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A Day in the Car

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The titan's go grocery shopping but get locked in the car. UPDATED* Changes have been made!

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A Day in the Car

It was cold and raining outside. Herry had eaten all of the food in the fridge so the seven titans had to go grocery shopping. Everybody piled into Herry's big red and yellow truck. Each person took a seat on one of the seven seats. Herry drove his truck of course. He loved his truck more than his stuffed Teddy Bear. That made teddy sad. Sometimes his teddy felt like punching Herry in the face when he was asleep but he decided against it. He was supposed to be a cute and cuddly teddy bear not a "Bring it on buster," teddy bear. Beside Herry sat Theresa. In the middle sat Jay and Neil and in the back seats sat Atlanta, Archie and Odie.

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The seven teenagers drove to Price Smart Foods. Herry parked the truck, far in the back where there were not many people parked. Heck, there was nobody parked there at all. Herry didn't want anybody to jack his car. You know Herry, and his truck fetish.

"Do you have to park so far away? Gosh it's going to ruin my hair walking through all of the rain!" whined Neil.

Everybody rolled their eyes and took out the umbrellas from the back of the truck. They started to walk. There were only three umbrellas though. Herry and Odie shared one umbrella. Well more Herry than Odie. Odie got mostly rain as he was pushed out of the shelter by Herry's big muscular form. Jay and Theresa shared another umbrella and Neil had one to himself. Archie and Atlanta didn't need or want umbrellas. They loved the rain and were perfectly happy getting wet. Which everybody found quite odd seeing that Archie was not exactly the number one fan of water or anything water related. How does he shower, you ask? Lets just say that he could beat Atlanta at showering speed any time he wanted. On a good day his showers lasted, record, three minutes maximum. On a bad day, nobody even thought he took a shower. The two constant competitors raced to the store.

"Race ya'" challenged Atlanta.

"You're on," accepted Archie.



"GO!" they both shouted at once.

There were no longer seven teenagers walking to the store. There were five walkers and one runner. Yes, only one runner. You may be wondering why I say one, because five plus one equals six but there are seven teenagers. Yes, I do know my mathematics. It was because there were five walkers, one runner and one slipper. Archie had been running and stepped on a moldy banana peel and slipped. He fell into a big puddle. A big puddle, one foot deep and brown. Archie slipped. He tried to grab onto Atlanta's wrist but she pulled away, leaving Archie to fall and get soaked with muddy water. Yummy.

Archie got up and rubbed his wet tailbone. Atlanta was laughing her head off and she couldn't stop. She laughed and laughed and laughed. Archie smirked and pushed her into the puddle. She landed flat on her face. She ended up heaving in a bunch of the muddy water. Even more yummy.

"Blegh," She stood up and spat it into Archies' face.

They both started to laugh again. Once again they fell into the puddle. This time they just sat there and waited for the others to come. While sitting in the disgusting, deep, brown puddle of yummy-ness, the two friends almost got hit by a truck. Luckily, the truck swerved around them and they didn't get hurt. But the little squirrel that the truck swerved into did. It lost a leg that day. It was very sad.

When the others showed up they went inside. Archies' butt was wet and it looked like he had peed himself. Atlanta had mud all over her face and she looked like she had pooh on her face. Even like that, they still ignored the other people's glares and skipped through the mall. They grabbed junk like candy and chocolate and chips and placed them in the buggy only to have Jay pry them out.

"But Jay!" they would whine.

"But Jay," Jay would mock as he threw the items scabbard.

They both gave Jay the most evil glares that they could come up with, which happened to be not so evil at all. Instead they looked like constipated pigs.

When they were done collecting and paying for all of the food they needed they walked out into the parking lot. It was still raining. Herry gave Neil the keys to the truck so that he could unlock the truck and put the groceries in the back of truck. Neil dropped several of the bags he was carrying and unlocked the truck. Then he left the groceries on the ground and checked himself out in the mirror. Everybody else had already gotten into the truck.

Neil got into the truck to grab his jacket. But accidentally, he closed the door behind him, locking it. He stepped back, expecting to step back outside but his foot hit the door.

"Ouch!" he screeched.

He started to cry and jump up and down on one foot. In the process of jumping up and down he whacked his head on the top of the truck.

"Ouch!" he cried again.

"Oh boo hoo," teased Atlanta.

Neil dried his tears and turned around and tried open the door. But because it was locked it wouldn't open. Instead of thinking out the situation, he panicked.

"Oh my gosh! We're locked in!" he screamed.

"What do you mean we're locked in?" asked Jay.

"We're locked in the vehicle. As in we can't get out. As in we are in her forever!"

They all started to panic. They didn't even try to open the doors. They just started to freak.

"I can't breath. I can't breath. Oh my gosh!" yelled Neil.

"Neil calm down. Wait how can we calm down? We don't even have food!" yelled Herry.

"No food!" screamed Atlanta.

Archie tried to soothe her by rubbing her back.

"It's okay Atlanta!"

"No it's not! I mean what are we going to do! I can't die already! I'm too young to die. And I'm going to be stuck with you!" Atlanta joked.

"You know what I love you too, Atlanta," Archie said jokingly.

A side of him meant it but a side of him just joked. Atlanta ruffled his purple hair.

"Awe how sweet," she said sarcastically.

Then they started to bang on the windows. But nobody saw them because they were parking in the area where there were not many people.

"I told you not to park here!" scolded Odie.

"No you didn't. Neil did!" said Herry matter-of-factly.

But that didn't change the fact that they were still locked in a car. Neil pried and pried at the windows.

"What are you doing Neil?" asked Theresa.

"My mirror!" he squealed.

"What do you mean you're mirror?"

"I opened the door and I dropped my mirror!"

"What do you mean you /opened the door/?" asked Jay. "Never mind I don't even want to know,"

Then Jay's mind clicked.

"Where are the keys?" he asked.

"I don't know I gave them to Neil," said Herry in despair.

"Well I don't have them!"

"Are you sure?" asked Archie.

"Of coarse I'm sure. Why do you not trust me?" he asked.

"No," replied everybody.

Everybody stared at Neil. They looked like zombies about to attack him. To ruffle his nice, blonde, sleeked-back hair. To rip and tear at his 100% Egyptian cotton, black and white shirt. To bite into his perfect, slightly tanned, blemish-free skin. Oh, the terror!

"Fine do you want me to prove I don't have them?" said Neil.

"Yes," Archie answered, still staring at Neil like a zombie ready to attack..

Then Neil stood up and felt around his pockets. His eyes widened in shock. His pockets jingled.

"What'dya' find Neil?" asked Atlanta smirking, arms crossed.

Neil took the keys out of his pocket.

"The keys,"

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