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Kiss 7: Superstar

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These are some more Live Journal kisses featuring Sesshoamru & Rin. I'm starting out with her as a little girl & I'm hoping to age her as the kisses go on...*winks* Rating is for possible future ki...

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Superstar (Kiss#7)

By kira

Author's note: Some Live Journal kisses featuring Sesshomaru & Rin...This one picks up roughly where "Kiss #3 Jolt" left off...

"Sesshomaru-sama, how come you never asked Rin-chan what her name is?" Rin asked for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.

Sighing softly, the taiyoukai looked down at the human girl and said, "Because you have already mentioned it several times."

"Rin-chan did?"

"Hai...And you just did it again."

"Oh... Rin-chan did, didn't she?" She giggled.

Sesshomaru nodded, the tiniest of smiles gracing his lips.

It was the start of her hero-worship of him, for there was something about the calm patience he exuded when dealing with her that made Rin adore him like nothing else. He became her world and her everything. In Rin's humble opinion there was nothing he could not do. He was in a word her superstar. And what cemented the taiyoukai's position as her hero-deluxe was when he saved her several hours later from a salamander youkai.

It was a stupid low-level youkai, hardly worth the effort had it taken to dispatch it, but when Jaken was unable to stop it from attacking; Sesshomaru neatly stepped in to take care of it. Rin watched in fascinated horror as the taiyoukai rushed in front of her and quickly dispatched it with a flick of his wrist as he released his light whip. It was over before it began and as Rin helped Jaken up she stole a quick glance at Sesshomaru. She could not believe how calm he looked after staring death in the face. In fact it only confirmed her high opinion of him and she let him know it as they continued on their way.

"That was amazing, Sesshomaru-sama! I was so worried you would get hurt!" The words tumbled out of her mouth in a rush.

"That was nothing!" Jaken chimed in. "Sesshomaru-sama does that all the time!"


"Hai! Sesshomaru-sama can do the most amazing things. That's why I decided to become his vassal."

"Oh..." Rin said, her eyes wide like saucers, as Jaken listed all the many things that Sesshomaru had done in the time they had spent together.

Later on that night when they got ready to sleep, Rin leaned over and kissed the startled taiyoukai on the cheek, before sitting down next to him.

"Good night, Sesshomaru-sama," she said softly as she snuggled up next to him. "Good night, Jaken-sama."

"Go to sleep, Rin and leave Sesshomaru-sama alone!"


"My lord?"

"Go to sleep."


Rin giggled and Sesshomaru looked down at her, quirking an eyebrow, as she covered her mouth in a desperate attempt to compose herself.

"Gomen," she squeaked out as he let out a little snort of amusement. "Ummm... Sesshomaru-sama?" Rin asked after she got her giggling under control.


"You remember all the stories Jaken-sama told me earlier about you? Were they true?"

Sesshomaru sighed softly. "Jaken exaggerates."

"So they're true?"

Sesshomaru nodded. "In a sense, yes."

"Amazing..." Rin smiled. "Good night, Sesshomaru-sama."

"Good night... Rin..." he said softly as she settled down to sleep, her thoughts drifting happily to her beloved superstar taiyoukai.
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