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Part 2 - A fated meeting

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This chapter is mainly about Melina and Denethon's tense meetings, etc ^^;

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Eventually we all ended up back in our train compartment, after changing into our robes, and we sat down on the seats again looking out of the windows excitedly to see who would catch a glimpse of Hogwarts first. Even though this will be my fifth year at Hogwarts, I still get excited to the point of being hyper about it. ^^ I love magic and Hogwarts. I just love being a witch and having such a big, great family. Life is good for me at the moment, and I can't wait to see what life holds in store for me this year. (Hopefully it's good stuff). Finally we arrived at Hogwarts, and it's so funny to watch all the little first years rush to that big kind old bear Hagrid, to be guided to with the boats. It's actually quite sweet. I never get tired of watching it, year after year! It reminds me of my first time at Hogwarts with my three best friends/cousins... We had been so nervous, and worried we wouldn't be sorted into Gryffindor like our various brothers, sisters and cousins... ^^ All the students, excepting the first years, filed into the Great hall and sat at our different house tables. Jenny, May, Mimi and I sat two opposite the other two at our long Gryffindor table and waited for that old bat Mrs. McGonagall to bring in the first years for sorting. She was alright really, but just a tad too hard and cold. She was our Head of House though, and much preferred to that greasy Snape, who enjoys tormenting me, my brothers and my cousins, just as he had been horrible to my dad and his friends, all because of the hatred between my dad's dad and Snape. My grandfather James Potter had treated Snape badly... but that was no excuse to torment all houses other than Slytherin.
Dumbledore stood up wearily and said in his firm, clear voice, "Quieten down, everyone. The sorting will now begin."
The old ratty sorting hat sang its song before many first years were sorted into each house and each house clapped for and welcomed their new members. Awww... the first years looked so excited. It makes me almost wish I could go back to my first year again. ^_^ Finally Dumbledore said we could eat and the food appeared on the table. Yes, Dinner time! We all fell on our food and drinks hungrily, practically ignoring the loud chatter in the room and the occasional comment from our house ghost Nearly-Headless Nick. The food was delicious as usual and after the meal Dumbledore made some announcements about not going in the dark forest, which he did every year, and not being outside of the castle past half seven. Then he dismissed us all and we could go up to our common rooms or our dorms, where our trunks would be waiting and the beds made up. As Jenny, May, Mimi and I made our way through the great hall doors to the many staircases with the other students. Unfortunately, I managed to bump into someone wearing green coloured edgings and a green snake crest on their robes. Why did I have to bump into a Slytherin of all people?! Gosh, I'm such a clumsy person sometimes! As if things couldn't get worse! But they did.
The seventh year Slytherin student turned around to look down at us from his superior height of six foot, with his cold icy-blue eyes. His whitish blonde hair, that was just a little too long, flopping into his eyes. Denethon Malfoy, the handsome son of Draco Malfoy, (Wait! Did I just say /handsome/?), my dad's arch-nemesis or something, but either way Malfoys hated Potters and Weasleys, and vice versa. "Ahh..." He said smirking coldly. "The Weaslettes are showing off their clumsy incompetence again."
"How dare you!" I exclaimed, my anger flaring up as red as mine and my cousins' and hair. (Ugh! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!)
"How dare I, what, Miss Potter?" He said, with that annoying smirk of his, before striding away to the dungeons, those horrible Slytherins probably crawled into.
Who knew, maybe they turned into snakes down there and slithered around on their bellies. I almost giggled at this thought, (but kept silent at the last minute), while climbing the stairs to our common room, speaking the password 'Panthera Leo' to the portrait of the fat lady, and stepping inside. We just made it to our fifth year girls' dorm room, and changed into our pyjamas, before collapsing in our beds out of sheer exhaustion. It was really late and no doubt the boys were still up, probably discussing quidditch, or drinking stolen goods from Snape's private alcohol cupboard. Which just happened to be on the Marauders map... ^^ James was probably closeted up planning school events with Melissa the Head Girl who was in Ravenclaw. I didn't know her very well, but she was reputed to be very clever (and one of the only girls in the school who didn't fancy, in fact hated, my head boy, quidditch playing brother lol I suppose they must find him handsome or something like that, ew... ^^ I've seen him with acne and all the horrible stages of puberty lol).

The next day was given to us as a free day, with no lessons, so third years and above could go into Hogsmeade if we wanted to, and the first years could get to know the castle. At about eight am, I woke up and got dressed, then went down to the common room to wait for Jenny, May and Mimi to get up. When I said I was a Night owl, I think I was exaggerating a little. I normally get up quite early, but I still never get up as early as James, Nat, the rest of my brothers and my boy cousins. When at eight thirty, Jenny, May and Mimi still hadn't got up, I decided to go down to breakfast in the great hall by myself. Maybe I could sit with someone else in the gang. I walked out of the portrait, down some halls and stairs, and eventually ended up in the great hall. Wow. The morning light from the windows really brightened up the hall, but the loud chatter from all the students and the noisy swoopings and hootings of owls added to the overall noise level as well. As I sat down at the Gryffindor table, grabbed some various foods to eat and sipped at my pumpkin juice, I wondered what I would do today. I could go for a walk around the grounds, borrow the Marauders map off Drake and explore the secret passages to check they were all still working and not collapsed, I could get my broom and fly around the castle, watch quidditch practices, go see Hagrid and help him with his many monsters and creatures, hang out with the gang and plot, I could also go to the library and look in the restricted section, or just find a good book. There was so much I could do, but nothing I particularly wanted to. Maybe I'll just wait til everyone else comes down... I thought, chewing my bite of toast. When everyone hadn't come down and I had finished my breakfast, I realised they were probably sleeping in, and when I asked some other Gryffindor members, they said that the boys had already been down to eat. That probably meant they were off at Gryffindor quidditch practice then. Well, since the boys were off somewhere else, and the girls were sleeping in, I decided to go and walk around the grounds. As I walked out of Hogwarts' huge doors I saw what a beautiful day it was. It was one of the last of sunny, blue sky, summer days, before it would all suddenly turn to Autumn and the leaves would begin to fall in multitudes from the trees. I wandered along the paths under the oak and birch trees, until I came to the lake. It was beautifully blue from the reflection of the sky, but underneath it was cloudy and murky, the lake was so deep it was impossible to see the bottom, which was where the merfolk lived, according to Dad. He had seen them in his fourth year during the triwizard tournament.

I sat down, leaned my back against a tree, and stared at the huge lake and the blue sky. This was a place I could come by myself to be alone and to relax. Usually I brought a book to read, or during the school year, some homework. It was lovely to do homework outside here. The lake, so calm and the long green grass waving in the breeze. It'd be too cold to come out here and do homework in the winter though. Brr... That was a time for snowball fights and building snowmen! ^^ I love Hogwarts, but I only have two years left here after fifth year though, and I'm doing my OWLS exams this year... grr... There will be a lot more work this year than last year... As I was immersed in my thoughts, I didn't notice someone lean their tall frame against the tree. Then, a cold drawl came to my ears, "What are you doing in my place?"
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