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Chapter 7- The Date

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Yes, I know that last chapter was sucky all because of the shortness. SORRY for that! Umm... let's see, what else? Oh yeah, if you guys get the chance, puh-lease read my poem! Review and RATE! Which reminds me, please rate this story. It'll only break my wittle heart if I finish this story w/o any!

Disclaimer: (MY 1st one!) I do not own anyone in this story except for Isaab and Alyssa and a couple more characters that will be coming up SOON (also Alyssa)!

I inserted myself in the chapter.

Oh, one last thing: Since NO ONE complained about the character POV, I will continue this one out with Ryan's, 'mkay?

Ryan's POV (If you didn't read the note above, this will be necessary)

I got back from the studio with flowers, and I was all dressed up in a red tee under a black blazer, jeans, and black leather shoes. I had NO make-up on, since I knew Isaab likes looking at me better without them (AN: No, she just likes looking at the REAL beauty of a person. She hates plastic surgery, but she still likes to see guys in make-up, sometimes).

I knocked on the door of Pete and Isaab, and after a few seconds, the door opened and there was standing what seemed like an angel (AN: Oh, I wish a guy would say something like that about me, who wouldn't?). There was Isaab wearing a black dress, white ballet flats, and her hair Peyton-curled and a silver-black zebra striped scarf -headband. She had just black eyeliner on and lip-gloss on. She looked beautiful.

As soon as she saw me she put her arms around me and kissed me full on the lips.
"Hey cutie" she said. I blushed, and we separated and started to the door.

(Fast-forward to the ACTUAL date)

We arrived to a little Italian restaurant, Italian is Isaab's favorite (AN: Me too!). We went inside, and luckily, no teenage nor pre-teen girls. We found ourselves seated right away and with menus. I guess business was a bit late for the owners.

"So, what do you want?" I asked her, looking at one of the menus.

"Umm, I am pretty hungry. How bout we split a pepperoni pizza and pasta puttanesca?" she asked looking up.

"Someone's hungry" I said with a grin.

"Shut up"

The waiter came and took our orders and stated it would take 30 minutes for our food to get ready. We nodded and he walked back to the kitchen.

"So let's talk" she said looking at me.

"Why is your hair blonde while Joe's is black?" I asked randomly. She looked taken aback by the sudden randomness, but still answered.

"Really random, but remember when Joe dyed his hair blonde a couple years ago?" she asked and I nodded.

"Well, when he did, he asked me to come with him, I don't know why, and I went and I got bored. One of the hairdressers at the place we went to was a good friend of mine and she saw that I was bored as hell, she asked me if she could do anything, and I decided it would be nice to be blonde."

"What a stupid reason. Well, at least you look great as a blonde. Wait, don't you HATE blondes?"

"Okay, it was a stupid decision. At least I do look good as a blonde, thank you. I am not even answering that question" she giggled.

"Anyways, when Joe dyed his hair black again, is that when you put black high-lights in your hair?"

"No, it just appeared. Weird, huh? It still looked good, so I just let it be."


When the food came, we eat carefully, in silence. We both were REALLY hungry, and it was hard to eat when you want to keep posture in front of other people. The food was great. I had three slices and Isaab had four. It was envious, she ate and ate, and didn't grow a single pound. We ate the pasta together, and it was delicious.

"How do you do that?" I asked her

"Do what?"

"Eat and eat, and not gain a pound"

"I should be asking YOU that. I don't not gain pounds, I just drink and drink lots of fluid and am hyper every day. Did you know today, I ran outside at the hall at the hotel with Brendon for an hour? I swear that kid got sugar in his body to make thousands of candy canes!" we laughed.

"Well, we're pretty much done here, you want to go back to the hotel?" I asked her.
"How bout dessert?"

"Ice cream?"

"Hell yeah!" she grinned.

I asked for the check and paid for it. Isaab protested, but I convinced her that she would be the one to pay for dessert. She was fine with that. We got up and walked out the door.

Isaab's POV

We walked to a Dairy Queen (Is there anymore of those in America? I wouldn't know I am not from there!) and bought two small Blizzards. Unfortunately, there were Teenage and Pre-teen girls there and I could see and hear them glare and say, "OMG! What is he doing with her?". Luckily, there were some of those who were happy to get Ryan's autograph, and didn't seem angry not sad that I was with him. There was this girl that was particularly nice. She walked up to us after getting our ice cream. She was a shy-looking brunette, with light mocha skin with big brown eyes. She looked 12.

"Hi, my name is Amanda. Can I have an autograph?" she asked Ryan blushing. She was holding to a small open notebook and a blue pen. I was shocked when she said her name, that's my middle name! Ryan looked at me and I nodded.

"Sure, why not? Actually, my girlfriend here also is named Amanda." She looked disappointed a little bit when he said that but went back to smiles, right away. She looked at me. Ryan took the notebook and pen from her hands, which looked shaky.


"Yup. Actually my name is Isaab. My middle name is Amanda."

"Cool name."


She looked back at Ryan. "I play guitar a little bit too. Joe Trohman and you are my heroes and my inspiration to keep on practicing."

"Really?" I asked. "Joe is my brother"

"Shut up" she looked at me again, her big brown eyes wide. Ryan and I laughed.

"No, he is. I'll tell him about you."

"No way! Thank you, it would be so cool for my hero to know I am alive" she said laughing. "Actually I also write. You and Pete inspire me the most." She said to Ryan.

"You do? Do you have any poems or songs done yet?" he asked her, still with the notebook, but done already with the autograph.

"Yeah, some of them are in the notebook." She said pointing at the notebook. Ryan looked down and flipped the past pages.

"All those paragraphs are just stray ideas. I bring that notebook with me wherever I go, in case I have a new idea for a poem."

"They're pretty good, a little bit different from my style, but still good." Ryan said handing the notebook and pen back to Amanda, she blushed.

"Thank you. Sorry, if girls like me are the reason why your music and bands like Fall Out Boy are so overrated."

"Oh no, girls like you aren't the reason why." I said to her. "Some of these girls are, though" I whispered, looking around the room at the glaring girls.

"Thanks, it makes me feel a lot better." She said smiling. "Well, I better go. Clara will never believe this!" she said laughing and walked away, waving. We waved back, and started walking out the door.

"She was nice." I said

"Yeah. Thanks for handling that well."

"No prob. She was sweet."

"To the hotel?"



Well, if that was long or not, I hope I eased everyone's anticipation a little bit!

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARA!!! This is dedicated to you!
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