Frank Iero, the most adorable person in NJ!" Mikey pinched Franks cheeks in humour.

"Very funny! But I've tried ringing, but I don't know where he is," Frank replied, puzzled.

"Mom and he went over to the Nestor's house. I can give you their number?" Mikey said, reaching into his pocket for his cell phone. Frank nodded in agreement as he took a sip from his coffee. Mikey read out the number and Frank saved it in his cell under 'A.N'. He dialled it, nervously, in case you know who picked up.

"Hello," the familiar voice said. Frank's heart melted.

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