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Day 1:The 16th of December and one really angry girl.

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Elena answers random questions asked by the peoples.

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Day 1 of my blog.

I got a bunch of really random questions from the peoples on my blog. My aol blog. Which I'm not showing you because it's private. Also my alternative e-mail address which I can tell

Enjoy annoying me as much as you'd like.

Question one from Sakka=LOVE.

How do you get away with all of this?
I don't.

Question two from Cheese.

I don't care for cheese. It makes me throw up.

Question three from MrsRayToro.

Why don't you LOVE Ray Toro.
I do LOVE Ray Toro just more as a brother. nd he's 17 years older than me.

Question four from XJuiletteXDiesXAtXTheXEndX. A more sensable question.

Where do you get your inspiration for you stories from? They're all great and have an awesome themes.
Thanks. I get my inspiration from a number of things. The music that these bands make. Sometimes tv and movies, or just personal life. And some of the other ficwadders(lol) give me inspiration.

Question five from MissouriLovesMe.

Why are you so perverted?
I'm not. I don't like to write about nasty stuff. I'm sqeemish so...yeah.

Question six from LilAngelNOT.

Teach me how to write.

Question seven from LOLZLOLZOMGZ.

Lyk, u mak da awwwwsumst stries. Lyk, omg hw du u du it? cuz u no dat u du mke keul stries. Pls tel mae.

Question eight from LOLZLOLZOMGZ.

Pls tel mae!!!! Im dyn.

Question nine from xFallXOutxJerkX.

Will you write a story about Fall Out Boy?
I'm working on one right now. Another Decade Under the Influence:Epilouge. To be out soon.

Last but not least...Question ten from...LOLZLOLZOMGZ.

I dunt spk engsh.

So...If I get anymore questions I'll answer them.

I was playing the sims 2 today and found something very odd. My dog peed on a tree. I wanted to praise it but instead the idiot of an emo sim I have scolds it and yells at it. The dog runs away after peeing on the babys toy. It comes back to the sisters house all stinky and after I try to give it back to the emo sim the dog runs away and winds up dead. Then a dog who looks exactly like it comes down the stairs. I then noticed that the dog who died was a stray who happened to look like and have the same name as my dog. WHO NAMES A GIRL DOG MAX!!!! I sure wouldn't. So the real idiot The emo player. NOT THAT WAY! As in video games. Never did like those strays but now I feel so bad that I killed an innocent animal.

In the words of puppy. "Please don't let me die."

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