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Kiss 6: The space between a dream and reality

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These are some more Live Journal kisses featuring Sesshoamru & Rin. I'm starting out with her as a little girl & I'm hoping to age her as the kisses go on...*winks* Rating is for possible future ki...

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The space between a dream and reality (kiss #6)

By kira

Author's note: Some Live Journal kisses featuring Sesshomaru & Rin...

She can't be dead!
Sesshomaru thought as he gathered Rin's lifeless body in his arm. He had gone down into the depths of hell to rescue her after his mother had conjured up a hell hound that took her and the human male, Kohaku back to the netherworld. The taiyoukai felt as though he was caught in the space between a dream and reality as the whole experience inched its way towards becoming a nightmare.

When did she start to mean this much to me...? And why? She's only a human and a girl-child at that...So why do I feel this overwhelming sadness and frustration? And what is going on? Why does she still remain dead...? Sesshomaru stared at Rin's lifeless body. He was understandably confused as she should have regained her life the minute the hell master was destroyed and yet she still remained dead.

/I cannot believe I let you die, Rin... I should have left you behind in a human village, but somehow I couldn't and now... Now even with the Tenseiga at my disposal, there's nothing I can do. I'm sorry I let my desire for power and control over this useless sword put you in danger like this. Damn it! All of this means nothing if it came at the expense of your life... /he thought bitterly and not even the momentary distraction of the dead clinging to the Tenseiga could erase this feeling of loss he held deep with in his heart. He stared at them and for an instant the nightmare lifted as he raised his sword and purified them. Seconds later the Meidou opened from the inside and Sesshomaru stepped out. He was clutching Rin close to his chest, heedless of Kohaku who followed closely behind as they stepped back into the land of the living.

The dog queen stood and stared at her son dispassionately. "Your wish came true, so why are you so unhappy my son?"

"You knew this would happen to Rin."

"Tell me, my son, was the girl already saved before by the Tenseiga? You do realize that once a person is brought back to life, they cannot be brought back numerous times at your convenience. Life is finite, Sesshomaru. You are not a god that can give and take life as you see fit. Your father has said this before; the Tenseiga is a sword of healing, one that requires a compassionate heart in order to fully wield it. You must have the fear of losing someone close to you in order to dispatch your enemies with a kind heart when using the sword as a weapon." She looked at her son and smiled sadly. "Are you sad, Sesshomaru?"

He looked up at his mother, his confusion clearly seen on his face.

"Don't think I'll do this again," she said as she removed the heavy Meidouseki from around her neck.

Sesshomaru once again felt as though he was stranded in the space between a dream and reality as he watched his mother gently place the heavy jewel around Rin's neck. He watched as the girl was bathed in a soft light.

"That is girl's life that was left behind in hell," he heard his mother say in response to something Kohaku had said.

Sesshomaru, stunned, watched Rin's eyes opened. She sneezed and coughed when Kohaku and Jaken called her name as Sesshomaru stood there, holding his breath. As if he was in a dream, Sesshomaru reached out and gently cupped her cheek.

"Sesshomaru-sama...?" Rin said softly and the space between a dream and reality closed as the nightmare ended, leaving them in the reality of existence.

"You're... alright now...?" Sesshomaru asked. He could hear his mother and Jaken discussing him as if he was not there, not that he minded as it took all of his self-control not to kiss Rin at that moment. No, that will come later when I have a moment alone with her... he thought./ It'll make her happy, and I find that that has now become more important to me than anything else.../

Unbeknownst to Sesshomaru, in the space between a dream and reality, Rin fell in love with him, despite the fact she was still a little girl...
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