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Thirteen - Jersey Shore

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chapter 13, enjoy :)
thanks for all your reviews, they're very appriciated.


Frank and Gerard were sitting at a picnic table, in the snow, each with a Marlboro Red cigarette burning, clumsily into the clear blue sky. They hadn't said anything to each other yet, just a casual hello. Neither of them could come to terms with the uncomfortable silence, and both wanted to appologise. Gerard wanted to thank Frank for his concern, but didn't want to swallow his pride; Frank wanted to say sorry for being rude and moody, but he didn't want to seem like a 'pasny'.

"Sorry," they said in unison. They both laughed, and looked at each other. Gerard thought there was NO WAY he'd ever be mad at Frank, he was his best friend ever. Frank thought the exact same.

They discussed random stuff, and laughed. Gerard smacked Frank on the head and they laughed. Frank threw water at Gerard, they laughed. Best friends forever.

"Did the 'Cartoon Network' guys ever get back to you?" Frank asked Gerard as he lit up another cigarette.

"No, the fuck asses," Gerard replied, tutting and rolling his eyes. "I swear I'm going down to NYC to demand why they're not replying. The Breakfast Monkey is fucking awesome!" Frank laughed showing his agreement.

"Listen," Frank said, getting up from the table, "I've gotta go and pick up some stuff. I'll ring you later," he said as he high-fived Gerard. Gerard waved him goodbye as he walked down the street towards his Mother's house.

When he reached his house, he opened the old, rusty garage door to reveal his car - an old banger. He didn't use it alot, as he hardly had money for gas, but on this occasion, he decided to use it. He opened the car door; instantly, the smell of cigarettes and blueberry muffins wafted out, causing him to smile. They were his two favourite smells. He got inside and pressed 'play' on the CD player causing 'The Perfect Place' by 'Hello Kelly' to blast, melodically out of the speakers. He turned on the ignition and reversed out into the drive, heading towards the nearest beach.

When he got to the parking lot near the beach, he parked his car and got out. The beach was deserted, there was no one insight. His heart felt like it had fell from the top of the Empire State Building - crushed.

Suddenly, he saw the figure walk up to him, wrapped up in a light pink scarf, gloves and hat. He smiled, and knew that he was in for a good day. He waved to the figure and walked over to it, offering a Lilly that he had taken out of the Gas Station store. The person took it and kissed him on the cheek, smiling bashfully and burying their head in their scarf.

"Lauren," he said as he watched he look peacefully at the flower. He was too happy to be talking any sense.

"Amber!" She corrected him, smiling with her eyes. He went a shade of red at his mistake. He called her the name of his ex girlfriend! GRR! What a stupid mistake to make on a first date. He kicked himself on the inside. She must think he was a retard.

Amber giggled nervously at Frank's mistake. She thought it was cute. It was cute that he brought her a flower too. She felt the butterflies in her stomach as he smiled at her. She couldn't help bury her head in her scarf, looking down at the floor.

Frank knew he shouldn't be shy. He should just go for it, despite the previous mistake. He beckoned with his finger for her to follow him to the sandy beach. The wind was quite soft for the sea-side, and it wasn't bitterly cold at all; infact, it was a nice day.

Amber followed him down the steps and placed her dainty feet onto the sand, taking off her shoes. Her eyes were fixed on the handsome young man infront of her, his black hair blowing gently in the winter breeze revealing his Scorpion tattoo whenever he looked back at her.

Frank stopped at a large cluster of rocks, making a cove. He turned around and faced her, and put out his hand, offering a place to sit. They both sat down, and Amber tucked her black hair behind her ears. She looked at him and spoke.

"Howcome you have a tattoo there?" She asked him.

"So I don't have to do a normal job," he replied. There was a pause. "Did you like the flower?"

"Yes, I liked it alot. It was very sweet of you, Frankie." He liked that she called him Frankie. "You're very sweet."

"HA!" He blushed. "You're very sweet too."

"How cliché are we?!" She suddenly blurted out. "Let's talk about something wierd," she added. Frank was shocked; he thought she was very shy, timid. How wrong was he. For the next hour or so, they talked about Ghosts and Aliens, Guitars and Dogs, Chicago and New York City, and Gerard.

"He's a very kind guy, but I'm not sure. He seems unstable and I... I can't help him." She turned away to face the sea, sighing with grief. Gerard. Hmm. Did she like him? Maybe, but she was certain he didn't like her. Anyway, she was entangled within Frank's web - she was really in to him.

He put his hand on the edge of her chin, turning it to face him, tilting her head slightly and kissed her softly on the lips. His lips were so soft and gentle, his touch was so loving and caring. She wanted that moment to last forever. She was so happy. He made her feel alive and with one glance of him, she had no cares in the world. Now THAT was cliché.

Frank looked at her, half happy, half scared.

"Um, I'm..I'm sorry," he said, hanging his head down and staring at the floor.

"No!" She replied. "That was lovely. You're one amazing guy, Frankie."

"Really?" He asked. He felt happy too, although he had his doubts. Someone so perfect HAD to have flaws. "You're amazing too, Amber."

She giggled at him and wrapped her arms around him. He smelt nice, of cigarettes and blueberries.

"Urm...We should do this again," he told her, planting a sweet kiss on her forehead. She nodded, and started to stroke his knee, just like she had done with Gerard's forehead. However, she was worried. What if her feelings for Gerard overwrote her feelings for Frank? Or, what if her feelings for Frank overwrote her feelings for Gerard.

She nodded. She DID want to see Frank again. She liked him, alot. She liked the way he was always so clumsy, she liked the way he didn't think before he spoke, she liked his smell, she liked his face, but most of all, she liked the the fact she knew he was hiding something - it intreuiged her.

They sat holding each other for another twenty minutes or so. Frank told her about his life - his mom, his dad, his guitar, his tattoos; the lot. Amber listened attentively with her eyes as well as her ears and absorbed him. She looked out into the Atlantic Ocean, wondering what life would be like if her sister had never died, or if her parents had never died. She wondered what life would be like if Elena never died. She wouldn't have gone to the funeral and laid eyes on this wonderful boy. If she hadn't have been to Elena's funeral, she'd have forgotten about Gerard and the feelings which went with him. However, Gerard and her feelings towards him were a package; one, unfortunately, didn't come without the other.
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