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Day 2:I didn't want to see Santa.

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If you DO believe in Santa DON'T read this.

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Today 5:31 pm, December 17th 2006.

Wow, I was reading over A Beautiful Lie. I was just going over what my original plans for it was.

Lilee was NEVER supposed to be with Brendon.
Nikki was supposed to kill Lilee.
There was NEVER gonna be a sequil.
Kara was never supposed to exist.
There were A LOT more chapters involved.
Lilee's name was Nina.
There was a lot more 30 Seconds to Mars invovled.
Las Vegas had nothing to do with it.
Lilee was actually supposed to be with Jared so they were NEVER related in the first place.
Lilee was supposed to have a twin.
There's one more that I forgot...

That's it. I made a lot of changes, didn't I? Well, I must say it was a success.

I went to see "Santa" today. rolls eyes

I forced my dad to let me stay in the car. We were talking and I was he was all "Why didn't you want to see santa?" I was like "Because I see him everyday."

Anyways. Yeah I DON'T believe in santa. It's been proven.

Quote used to prove.
"You're not Santa. You smell like beef and cheese."-Elf.


I was playing 20 questions music edition and I was thinking of Gerard Way, at first it said Amy Lee. I said it was like a female version of him and the second time it said GERARD WAY!!!!! I WAS SOOO WEIRDED OUT!

Song of my day:"Buired myself Alive"-The Used

Any of you guys surprised by Lilee's secret? In the first story she was supposed to get drunk and have a baby. It never happened. This ideas way better.

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