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Chapter 6: Preparation for a Certain Date

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SHORTEST CHAPTER EVER! Is it me, or are my chpters getting shorter and shorter?

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Chapter Six: Preparation For A Certain Date

Okay you guys, having all Author POV is being HARD as HELL for me, so for now, I will be trying out Character POV's, m'kay? You guys don't like, just tell me. I'll change it or something. Luff ya guys!!! This is dedicated to EVERYONE who reviewed, you guys are AWESOME!!! You want to have a chapter dedicated to you? Review!!!

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Isaab's POV

"How about this one?" I said. Patrick, Joe, Andy, Brendon, Spencer, and Jon were on both of the beds on Patrick, Joe and Andy's room. They were helping me get ready, which probably was bad thing to ask from them. I couldn't talk to Pete. When I got into the room, I ran straight to the bathroom and took a shower, put on a robe, grabbed a stroller bag and headed straight to the other boy's room, avoiding Pete in the process.

I was holding a pair of black leggings that came down the same length as Capri pants and a pink t-shirt/dress. The guys gave me thumbs down and I threw them over my shoulder, sighing.

"Shit, nothing else. I got nothing." Then I brightened . "I got it!" I went to the closet and found my brother's suitcase. I could hear Joe get up from the bed and walk towards me.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" he said as I opened the suitcase and found the thing I was looking for. A black v-cut spaghetti strapped silk dress, with 2 pleats on the skirt, one in front, one in the back. It came only an inch or two above my knees. I stashed it in his suitcase right before I went to bed before we left as a joke. The boys like to play Truth or Dare sometimes and since I was going to be with Ryan in the tourbus as much as possible, I decided to put it there in case they wanted to dare someone to wear a dress and take a picture of that person.

"What the hell is that doing there?" he said, his face red as Andy's hair.

"Never mind that" I said before running towards the door and before opening the door, "Thanks by the way you guys!"

And then I walked out the door.

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